Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends & family in Christ,

On Thursday 28th of August, Pr Daniel was informed that the World Congress of Families Conference did not have a venue for their conference on Saturday 30th of Aug, as 3-4 different locations had all cancelled their bookings because the protesters got to the venue owners and threatened them with sabotage.

On hearing this he opened Catch The Fire Ministries premises to be used for the conference. Just for the record, CTFM did not organise this conference, but was one of the supporting organizations. When the organizer of the conference heard about the CTFM venue, she was very relieved as finally they had a place. She told Pr Daniel, “I hope you don’t let me down” for which he responded, “that will not happen with us.”  We applaud Babette Francis and her team at Endeavour Forum for organising this conference.

Then CTFM staff started getting several threatening emails and calls to cancel the event from the protesters. The protesters expected a response similar to the other venues. thinking that we will cancel too. They were shocked that we did not back down.

On Friday 4 police officers and 2 local council members met with us and one of the officers told Pr Daniel at least 3 times, “Are you sure you are going to have this conference?? The protesters are expecting thousands.” Pr Daniel responded, “They are just making a mountain out of a mole hill.” Then the officer asked him, “How many do you think will come?” He responded, “I think around 60-80.”

Pr Daniel stated, “It is a very sad day when you want to speak about family values, that it is considered to be so offensive. What is good is evil and what is evil now is good”.

Literally in 24 hours CTFM had to organise security, ushers, helpers, car park attendants, set up the hall, tea, coffee, food etc. Thank God for the many faithful members in our church and ministry as they just left everything behind and got on board to help on Saturday. We say a ‘BIG THANK YOU’ to all of them and to all who supported in prayer.

The conference was a great success as round 350 people attended the conference in spite of all the threats and also some 50 protesters hassling people at the gate.

We were very encouraged to see a convoy of some 12 police vehicles, including a 40 foot police vehicle with 6-8 horses, all arrive around 8.30am . There would have been around 50-60 police officers. The police officers did an amazing job in controlling the very noisy and unruly crowd of protesters.  We thank them very much for a job well done.

The protesters tried to block people from entering the premises, but they were not successful. One lady somehow slipped through and tried to disrupt the meeting, but she was very quickly removed from the building by CTFM security team. Around 2pm the protesters who ended up having no success in stopping the conference, packed their speakers and left. Even their loud blasting music from the road did not disrupt the conference as we could not hear any of their noise inside the building.

Pr Daniel stated, “It is time to take a stand. If we do not stand now, tomorrow might be just too late. We thank God for His hand of protection and guidance. If God is with us who can be against us. The time is now, we must rise up and take back our nation in Jesus name.”

It was very interesting as a TV reporter asked Pr Daniel, “Are you worried about these protesters?” He responded, “Do I look worried? No, I am quite excited because I fought for Free Speech, and after walking walking through and watching death, bombing, shooting and be-heading all around me in my life journey, this is just child play. Actually, I am having a lot of fun. I do feel very sad for these people, as they are so lost. We will pray for them.”

The CTFM media team live streamed the conference with the very exciting news that 7490 computers were tuned in, with only 30 from overseas. All the rest was from within Australia. This could mean thousands of people could have been watching the broadcast. So God definitely had a purpose in having the conference at the CTFM building. Thanks to the protesters. God does work in mysterious ways.

All were very disappointed that 3 politicians who were supposed to speak, pulled out. Bernie Finn VIC MP stated that his family did not want him to go because of the protesters. Kevin Andrews Federal MP and Robert Clark Vic MP both stated that they would not come because it is held at the CTFM building.

Pr Daniel stated, “True friends don’t trample you when you are down. The conference organizers were so desperate for a place to hold the conference. Finally when they got the place, gutless MP’s found an excuse to stay away. The main reason was just 50 protesters scared the day lights out of them. Just imagine if ISIS attacks Australia, what can we expect from our politicians? Pray that God will rise up Christian leaders with guts.”

If you need DVDs of the whole conference, since the organizers have asked CTFM to take of it, you can call Angeline on 03 97031620 at CTFM.

You may see a lovely photo taken on the same night from outside the CTFM building on our website

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised. The Lord is exalted over all the nations, his glory above the heavens. Who is like the Lord our God, the One who sits enthroned on high, who stoops down to look on the heavens and the earth?” Psalm 113:3-6

17 Responses to “Challenges & excitement of hosting the WCF Conference at CTFM / 350-400 inside & 50 protesters outside / Around 7500 watch live webcast”

  1. 1 Rev Fraser

    Congratulations and well done faithful servant Ps Daniel and your team of enthusiastic and willing supporters. It is such an encouragement to know that there are some people like yourselves who are willing to stand and be counted.

    Blessings in Yeshua,
    Rev Fraser
    Good News for Israel
    Gold Coast

  2. 2 Mrs. Rowan

    Very many thanks indeed for your charity and Christian witness in supporting Babette Francis and the Endeavour Forum by providing them with a venue, and thank you especially for the prayer support you gave the Conference. That’s probably the most important part along with the venue itself.

    As a supporter of Endeavour Forum I wanted to thank you for what you have done.

    May God bless you,

    Mrs. Rowan
    Warwick, Qld

  3. 3 Sherri



  4. 4 Marg W

    Well done… Glad you have done what you did… Marg W

  5. 5 Peter Harvey

    Thank you Pastor Daniel and all at CTFM for standing for Truth and Righteousness in our nation. For standing up for the traditional family unit. For standing up for Life! We are blessed to have you and your family raising up a Banner of Hope for this nation which is only to be found in proclaiming the life changing message of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless you, Pastor Daniel, your wife and family and your church family.
    1 Corinthians 15:57,58

  6. 6 Moto

    Excellent job Daniel and CTFM team. 2 THESSALONIANS 1; 11 To that very end we always pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling and with his power perform completely all the good that he pleases and every work of faith. 12 This is so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you and you in union with him, according to the undeserved kindness of our God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.


  7. 7 Gale

    Never do I read these posts and not get goosebumps from head to toe.
    When Pastor Danny preached in Darwin I was fortunate enough to be there and was healed from words spoken to me as a child, this may not seem much of a testimony to some but I am a 50 plus woman and this has dramatically changed my outlook.
    Pastor Danny keep going there are more praying for you then you realize.


  8. 8 Anne

    I just finished reading this and I say “go Ps Danny you sure have guts” I sure would like to see other Pastors rise up and make a stand but have to say a lot don’t which is sad, it surely must grieve the Fathers Heart. Yes I agree and will pray that Australia needs Leaders with guts not run away when the going gets tough. Thanks Ps Danny for the email below and to be updated with what is happening, if I was living in Melbourne I would definitely be coming to your church as I just love your preaching, humility & conviction of the word. Please pray for Canberra that God will raise up Pastors who will preach it without being apologetic about it and to preach ALL the Bible not things that are just going to tickle peoples ears!



  9. 9 Ian

    God bless you good CTFM people. My kind of Christians!

    Love in Jesus,


  10. 10 Sister Shirley

    Hi Jason

    Thank you so much. I was so inspired after I read your email Here is China we see so many people hungry for the Lord its hard to imagine back in Australia you are fighting for the rights to be a believer.

    Thank you very much Jason I do enjoy hearing the news from you and look forward to the day I will be able to visit with you. In the meantime I am meeting the needs in China.

    Best Regards
    Sister Shirley

  11. 11 Yvonne

    Thanks for informing me of this event that I would have enjoyed attending if it were not for the distance.

    Bless you all at CTFM for hosting.

    Kind regards,

    NT Director
    Australian Christian Lobby

  12. 12 Lilian

    Blessings to you Jason

    God bless Pastor Daniel and all the team at CTF the gates of Hell will not touch you

    Amen Lord for everything you guy are doing.


  13. 13 Sharon

    Thanks Jason & Ps Danny & CTFM & church volunteers for this redeeming work for the conference. With God, all things are possible.
    Wonderful account. Thank you for the wholesome journalism too!
    Sharon (Wollongong)

  14. 14 Richard

    Thanks CTFM Team for hosting this conference.

    I thought Andrews & Clark had pulled out before the CTF venue was offered, they were chickening out before this anyway and that gave them an excuse to go clucking off into the sunset. Really sad when a few clanging windbags rattle and the pollies fold.

    I read the article on the Age newspaper ( the Godless/God bashing anti Christian paper) and subsequent blogs from those who were opposed. These people seem to be more violent and hostile than the right wing Christians.
    I see in America the Gay movement has moved away from trying to get their way using the moral argument to that of a Civil Rights movement which I think they are trying here. My understanding is that only 0.3% of the population at best is gay so how come the big Hooraa about this issue from them???
    My argument to Homosexuals who say they are born this way is this:
    As far as I know there is no consistent conclusive scientific or biological evidence that people are born gay (unless you want to use the biased, skewed & manipulated data). Now if they claim to be born gay then lets say I say I was born a rapist or murderer or thief because for as long as I can remember or that anyone has known me that’s always been my passion. Then legally and legislatively I should be permitted to kill etc without being prosecuted, villified etc (Sounds silly doesn’t it, well so does their argument). Also without a Judeo/Christian moral legal system where do they and others get their moral guidance from. I suppose they decide who is better etc (sounds like Eugenics to me).

    Okay so I do not advocate for treating gays or others who are different to me badly by using violence, bullying etc but rather with compassion and love. I do however object to gays trying to force their agenda onto small kids, the general public etc by means of protests, Gay parades and using or threatening violence against pro family groups etc.

    I heard a saying some years ago which was:
    “The more a lie is portrayed as the truth, then that lie becomes a truth, even though it is in itself not true”. Reminds us what’s going on around the world doesn’t it.
    Also the saying here in Australia,”The Squeaky wheel gets the most grease – so the gay groups & Islam supporters squeal really loudly and get ????
    Ooops yes I did mention the holy cow Islam which is moving across the globe with a passion and hatred for anything opposed to them.
    Yes lets love our muslim neighbours etc, but don’t trust them. Why do I say this, well as long as there is a Qu’ran in the land nobody will be safe. Please read it and the read their Shariah laws (over 500 000 as far as I know). Islam is not peaceful & neither is it tolerant. The word Islam means – “Subjugate” which is to oppress & dominate.

    Let us not weary in doing good, pray without ceasing, strive to live at peace But let’s remember what the truth is.

    May God Bless the Catch the Fire Ministry team and grant them Wisdom and Favour wherever they go.

  15. 15 Phil - Sydney

    Hi All

    God bless you all at CTFM church.

    Great to see the bully boys and intimidators from the LEFT put to shame.

    It’s about time some Christians in Melbourne and elsewhere made a stand against this aggressive and intimidatory behaviour.

    Who else but CTFM people has the courage to stand strong?.

    Where are the Baptists and Anglican Church Leaders????

    Are they standing up for Family values or just cringing in the corner? Afraid of abuse!!!!

    Love in Jesus,

  16. 16 Babette

    Dear Danny,

    I will be coming to your launch, and I THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for allowing me the use of your venue for the Melbourne Regional Event of the World Congress of Families.


  17. 17 Marianne

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    On behalf of pro-family, pro-life Action for Life group, Catholic Diocese of Sale – Heart Region, please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for supporting and providing Catch the Fire Ministries (CTFM) Hallam venue, for the recent World Congress of Families conference.

    Pastor, we kindly ask for you to please relay our thanks also to all CTFM members who, at such short notice, so generously welcomed and graciously attended to the needs of the participants.

    May God bless you all and Babette, for your courage and witness as we walk together in striving to uphold family values, often in the face of adversity – knowing God is with us always.


    On behalf of ACTION FOR LIFE

    I am the vine, you are the branches: John 15:5

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