War in Gaza between Israel and Hamas Islamic Terror RegimeDear family & friends in Christ,

In the early hours of this morning as I normally wake up to pray, my heart was very heavy and filled with sadness thinking of Israel, the Middle East crisis and also the Malaysian plane which was recently shot down.

I was asking the Lord how should I pray, as in Matthew Chapter 24 it is very clearly stated there will be wars and much destruction before the return of the Lord, that things will get worse and not better.  As a Christian I love to pray for peace, but I could not help but pray, “Lord, let Your will be done” as Jesus prayed at His most challenging time in life.

Just then this thought crossed my mind, what if all of Israel was Born Again?? Would there be an Israel at all?? Just take a moment to think through this.

As Christians, we should all know that Jesus was born a Jew and that He is coming back to rule and reign as King of kings and LORD of lords from Jerusalem, Israel.  So, logically He wants Israel to be protected. Now, I know that all you faithful Born-Again Christians would say (including me) we are praying for Israel.  However, we all know praying for Israel only is not going to save them from the enemy.

Could it be possible that God has kept most of the Jews from getting Born-Again, because had they come to Salvation, they would not carry guns and go to battle to protect their land. If they have not taken up weapons to defend themselves, they would have been by now completely wiped out, just like what’s happening and has happened to hundreds of thousands of Christians all through the Middle East.  I think you will agree with me the later would have been the result; that there would be no Israel.

As PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated recently, “If these Islamic terrorist put their weapons down, there will be peace in Israel, but if Israel put its weapons down, there will be no Israel.”

As stated in Romans chapters 9-11, I believe God in His perfect timing will bring the Jews to Salvation, but thank God that the Jews have the guts and courage to stand up and defend their country while been surrounded by their enemy Islam.

This morning on CNN the Defence Minister for Israel stated that Gaza was given back to the Palestinian people with one condition. That is that it will be a de-militarised zone, for which they agreed and signed on.  But Hamas has completely violated this agreement and fired 2000+ rockets into Israel reaching Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and many other towns.

The Israeli Defence Minister also stated that if need be Israel will take back Gaza. He also explained how they warn the people in the area to move out of the place, but Hamas terrorists stop the people from leaving and use them as human shields.

So what should Israel do, sit back and let the rockets keep coming? No, thank God for the Iron Dome anti-missile defence system which has protected Israel. It costs Israel around $60,000 for each missile they fire in self-defence.

My heart goes out to the innocent civilians in both Israel and Gaza. No one should go through this horrific suffering and agony, but it is important that we know it is the Islamic terrorists Hamas who is using its own people as human shields.

You may click the following link to watch a 2 minute video from an Egyptian Doctor regarding the current crisis in the Middle East with Israel, Palestine, Islam and radical Muslim terrorist regimes.


On Saturday the ISIS Islamic terrorist forces in Iraq ordered all Christians to leave Mosul and other towns or convert to Islam or face death. Thousands of Christians are on the run in Iraq. While they were leaving these militants stopped them at check points and took all their belonging.

Let us continue to pray God’s purposes for the Middle East, that through all this challenges that many will turn to Jesus.


Pr Daniel

12 Responses to “Why are most of the Jews in Israel not Born Again?? Had it been so, there might be no Israel today / Christians in great danger in Iraq – by Pr. Daniel”

  1. 1 Richard

    Hi Danny,

    You’ll like this simple video explaining the conflict in Israel.

    The Problem of the Middle East http://youtu.be/ezx6IJguevo


  2. 2 Gwenda

    Yes, there is a lot about Israel that seems to be for a purpose. When they went into the promised land they had to learn to fight for it so that they would be strong. I often think that the Jewish people have done a mammoth job for the Lord, even though they were so evil at times, they were evil according to their times and I think that today people are evil according to our times, porn, abortion, etc. and excuse it. Because they carry God’s name they are a conscience for the world and prick people’s conscience. Hitler came against them because he ‘hated their dirty morality and conscience’. Says it all, love and blessings, Gwenda

  3. 3 Irene

    Dear Pastor Daniel,
    Your email was a great help to me and quite a relief as I too had asked of the Lord yesterday morning, what is on his heart for His people, how should I pray and what can I do. I know that asking for peace is not the way as it is written “there is no peace”
    though we do pray for the peace of Jerusalem which will occur at the return of the Messiah. However, about 11.00 a.m. yesterday I knew to enter into prayer as such heaviness came upon me, I could barely walk upright. I brought a few needs before the Lord but had no response and then I mentioned the Israeli soldiers, 13 at the time, who had been killed in battle and the Lord acknowledged this at once, so it was a time of bringing the souls of these soldiers into the light of Christ, through the Eucharistic prayers. It was a most joyous time as the angels sought them out . I asked for forgiveness and spoke of the redeeming grace of our Lord but it was as if Jesus himself was preaching to them and they understood, His redemptive sacrifice. There was a shout of victory and they threw their hats into the air. I also then, forgave their enemies. I tell you, it was marvelous and the Lord was so pleased. I saw that He had been present as our High Priest and had presided over the Eucharistic Feast. There was a spiritual battle at the start and I felt I was clothed in the armour and held shield and sword. This then was the Lord’s answer to my cry, so I hope he will lead me again in this direction. It seems that praying forgiveness into the situation is most profitable.

    I too was pleased to see that Prime Minister Netanyahu is standing his ground this time, and that takes courage. I like the other things you spoke of too as that all makes good sense. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

    Blessings in His Name,
    from Irene

  4. 4 Stan

    Pastor Daniel,

    Thanks Pr. Daniel for your insight (God given). What you have written is just so spot on.
    I think we should also pray for our own media – here in Australia, What they broadcast about the current Gaza situation is so biased and one-sided. They say what Israel is doing against the Palestinians. They never, as far as I am aware, said anything about the Palestinians starting the bombardment. I believe this to be certainly so as far as Channel 7 is concerned.
    I wonder if this biased coverage is indicative of the grip the Muslims already have on our country, certainly financially.

    I also think that what you said about our LORD in the Garden was a very poignant analogy.


  5. 5 Ray

    Hello Pr Daniel,

    I agree with you “Let HIS will be done”
    Can this current operation be a lead to the retaking of land promised to Abraham?
    It may only take other Arab countries to get involved and could easily be.
    Psalm 83 seems to indicate there will be a time when this will happen.
    Psalm 83 appears to not be the Ezekiel 38 – 39 because the countries involved are not the same in both instances.
    In Ez 38 – 39 there are some antagonists of Israel not mentioned, but have come against Israel in Psalm 83 and may have been defeated in previous time, such as in Psalm 83.

    Prophecy is really unfolding before our eyes at a rapid pace.



  6. 6 Christin

    Dear Danny,
    My heart is heavy too. I long for a better way. But we are called to live out our lives here on this earth to reflect His Glory and see people won for Jesus.

    But…and with respect. The weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal. We have been taught by Jesus another way. He us our greatest model. If all of the inhabitants of Israel were Christian and United together in prayer and one accord. This would be more powerful than all armies or any amount of ammunition. Nothing would be able to stand against …no weapon formed against them would prosper….This would be God’s ideal. We do not want to make the work of the cross redundant.

    Maybe…just maybe Israel is not a geographical thing? Maybe Jesus really is the cornerstone of the new temple ( his body). It is an extremely serious thing to not recognise the saviour and what he has done for us.
    With love and blessing,

  7. 7 Yoella

    Every day I’m following the news on TV here in Jerusalem updating the situation with the war -all the day in Israel!

    The Israeli TV is very good on that, Yesterday I saw the different funeral was done for Ours Soldiers fallen in this war!

    I felt very sad & compassionate with my people! I did cry with them!

    27 soldiers died, it is too much for the Nation of Israel & 2 civilians died too!

    We didn’t chose this war…

    I am angry & upset also with the media around the world accusing Israel unjust! I saw a lot of crowd in many country with many Muslim live on those countries protesting about the IDF Operation Edge! I can’t believe how many nations are against Israel & so many Arabs Muslims live everywhere in the world! It is shocking to see the hatred of the Arabs nations against us…

    I was wondered “where as a Jew we are safe to live in this earth”??? Anti-Semitic everywhere in the world, no safe! Even here in our home land we are not safe.
    It is unjust for us to suffer this way Kris…
    It is unjust that nations hate us… We are doing nothing bad to them.
    It is unjust that Ours soldiers & civilians are dying at the moment…
    It is unjust that we can’t live in security & in peace, in Shalom in our home land…
    It is unjust that even in Israel the Israelis Arabs are attacking us too…

    May the LORD very soon do justice for us, for his Beloved people.

    Deeper in my heart, I’m crying out to my Father in Heaven, the GOD of Israel, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob asking Him to intervene miraculously to end this horrible & terrible war & to set us free from our enemies. In Y’shua Name.
    In my Messianic Church in the Old City of Jerusalem with have 3 families whom their sons & daughters have been calling to go fighting in Gaza! One of their daughters she lost recently her 2 best friends who died recently during the fighting in Gaza! She is traumatic, she gave a testimony that Hamas in the house put babies in front of the window to protect themselves.

    Ours constantly & faithful prayers will lift up the People of Israel & the IDF!!! Amen!

    I give you another website news of Israel, if you like to watch, very good one!!!
    i24 news

    Many Blessing & Prayers from Jerusalem,
    In Y’shua, Our Messiah,


  8. 8 Roslyn

    Dear all,
    Please read Revelation for truth about the name – it is not a number, but symbols detailing the religion of the beast. People do not have numbers instead of names; the 3 Greek letters are a code with the first Greek letter ‘chi’ looking like 2 crossed swords (sound familiar? – M-o-h-am-m-e-d invented this symbol); the next letter in Greek is xi, is written vertically and written horizontally in Arabic is the name of A-l-l-a-h; the last symbol is like an accent mark, known as a sigma score, not a sigma itself. The beheading of infidels is also a big clue and is not carried out by anyone else, such as the catholic church. Dead bodies are also disrespected, as is the case in Russia with the victims of the plane crash, and will also be the case with the 2 witnesses of Elijah and Apostle John who will witness in end times, but after a certain time will be killed and their bodies left to rot in the street – only Islam disrespects the dead in this way. We have been looking in the wrong places for evil. Everyone should read Rev. and learn the truth about end times. We must stay strong and never take the mark of the beast of Islam, even if it costs us our lives, or the lives of family members.
    May YAHWEH’s Name always be praised by those who love Him.
    love, Roslyn

  9. 9 Levi Bonersteinberg

    The reason that the people of Israel are not born again is because the are grafted out and have received a hardening in part until the full number of goyim (gentiles) have come in. That is Bible, there is nothing more to add or take away, accepting any other reasoning elevates personal “revelation” above the written word of God. The antichrist will appear, the temple will be rebuilt and the Jews will receive him as their messiah. The antichrist will claim to be god and the great tribulation, the second half of Daniels 70th week will commence’ Jews & Christians alike will be slaughtered, those destined to die by the sword will die by the sword, endurance & perseverance is the trial for the saints at this time. After this, Christ Himself returns, the Jews shall look upon the one they pierced and receive Him for who He really is. This is Scripture, the Word of God, it will run as written – end of story. No need for silly ideas and silly explanations.

  10. 10 Rosemary

    Pastor Daniel, If all or most Israelis were Christians then the power of prayer would be more than enough to protect them. In the Bible there is an instance of enemies of Israel turning on each other and killing each other while Israel did not have to lift a finger. Also if you read 2 Kings 6 & 7 the armies besieging Israel fled just as Elisha had prophesied the famine would lift. Your Church can do miracles through love for Muslims and sharing the gospel. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer.
    Yours in Christ

  11. 11 Allan

    Dear Bro Nalliah,
    If all Jews had been born again they would be real Christians and not pacifist wimps like so many counterfeit “saints” today.
    We have a moral obligation to defend our loved ones, friends, and fellow citizens from oppression.
    It would be well for you to read Foxes Book of Martyrs for some illustrations of this truth: Also Rees Howells, Intercessor.
    Please remember that Netanyahu’s words also ring true for us. If we do not defend ourselves now, Islam will kill all who do not convert or pay the Dhimmi tax.
    As one wise man said, “If we refuse to fight now, one day we will have to fight when there is no chance of winning.”
    I personally thank God for our armed forces and believe that they should have the best of hardware and intelligence for our protection.
    Having said that, the real solution is a genuine revival of Biblical Christianity. This may not remove the necessity to take up arms, but it will certainly bring the favour of God to our help.
    May God continue to bless you as you labour for Him.
    Kingaroy, Qld.

  12. 12 medard

    GOD will never let Israeli down , its the city of his savant DAVID

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