Sha’adi Mur’an Halul (L) and Father Gabriel Nadaf at Sunday’s protestby Yaakov Levi, Israel National News–  March 24, 2014 – Posted in: Israel & the Middle East, News, Persecution

Protesters gathered Sunday afternoon outside the embassy of the European Union in Tel Aviv, demanding that the EU pay at least as much attention to the suffering of Christians in Arab countries as to the purported “suffering” of the Palestinians.

About 150 members of the Christian community in Israel decided to raise their voices and criticize what they called the “hypocrisy” of the EU, which “has a double standard for Israel, criticizing every little thing that doesn’t fit in with their leftist, liberal point of view, while ignoring the torture and decimation Christians routinely undergo in SyriaEgypt, and elsewhere in the Arab world,” protesters said. “It is a clear case of ethnic cleansing, and the Christian world has remained deafly silent.”

Father Gabriel Nadaf, a Greek Orthodox priest from Nazareth, was present at the protest, and called for an end to the attacks on Christians. “We thank the State of Israel for providing a warm home to Christians,” he said.

A spokesperson for the group, Sha’adi Mur’an Halul, compared the situation of Christians in the Muslim world with that of Jews in pre-World War II Europe. “We saw how the silence of the world brought about the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were killed,” he said.

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