Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) We thank and praise God for a wonderful weekend in Toowoomba, QLD where Pr Daniel and a team from Brisbane ministered last Friday, Saturday & Sunday at Shiloh Centre.

All meetings were well attended as people travelled from many locations from within and around Toowoomba.  Some drove 3 & 1/2 hours and camped out for the weekend.  We thank God for people with such passion for Jesus.

We thank God for the many people who were mightily blessed through Pr Daniel’s ministry under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. Many were weeping at the altar and came forward to stand in the gap and pray for Australia. The Senior Minister of the church and ministry stated, “We are fully supportive of the vision to take Australia for Jesus. We will stand with you Pr Daniel. You are God’s gift to Australia.”

Apostolic Prophetic Conference in Toowoomba, QLDPr Daniel stated, “I was so blessed by the amazing love and commitment these people demonstrated to extend the Kingdom of God.  I was so blessed to hear that five people from this church stood as candidates with Rise Up Australia Party at the last federal election and that the Pastor and all the congregation fully supported them. I take my hat off for people with such a heart for Australia.”

2) Pr Daniel will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and praying for people this Sunday 2nd March at the 9.30am & 6:30pm worship services at our new CTFM premises at 30 Star Crescent in Hallam, Melbourne.

Please note that this service will be live webcast at beginning at 10:30am (AEDT).

6 Responses to “Awesome move of God in Toowoomba, QLD / Live webcast with Pr Daniel ministering in Hallam this Sunday 2nd March”

  1. 1 G.M.

    Thank you Pastor Danny for inspiring us to run with the vision for Australia that Jesus gave you in 1997.
    I am local branch Secretary of RUAP since your meeting here last year.
    Psalm 27 which speaks of enemies & false witnesses troubling the anointed king, has a message for you to strengthen you in this difficult time.
    Psalm 20 was the song sung to bless you that was given to my friend & fellow disciple of Jesus.


  2. 2 June

    Wonderful report thanks, it really blessed me.


  3. 3 Eileen

    Hi, I am in Darwin and I praise our God for the great work HE is doing through Pastor Daniel. I wish I was closer to Melbourne to take part in the worship, but we have a group here in Darwin who have the same passion for the Lord,
    Cheers, Eileen

  4. 4 Brett

    Dear Ps. Danny,

    Sometime ago i emailed you concerned about the impact that the RUAP involvement would have on your prophetic and evangelistic work throughout Australia.

    I have since changed my opinion on that for a couple of reasons.

    The first is the fact that i went to hear you speak at the 3 day Toowoomba conference. Whilst there after hearing from you i was encouraged and even excited by what i heard!

    The Lord was able to speak to my heart regarding the motivation of my initial email regarding this issue, which i realised was as follows!

    After searching for such a long time for a christian leader who actually believed in Christ’s power to heal, i was so blessed to discovered that you did! I gave thanks to God and even shed tears of relief over that discovery. However, when i was confronted with the thought of you entering into politics i was scared that those commitments would take you away from the very very important healing work that you were engaged in for the Lord.

    I panicked! There seems to be such a drought of men of God who believe so adamantly that Jesus is in fact willing to heal, and losing you to politics was something that just broke my heart. What would those in great need of healing in the body of Christ do now, was my thought?

    Discovering that you were speaking in Toowoomba gave me the opportunity not only to hear you speak your heart regarding the opportunity being in government would afford you and your party to affect change in Australia for the good, but it also gave me opportunity to discover the team at Revival Ministries Australia Toowoomba, who have an Apostolic calling which includes the raising up of the Body of Christ to not only preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but who are raised up as disciple makers themselves. The other revelation shared with me to quiet my fears is that RMA’s goal was to raise up believers who would go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit which included laying hands on the sick expecting them to recover!

    The fact now that RMA Toowoomba has offered you the right hand of fellowship was the icing on the cake!

    So, Dear Pastor Danny, i write this email to say i am 100% behind all your efforts to carry out your directive from the Lord! I am totally convinced you are walking in the will of God on this issue! I wish you God Speed and God’s strength to do all He has called you to do!

    If i can get my hands on a RUAP T-shirt to wander around wearing, even a year or 2 before the next election, i would proudly do so! I pray that the Lord will have His way and place you and your team in every position that His heart desires!

    Forgive my email which was written in fear, but i ask you to understand it wasn’t that i didn’t disbelieve that you were being used of God, it was that i was scared that this healing aspect of your work which is so desperately needed in the body of Christ would be taken away from us! But the Lord is able to raise up labourers for the harvest who move in the power of His Spirit, and i have found in RMA Toowoomba Apostolic Ministry who are like you, about our Fathers business!

    I will be praying for you and your family and team, and also for RMA Toowoomba’s!

    The Lord bless and keep, guard and strengthen you and your beautiful family, and your entire team!

    With Kindest Regards, and Best Wishes,

    In the Mighty Name of Jesus!

    Brisbane, Qld

  5. 5 Jean

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for coming to Shiloh and for the blessing you brought. I trust you have had time to rest and be restored since you went home.

    I am encouraged, challenged and inspired by your being amongst us, sharing what the Almighty is doing as you have made yourself available.

    I spoke very briefly to you from Revelation 10:8-11:1-5 as I saw you in a position similar to that which the apostle, John, was in. John described himself as that one whom Jesus loved.
    I also was being reminded all weekend that Jesus wanted His disciples to be His ‘friends’ – the ones who know what the Father is saying. (John 15:15)

    How blessed you are to be so loved by our Father that He treats you as His friend and reveals what He wants done to you. (Even as He spoke to Moses, His friend. Exodus 33:11).

    I don’t say any of this to make you conceited, but to encourage you and to thank you for coming to encourage us.

    May you daily fulfill all that the Lord has prepared for you to do.

    May your wife and children be blessed in all they undertake.

    May the love of God be shed abroad as you share the mighty things He does to draw us to Himself.

    With prayers for His will to be done in all your ways and in our nation, Jean

  6. 6 Patti

    Dear Jason,
    I attended the meetings in Toowoomba at Shiloh Centre, where Pastor Danny spoke. It was indeed a privilege to see the hand of God on this man, who is doing the hard work for keeping Australia for Australia under God. Australia is under deception and apathy, and needs wake up calls urgently. Such sophisticated sin, and total unawareness of handing over our country on a silver platter to the other side. I thank God for Pastor Danny, his family, his church and intercessors. We are interceding in Crows Nest, Qld, for him and his massive work. Nothing is impossible for God. He has the victory!

    Thanking you, and God’s richest blessings in so many ways!

    Kind regards,


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