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Dear friends & family in Christ,

For your urgent prayer and action, we’re forwarding the following emails from Salt Shakers regarding the Adelaide Fringe Festival – blasphemous anti-Christ show from 14th Feb – 16th March 2014.

Adelaide Fringe Festival – blasphemous anti-Christ show

A huge furore has erupted in Adelaide, where the Adelaide Fringe Festival includes a show called ‘Come Heckle Christ’. It involves a person playing ‘Christ’ – people are encouraged to heckle and ask questions of the figure. The event is advertised as suitable for a variety of people, including ‘disgruntled Christians’!

Family groups have protested, including Family Voice Australia and the NCC. Rev Fred Nile voiced his concern, as did SA Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson and Family First MPs Robert Brokenshire and Dennis Hood. The Islamic Society of SA also expressed their opposition to the show.

But the Festival organisers are unmoved and say it will continue (source)!

The show was actually presented at the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival (source).

Reports and Action:

Lifesite News reported on the show being in the Adelaide Fringe Festival – click here.

– The Adelaide Fringe Festival details about the show – click here.

– The NCC has set up a page to deal with the issue – click here for Update.

–  A petition has been set up – click here to sign the petition.

–   A full list of sponsors is provided – click here to view list – and contact them.

–   The SA election is coming up on 15 March – if you live in SA, please contact your MPs
(details here).

 Salt Shakers

6 Responses to “Adelaide Fringe Festival – blasphemous anti-Christ show / Urgent: Letter to the Board & Complaints Officer of BSA”

  1. 1 C

    Please add my voice to this representation with every iota of objection in my being. C

  2. 2 Maree


    This make be mad, as they wouldn’t dare do to Mohammed? They need to know they are not only offended our God, but Christ himself? I would like an answer to why they are doing it? What is there goal and outcome?



  3. 3 Michael

    We know they are wrong and very foolish but they have the chance to believe and repent as we all have. Check attachment, may be able to use something there to convince some.



    Did You Know? Death is certain but the Bible speaks about untimely death.

    It is written; Galatians ch 6 v 7; Be not deceived, God is not mocked; whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. Here are a few men and women who mocked God:

    John Lennon [singer] 1966

    During an interview with an American magazine he said; “Christianity will end, it will
    disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I am certain. Jesus was o.k but his subjects were too simple. Today we are more famous than Him.” Lennon, after saying the Beatles were more famous than Jesus, was shot six times and died.

    Tancredo Neves [ president of Brazil]

    During the presidential campaign he said if he got 500,000 votes from his party, even God couldn’t remove him from office. Sure he got the votes, but he got sick a day before being made president and died.

    Cazuza [ bi-sexual Brazilian composer, singer and poet]

    During a show in Rio de Janeiro, while smoking a cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into the air and said, “God, that’s for you.” He died at age 32 horribly of lung cancer.

    White Star Shipping Lines [owner/partner]

    After construction of the ship, Titanic, he was asked how safe the ship would be. He replied, “Not even God could sink this ship.” On it’s fourth day at sea, the liner Titanic went down with tragic loss of life.

    Marilyn Monroe [ actress]

    She was visited by Billy Graham during a presentation of a show. He said the Spirit of God had told him to preach to her. After hearing what the man of God had to say she said to him, “I don’t need your Jesus.” A week later she was found dead in her apartment.

    Bon Scott [singer]

    The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC band. In one of his songs in 1979 he sang the lyrics: ‘Don’t stop me; I’m going all the way, down the highway to hell.’ On the 19th Feb. 1980 he was found dead; choked by his own vomit.

    Campinas [Brazil 2005]

    A group of friends who were all drunk, went to pick up another friend. As her mother accompanied her to the car, being worried about the drunken-ness of her friends said to her daughter, already seated in the car. “My daughter, go with God and may He protect you.” The girl replied, mockingly, “Only if He travels in the trunk, ‘cause it is already full in here.” Hours later news came that they had been involved in a fatal accident. Everyone had died, and the car was unrecognizable as to what brand of car it had been. But, surprisingly, the trunk was still intact, and inside was an unbroken crate of eggs.

    Christine Hewitt [Jamaican journalist and entertainer]

    She was quoted as saying ‘the Bible is the worst book that was ever written.’ In June 2006 she was found burnt beyond recognition in her motor vehicle.

    Many other ‘important people’ have forgotten that there is no other name that was given so much authority as the name of Jesus. Many have died but only Jesus rose again, and still He lives.

    Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth as the son of man, so that the sons of man can rise up to become the sons of God. 1 John 3 vs 1…3

  4. 4 Vivien

    It is impossible for me to do what I am suggesting for a number of reasons – my husband wouldn’t allow it, and I have responsibilities as a counselor to keep working with my clients, but …

    Could someone go to the Adelaide Fringe festival and hold up signs saying things like “This is what happened to Jesus 1981 years ago”, “Jesus loves you so much he died for you.” and “Jesus allowed himself to be mocked and crucified so those who believe in Him could live forever”, “Be careful what you are mocking, God has the last laugh.” etc

    You probably think me crazy making this suggestion, especially because I live far away and don’t intend to do it myself, but I put it forward anyway.


  5. 5 Jean

    Praise God for a strong Christian voice in this nation of apathy or silent witness which results in Godlessness, lawlessness , violence and immorality! Thank you Dr. Lattimore.

    Very Sincerely,


  6. 6 Craig

    Thought I would let you know that the spirit of God led me to Adelaide for three days last week. I didn’t know much about the festival but happened to view CTFM website for the first time just prior to leaving. On arival at my hotel room a few doors from Rundal Mall the spirit of God fell on so powerfully for an hour. I wondered what for? Anyway in the morning I was walking along the street when my legs literally just stopped. Go back was the word, so in I went to Hungry Jacks and bought a coffee. While sitting down I noticed 3 buisness men who refered themselves to being bankers. (One of the Fringe sponsers). Well it just rose up within me a God directed Righteousness and oh dear, with a blodness In love I let them have it. In a nice sort of way telling them that If they dont’ pull out of their sponsorship I will sell all of my westpac shares and and tell many many others to do the same. And God help your burning city if it was Hechel Mohamad. Well they didn’t know where to look and motioned agreement. Oh boy! I could just feel God’s wrath. I did the same with the acting CEO of budget rent a car and at the end of the conversation I asked if he was a Christian? He said he was and thanked me for ringing because he was unaware of the issue and said he would definately address it. It feels so good to the core of my being to love Jesus in this way. I could easily sit home all day an worhip him in intensity, but he rises me and I walk to where he takes me. OHHH how good is He. The majestic I AM. Glorious Father. I love you so much Jesus my blessed saviour. Craig

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