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With Victoria and Tasmania now allowing abortion up to birth, and forcing doctors to refer a patient to a doctor who they know will perform and abortion, it is vital that we know the truth about abortion. It is also important that women are provided with all the information – when the Victorian law was passed, amendments aimed at providing that information to women were defeated. Here’s some news from the past month or so…This email has three parts:

First is a moving interview with Anne Lastman, who lives in Melbourne and runs a ministry called ‘Victims of Abortion’. Anne counsels women who are suffering pain and hurt following an abortion, and has written a book titled Redeeming Grief.

The interview was published in National Review Online.The other two parts relate to new evidence about the link between abortion and breast cancer. The latest research comes from China and India.Of particular note is a new book, written by Dr Angela Lanfranchi she has compiled much of the information about the consequences of abortion to a new book titled Complications: Abortion’s impact on women . . .1. Abortion HurtsThe interview with Anne Lastman about the hurt of abortion…

Abortion Hurts – that’s the title of the interview with Anne Lastman…The article, by Kathryn Jean Lopez, begins,‘Christmas is especially difficult because, for some reason, I seem to remember more strongly,” Hannah says. “When I look at the set Christmas table, I remember that there should be other children there, but because I didn’t know any better, and I certainly didn’t trust God, today they are not sitting at their place at the table,” she continues. “For this I am so sorry.”Hannah is one of many women whose stories are told in Anne Lastman’s book, Redeeming Grief.

’Tis the season to be sensitive. There’s a lot of pain out there.“From the moment of conception to the last breath taken naturally, the dignity of human life cannot be compromised,” Anne Lastman writes. She does not write from a political position, but from a deep conviction drenched in the knowledge of experience.As you’ve already seen, she lets women tell their stories of pain and forgiveness. She does so with the utmost motherly love, a deeper love than we tend to go into in abortion debates — which are so perversely insensitive, given what an intimate violence it is we veil under the inhumane cloak of “choice.”From her nearly 20 years counseling post-abortive women in Australia, Lastman insists that our culture is drowning in post-abortion pain. In Redeeming Grace, she writes: “My contention is that, not merely ‘some,’ but to some degree everyone who has had an abortion will be affected” and that “those surrounding them, that is, family, friends, colleagues, abortionists, staff, and society” are as well. The “whole of society is affected,” Lastman writes, “because of the sheer number of abortions.” Abortion is deemed a “right,” and it’s killing us.Lastman talks to National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez.

Read the article for the full interview…

2. Abortion and breast cancer – meta analysis from ChinaA new meta-analysis from China shows a link between abortion and breast cancer.Babette Francis, in an Online Opinion article, writes, “A stunning new meta-analysis on the ABC link has just been published in a peer-reviewed cancer journal. Described as “Chinese Abortion-Breast Cancer bombshell” the meta-analysis of 36 Chinese studies from 14 provinces in China shows abortion increases breast cancer risk by 44%. This meta-analysis is particularly relevant to abortion legislation in Victoria where doctors are coerced, against their better scientific judgement, to refer women for abortions….”Of particular concern is the fact that the study found that the risk rises with subsequent abortions. Barbara Kay writes in the National Post, “Their findings, described as a “dose-responsive relationship,” pegged one IA (induced abortion) to a 44% rise in risk of breast cancer, two IAs to 76% and three to 89%. . .”Barbara’s concern about the latest evidence is compelling because she admits she is not an ‘abortion ideologue’ – but she is particularly concerned about the lack of informed consent.Barbara commends a new book by Dr Angela Lanfranchi and others, published by the deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research, a pro-life Institute. The book is called Complications: Abortion’s impact on women. She says the books claims are objective and “evidence-based, with most of its 650 footnotes leading to peer-reviewed academic research.”Article: Another ABC controversy, Babette Francis, Online Opinion.Article: Hard truths about abortion, 11/12/2013, National Post.Abstract of the Study:
A meta-analysis of the association between induced abortion and breast cancer risk among Chinese females  

Huang Y, Zhang X, Li W, Song F, Dai H, Wang J, Gao Y, Liu X, Chen C, Yan Y, Wang Y, Chen K.BOOK: Complications: Abortion’s impact on women
– details at the de Veber Institute –
click here.3. Abortion and breast cancer link – new Indian dataProfessor Joel Brind reports on the latest research from India…The Real War on Women: The Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer

by Joel Brind, Ph.D. | Washington, DC | | 1/16/14Hot on the heels of the new systematic review and meta-analysis of the abortion-breast cancer (ABC link) in China published by Dr. Yubei Huang last November and reviewed in NRL News Today in December, comes yet another blockbuster study from the Asian subcontinent.On Christmas Eve, a study by A.S. Bhadoria et al. of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences—“Reproductive factors and breast cancer: A case-control study in tertiary care hospital of North India”–appeared online in the “Indian Journal of Cancer.” These new Asian studies are changing the game in ABC link researchThe Bhadoria study of 320 breast cancer patients and 320 age and socio-economic status-matched healthy control women reported a 403% increased risk of getting breast cancer among Indian women who have had any abortions. Not only is this increase much larger than what had been reported in the Huang meta-analysis (44%) and by my colleagues and I in our worldwide meta-analysis of 1996 (30%), but it closely matches the 538% among Indian women reported earlier in 2013 by Dr. Ramchandra Kamath et al. . . .”Jenny Stokes

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