Dear family & friends in Christ,

We praise, thank and give all the glory to God for the following 3 powerful testimonies. I am sure you will be blessed to hear about them.

1) Several days ago, a young woman who was four months pregnant and had booked in for an abortion with her partner, came in for counselling.  Pr Geraldine from CTFM, who heads up Options Plus, our Pregnancy Counselling Division, spoke to them both and then did an ultrasound on the baby.

Well, all glory to God as at the end of the counselling, the young mum to be and her partner have now decided to have the baby. Thank you Jesus for saving another life from death.

2) On Monday morning at 5.45am Pr Daniel received a telephone call from New Zealand. On the phone was a lady crying as she was standing by the bed side of her Muslim husband who was dying of cancer. The woman who is a Christian had asked her husband whether to get a Christian to pray for him, but he did not want to hear anything about it.

She told Pr Daniel that the Imam (Muslim Priest) had come and prayed over her dying husband who could not speak. She also said many have tried to talk to her husband about Jesus, but he did not want to know anything about it.

But then she said, now that he cannot say anything, can you pray for him. This lady was the cousin of one of Pr Daniel’s friends who live in Melbourne, who had also tried very hard to minister to this Muslim man.

Pr Daniel asked the wife to put the phone on the ear of the dying man. Then he rebuked the spirit of death, and asked God to visit this man in a dream, vision or in person, as thousands of Muslims have turned to Jesus through encounters they have had with Him.

Well, that same day at 3pm Pr Daniel received another telephone call from this man’s wife, who stated “My husband is now with his eyes open and has started to respond. I asked him whether I could pray for him in Jesus name. He nodded his head and said, ‘Yes.’”

Pr Daniel told his wife to put the phone on his ear and then said, “Do you know that Jesus loves you?” Glory to God this man responded ‘YES’ to which his wife was shocked as he was not speaking before.

Then Pr Daniel asked him, “Do know that Jesus can heal you?” The man responded ‘YES’. Well, the rest was history as the Muslim man gave his heart to Jesus for the first time in his life and then Pr Daniel prayed for his healing.

Well, the greatest gift for this man is eternal life. We are now trusting God for the physical healing miracle. The wife spoke to Pr Daniel and told him that she is absolutely shocked and so happy. Please pray for this family.


18 Responses to “Amazing Miracles – Dying baby lives / Baby saved from abortion / Devout Muslim man accepts Jesus on death bed”

  1. 1 Chelsea

    Wow love these testimonies so so glorious!!


  2. 2 Ben

    I have a prayer ministry about 80-100 people prays for request posted through my mobile and our website.

    I will pass your request to pray for this person to be healed above to be saved in Jesus name

    World Praying Community

  3. 3 Kris

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Here is a report from Catch the Fire Ministries of 3 miracles in the last few days.

    Please give all thanks and praise and glory to our miracle-working Lord, and pray as the Holy Spirit leads you for the recipients of these miracles.

    With love in Christ Jesus,


    Australian Indigenous Prayer Network

  4. 4 Lucille

    Wow praise God for these amazing miracle stories!!! How I desire to be there and do the reports on these miracles for CBN News!

    God bless you all for God’s wonderful work through you!


  5. 5 Ro

    This is the Pastor I spoke of and the miracles reported to happen. Just thought you may be interested.



  6. 6 Anon

    I am 33 weeks pregnant and will give birth around Christmas time.
    My husband and I have been praying in faith and asking others for prayer.
    We need a healing miracle for baby Ezekiel who is in my womb, brain to develop.

    God bless

    “We pray that The Lord will completely heal our baby’s brain from the cerebellum, to the thin brain stem to the cerebrum brain grooves itself to have the necessary growth and proper function. May this child be able to have normal function from eating, swallowing, breathing, talking, thinking, walking and being as normal as any other healthy child can be. May the child be so healthy it astounds the neurologist, radiologist, geneticist and obgyns who have all been doubtful in his survival. If he survives, may they be encouraged to become believers in Christ if not already. Please help our parents, most of whom are not Christian to believe this baby boy is a miracle and that The Lord performs miracles.

    We are encouraged with prayer but when at home alone, we feel attacked by Satan with discouragement and sadness and doubt. We want this child to be a pure miracle of how God can sustain life. We have prayed for a healthy child and hope he will survive and be the child we prayed for. Thank you for praying for us.. We have about two months before he comes into this world to see what God has planned for his life. Thank you for your prayers and faith in Gods healing power.”

  7. 7 Glenyse

    Just to Praise our Lord and Savior, It is so wonderful to hear these wonderful testimonies and to hear of His signs and wonders happening in Australia to a greater extent that ever before.

    Bless you all and may the lord our God continue to enlarge your tent pegs both in the spiritual and the natural to His Glory. Amen


  8. 8 Steve

    Thank you Jason,

    It is so thrilling to see God in action in our so-called modern world. I feel the Holy Spirit within me as I write these words and shed a tear. I give praise to God for “Catch the Fire Ministries” and “Rise Up Australia.”

    Oh praise our great God.


  9. 9 Patricia

    Hi Jason, Praise the Lord!! This are great miracles!

    God bless,


  10. 10 Renu

    Praise the Lord God JESUS for all the miracles.


  11. 11 James

    God Bless you Ps Daniel + catch the fire ministry, Amazing …Its great. I also helped a lady change her mind about aborting her child and her partner came to church….Praise! you Jesus for your Headship and your body walking with You in relations with You, In these sensitive area’s, acting as your arms and legs, Mouth etc…All Praise, All Glory! All Honour to You….James

  12. 12 June

    How awesome!! thanks for sharing this. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! June

  13. 13 Karen

    Thank you, and bless you for sending these amazing answers to prayer by such faithful ambassadors of our faithful God!

  14. 14 Mark

    Awesome report, God is indeed moving!!! Mark

  15. 15 Serge

    Praise the Lord, He is the Greatest Of All .



  16. 16 Dot

    Fantastic Praise God. Am praying. God Bless, Dot

  17. 17 Phil

    Praise God!
    this is a great news story.
    phil from Sydney

  18. 18 Brett

    Amen! Glory to God! Honour and thanks to the Lamb! Brett

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