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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Group photo in Alice SpringsDear family & friends in Christ,Indigenous people weep as they are honoured during washing of feet

The last weekend was truly history making in Alice Springs where Pr Daniel and a team from CTFM ministered at three services and saw God pour out His healing anointing for Reconciliation.

Click the following links to watch some very interesting highlights.

Many people from several churches, Indigenous and non-Indigenous gathered together in one place in one accord to worship the Lord. There were also several Pastors who were at the meeting.

We were told by several people that it had not rained for almost 6 months.

On Saturday night all the Indigenous people stood in the middle and all the non-Indigenous people came around them and started praying.

Pr Daniel praying for healingPr Daniel washing the feet of Aunty Margaret, the  Head ElderThe Spirit of God fell in the place and there was real repentance and asking forgiveness from each other. Then Pr Daniel challenged the church to rise up and take her stand. He stated, “If we repent and pray as in 2 Chro 7: 13-16, we will see the rain.”

On Sunday morning as he was preaching at the Apostolic church it started to rain and everyone started clapping. Glory to God.

On Sunday night the place was full with many Indigenous people and others. Led by the Holy Spirit, Pr Daniel started washing the feet of the Indigenous people. Then many others did the same.

At this point many started weeping and God brought great healing to many hearts. At the meeting an Indigenous man stated, “I have never seen the white fellow wash the black fellow’s feet before. I cannot believe that this is happening in Alice.”

Many hugged each other and there were many tears of joy. Aunty Margaret, the Elder of the Arunta Tribe and recipient of the ‘Order Of Australia’, who had welcomed the Queen of England, Price Charles, The Pope and many other VIPs, stated,

“In my life I have never seen anything like this happen in Alice Springs. This is truly the hand of God. I am so deeply touched. I have not seen my people so happy in a long time.”

Then she laid hands on Pr Daniel and prayed in her language and stated, “You are most welcome to my city anytime. May God bless you for the work you are doing.”

Following is an encouraging testimony.  “Pastor Danny, I was just speaking to Annie. Everyone is still talking about Sunday night. What a powerful move of God! This is what we have not seen for a long long time. Our son Klinton was very touched by the Holy Spirit he is 15 years old. He was crying non-stop. The thing that affected him was when you were speaking to the young 16 year old guy. The young aboriginal guys need to see that they are not the only ones, I think this is encouraging as well. We all hope you all will come back soon, until then we will go on with God’s plans, not ours. God  Bless. Kind regards, Kathy.”

Pr Daniel stated, “I believe with all my heart that this weekend was a very significant weekend as many lives were radically touched. I also believe that something shifted in the heavens.”


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  1. 1 Kathy

    Pastor Danni,Could you please send any information that you would like to pass on to Annie-Margaret in Alice Springs to the email listed above and I will make sure that she gets it straight away. Thank you and your team for coming to Alice, I know that things are going to change for Jesus and that can only be for the better. God Bless you and your family and all the work He gives you to do. Kind regards Kathy.

  2. 2 Rod

    Wonderful news. Thank you!


  3. 3 Christine

    Hi Jason and Danny

    How awesome is our God – back in January at a Seminar in Brisbane, Dale Sides one of the leaders gave a prophesy about how God was going to lay His hand on the Indigenous people of Australia that He was going to be bringing them into the Kingdom of God.

    For me the email below brought goose bumps to my skin and tears to my eyes as I’m always waiting to hear all news in relation to how God is and will be working among these peoples. How powerful it must have been for the Indigenous people to experience the washing of their feet by white Australians especially. What a balm to their souls and spirit this must have been. Praise and higher praise to our God in thankfulness for all who walk in obedience to our precious Lord’s calling on their lives.

    How I would have loved to have there to witness such an event. For our family the Indigenous people have a special place in our hearts – over the years I have had many contact with both Christian and non-believers and have always enjoyed my time with them.

    God’s grace and blessing to you both and your teams as you continue to walk the path God has called you to walk.


  4. 4 Rev'd John

    Dear Brother in Christ,

    Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour!

    I rejoice with you as you share in the blessings that are poured out through the ministry of Pastor Daniel, and the CTFM Ministry Team. It is most encouraging to see God moving in such mighty ways, and for which we can all join in giving Him the glory.

    Permit me please to politely ask that when addressing or speaking of the Aboriginal people of Australia, the word to use is “Aboriginal,” and which speaks specifically of the “ethnic” people about whom you are writing in Alice Springs, and it goes without saying, elsewhere in Australia of the same ethnic grouping.

    The word “indigenous” is a generic word, and by dictionary definition, means “any person born in this country (Australia, for example) regardless of parentage.” So that a child of Chinese, Sri Lankan, Indian, Ethiopian, English, European or whatever parentage who is born in Australia (or any other country) is indigenous to the country in which it is born. But in any country, there is usually only one group who can correctly be called “aboriginal.”

    As a further example, the American Indian tribes of North America, and the Inuit (Eskimos) would correctly be called “Aboriginal” whilst all the other peoples of that region would be, like us, indigenous. In Japan, the Ainou (now pushed to the northern parts of Japan) are the original inhabitants (viz. the Aboriginals, of Japan) while those whom we recognise as Japanese now would more correctly be called “indigenous.”

    My “dream(?) and desire” is that journalists and other writers will one day “get it right.”

    Meanwhile, my prayer for all of you at CTFM is for the abundance of Our Father’s blessing and the Powerful Anointing of the Holy Spirit rest upon you and fill you all to overflowing for the ministry to which you have all been called.

    Your Brother in Christ,

    Rev’d John

  5. 5 Alan & Beverley

    Danny loved the update on Alice Springs next time we want to be there, in one of the photos was my niece’s husband – man in red shirt arms raised Chris an American – we cant get the videos to work on our computer the Alvarez one quite ok. a bit of a shame really interested in Alice picking out people we know. God bless great work in God . love from us both
    Alan & Beverley.

  6. 6 Rod

    Thank you. Wonderful news!


  7. 7 Dianne

    Hi Jason
    I received your email today and I want to know how I can become part of Danny’s ministry of reconciliation.
    Something always stirs within me when I read about the damage done to the Indigenous people of this land.
    On “Sorry Day” I cried and cried and was incredibly moved by the ceremony. But we know that it is repentance and humbling ourselves that is needed.
    I am a member of RUA and have assisted with the polling booths and letterbox drops. I would very much like to accompany Danny sometime if that is possible.
    Bless you and thank you,

  8. 8 Pauline

    Good afternoon,

    I am a Christian Indigenous Australian – 2nd Generation and I have been a spirit filled born again Christian just over 13 years now and I have observed and attended various denomination Church Services and the one thing that came across was the existing racism in the Body of Christ, especially towards the Australian Indigenous Churches.

    As my ancestors suffered horrific genocide and separation by foreigners from the UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland I believe first and foremost is the Body of Christ to address this problem in prayer and fasting.

    The Indigenous people of Australia are being thrung further down the ladder in priorities again and again.

    As first custodians of Australia and Torres Strait Islanders – they are a first priority to God Yahweh of this nation I believe.

    It was the Church Body that separated families and took their culture, language and community beliefs away and replaced it with traditional cold hearted versions of the Gospel that was not spirit filled and filled with God’s agape love. Because of the way the Gospel was presented by the Church of the time and still is operating in some ways to the Australian Indigenous people and Torres Strait Islanders it is not surprising that not a lot of Australian Indigenous people are coming to Jesus Christ because of the damage done to previous generations.

    We can bury our heads in the sand and concentrate on other nations but this particular issue will remain and our heavenly Father God Yahweh will know doubt bring it ahead always as its on his heart always and God is in control always!!

    Kind regards

  9. 9 James

    That is great , very real. We sensed such an anointing for revival in Canberra . Thursday night as Pastor John proclaimed God’s word in Yarralumla at the house of prayer, near the Prime Minister’s lodge….Awesome…James

  10. 10 Kris

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Here is a report from Catch the Fire Ministries describing the outcome of the ministry of Pastor Daniel Nalliah and team in Alice Springs over the week-end of 9-10 November. 2013. All glory to God!

    With love in Christ Jesus,

    Australian Indigenous Prayer Network

  11. 11 Melanie

    I was privileged and greatly honoured to be on this trip with Daniel Nalliah and some others from our team and must say that this was a weekend that I will never forget. I truly believe that what took place in Alice Springs was a history making moment. I witnessed the many reactions and heard the many responses of several people from the Indigenous community throughout the series of meetings that we had over the weekend. I was so encouraged to see them connecting with Daniel Nalliah so well. One of my highlights during one of the meetings was whilst Daniel was speaking to the Indigenous crowd; he was describing his skin colour as Chocolate and something to the effect that chocolate people taste good. This captured the Indigenous people’s attention greatly; they were bursting out in laughter and smiling so much. I have never personally seen such a reaction from the Indigenous people before. They really took to Daniel and his humility in washing their feet touched their hearts in many ways as this was evident through the many tears several of them shed whilst this was taking place. Daniel Nalliah is a unique Leader and an ideal role model in this Nation Australia. Kind regards, Melanie

  12. 12 Irene

    Dear Friends,
    I thought it may be of interest for you to know that I was in a small way involved in the move of the Holy Spirit in Alice Springs.
    On the 2nd of October, a Tuesday, I had a dream that I looked in a mirror and saw that my reflection was that of an aboriginal woman with dark skin and black curly hair. I knew this must be a significant dream, as I am fair haired, though the features in the mirror, were mine, and my skin black. This was a spiritual identification with the indigenous people of Australia. The next day, 3rd October, sure enough, about 1.0 p.m. I felt myself becoming very weak and tired and had to sit down. The Lord showed me indigenous people and for about 40 mins. I was ‘out for the count’ as I call it, as the Holy Spirit did His work, in moans and groans too deep to utter.. When I came round, regaining my strength, Jesus was waiting for me, as if I had been under the anesthetic, and he handed me some fruit. I was able to pray aloud now. You can imagine how thrilled I was to receive your email about Alice springs. The Lord Bless you all. Shalom, from Irene

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