Melanie PhillipsWednesday, October 09, 2013 – posted by Carl in Jerusalem

If I were a publisher and I had a columnist who generated controversy… and readership, I would do everything I could to hold onto that columnist.Tell that to London’s Daily Mail.

The contract for Melanie Phillips’ 12-year-old weekly column at the Mail will not be renewed at year-end as the editor wishes to ‘refresh the paper’.

Friends in England tell me that this has caused astonishment in the UK media, and that the explanation makes no sense at all, since Melanie has an enormous following at the Mail. They suspect the editor may have thrown Melanie as a bone to the proprietor’s wife, who has been trying to get rid of the editor for some time since he attracts much opprobrium in fashionable circles (some of you might recall what is considered acceptable behavior for Britain’s fashionable circles).

This may or may not dovetail with more informed speculation in the press that Melanie was fired on account of the view she expressed on TV in July that Iran was the greatest threat facing the western world and accordingly needed to be neutralized (what a strange view! /sarc). This view created uproar in the UK and drew disapproval at the isolationist, paleo-con Mail where Melanie has been prevented for years from writing about Israel, the Middle East or foreign affairs in general.

Melanie continues to write on her blog at, and is currently reported to be considering expressions of interest from other UK media.

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