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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Prayer meeting at Fitzroy Gardens in MelbourneDear family & friends in Christ,Prayer meeting at Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne (2)

First let me say a big thank you to all who responded to the urgent national prayer call for rain to stop the bushfire crisis and a very BIG THANK YOU to JESUS for answering our prayers.

Well, late last night 23rd Oct 2013 the Fire Chief announced on ABC 24 News that the worst of the fires were over. Glory to God.

This is great news. We at CTFM want to thank all the Fire Fighters, SES and Government Officials who gave their very best to fight these fires.

However, we were saddened not to see anyone thank God for the rain on Tuesday night the 22nd of October, because that was the time that the Australian media announced with a great deal of negative hype that it was going to be the worst 24 hours.

It was at 3am on 22nd Oct the Lord spoke to Pr Daniel in a dream and told him to go immediately to NSW and pray in the Blue Mountains which he did.

In fact, he called me early in the morning on his way to the airport in Melbourne and told me to purchase a one way ticket for him to Sydney (900KM from Melbourne) as he had no time to do so and also asked me to call on Christians across Australia to start praying against the fires especially from 3pm to 4pm on Tuesday the 22nd October, at a time when the worst was predicted.

Well, glory to God for a group of 30 plus believers in Christ Jesus met in the Blue Mountains with Pr Daniel and stormed heaven in repentance and prayer, as the Blue Mountains is very well known for its satanic occult activity.

Prayer meeting at Fitroy Gardens in Melbourne (4)As they were praying God answered their prayers and the rain started to fall in the Blue Mountains. This rain continued all through the night and has been God’s blessings in order to stop thePrayer meeting at Fitroy Gardens in Melbourne predicted worst of the bushfires on Wednesday 23rd October.

This morning Thursday 24th Oct, the Fire Chief Shane Fitzsimons stated on ABC 24 at around 7.15am, “The worst is over and the moisture from the rain on Tuesday night was a real BLESSING as it helped control the fires.” Isn’t that great.

This is a must watch link.

Yesterday Wednesday 23rd Oct, there were more prayer meetings from 12-1pm in the Blue Mountains, in the Newcastle area and also in Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne and many other places.  Around 25-30 prayer warriors stormed heaven. Before the prayer meeting Pr Daniel prayed and asked God to stop the rain in Melbourne for one hour as it was raining quite a bit in Melbourne.

Well, glory to God the rain stopped at 11.55am and then started pouring down at 1.02pm, just as we had finished praying against the fires in NSW. What a mighty God we serve.

Following is a link for a brief clip of the end of the meeting

Click the following link to listen to a short testimony from several pastors in the Blue Mountains.

On Wednesday it was predicted that fires would be really bad, but glory to God, instead they have now declared that the real danger is over.

Pr Daniel stated, “This is nothing but the power of prayer. Glory to God.  Although the media declared that the worst was to come, we declared the beginning of the end of the bushfire crisis yesterday. Praise God. That’s exactly what happened.”

Please continue to pray for God’s protection over our nation.

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  1. 1 Joe



  2. 2 Sharon

    Just to encourage you and Ps Danny. I was watching ABC TV last night. On their 11pm -11.30 news about fires they went to female reporter for latest updated report. She quoted RFS commissioner who used the word “miracle” to say that on forecasted worst day – Wed. 23/10/13, no loss of life or property. God be the glory.

    Thank you for prayer and action.


  3. 3 Norm

    Psalm 91

    I received a phone call from Pastor Daniel Nalliah about 7 am requesting a second prayer time in Glenbrook to hold onto the ground taken on day 1.

    I called a number of prayers to come and pray a second day.

    On arriving at Glenbrook Park one prayer was already there waiting for us. We proceeded directly to pray and a number of prayers joined us. One was a sister from Blaxland who was search for like minded people to pray with her. Another was a brother from, I think Germany, who was in despair about the spiritual condition of Australia. He was please to find people willing to forget all the other things in their live and to get before the Lord and pray.

    We prayed together for over an hour pleading our hearts before our Fathers throne.

    Our God answers prayer and particularly when we obey his voice and do quickly what is asked of us.

    NSW Prayer Co-ordinator.
    Catch the Fire Ministries

  4. 4 Noel and Ros

    Dear Daniel

    One of our prayer supporters sent this through when I asked them about one of their friends in the Blue Mts fires.

    With our love and prayers, Noel and Ros

    They came through OK. They were surrounded with raging fires at one stage. Last Wednesday’s extreme warning has passed. The Lord graciously sent 10 mls of rain and a wind that was not from the NW as predicted. Ah, the bliss of relief. Praise His Name. 2500 locals came to the fire meeting at the Katoomba Christian Convention Centre on Tuesday night, to be warned. Amazing that most of the locals did not even know we had such a KCCC in town!!!
    Must go. Thank you for the thought.

  5. 5 Graeme

    Thank you for organising these prayer meetings. My son, Daniel Reed, lives and works in Musswell Brooke and I have only just found out there are fires in the Newcastle area.
    God bless

  6. 6 Brother Tony

    I started this a few years ago praying the Lords Prayer. I had been reading the word and I realized that at any time I could say the Lords Prayer there is bound to be someone else saying it. I was not alone. Praise Jehovah for the Catholics and Anglicans worldwide.

    Something I do is if I’m listening to the news and someone from the world ie a weather reporter speaks of northerly’s and wind and heat I just say that’s a lie Father it is my fervent prayer that brings an outcome. Then I pray that the from the South wind will push upwards. I often see a change for Victoria. And I say this knowing I am not the only one praying. I do it when they talk about new viruses threatening the country too.

    Unfortunately the words of the media have weight unless they are spoken against on the spot. They need to be struck down on the spot. There are many of us and we have humbled ourselves and he will heal our land. The world only has worldly knowledge. Who are they to date take our beautiful springs and autumns?

    If I new that other Christians prayed in a similar way I could say to the Father I’m Sure there is someone else out there saying the same thing. He is bound to reply by his word.. Hope this goes somewhere Have you heard of others similar. Even knowing their are others of a similar heart would help in my prayer. I can’t watch everything all day but the Holy Spirit can prompt this one and that one to turn on the TV and watch out for worldly lies. Once we see results we would all be edified, allowing greater flow of faith in the Spirit.

    In Christ,
    Brother Tony

  7. 7 Alan & Pat

    Praise God for the answer to prayer and for the 30 who answered the call to prayer in NSW. Thanks to God for the end of the crisis through the rain.

    Bless you
    Alan & Pat

  8. 8 Leanne

    Thanks Lord for answering pray.


  9. 9 Suzette

    The mighty power of prayer. Thank you for the update. Thank you Jesus. I encourage all concerned.


  10. 10 June

    Thanks be God who always causes us to triumph in Him. Thank you all for your obedience to God, God Bless you all.. I am sure there were thousands of us praying in unity with you.
    Love and blessings

  11. 11 Carol

    Yes it was sad to NOT hear them thanking God last night on the news that HE was the reason things didn’t get worse and they were able to keep it in control when they were promising a horrible day. Carol

  12. 12 Melanie

    Ps Daniel,

    As you have preached in several sermons “People will say that God will do whatever he wants to do but the reality is IF WE MOVE AND MAKE OURSELVES AVAILABLE GOD WILL THEN MOVE” Your obedience and availability has clearly demonstrated this time and time again. Its so encouraging to see the breakthroughs that happen as a result of the body of Christ Uniting together in PRAYER along with ACTION.

    Seeing the rain cease for the 1 Hour of prayer that we held in Fitzroy Gardens yesterday was yet again nothing but the hand of God at work, to see the sun come out as we arrived and then the rain to begin pouring down again once we finished was a true blessing.

    Glory to God for the good report finally mentioned through the media!

    May God bless you abundantly for being a true leader not only in God’s Army but for this Nation also.

    Melanie V

  13. 13 Angie


  14. 14 Kay

    Dear family in Christ,
    It was wonderful that Pastor Daniel was able to visit Blue Mountains with prayers! Our Lord is a great GOD! Yes, we do give JESUS all the praise!!

  15. 15 Neredah

    Praise God Jason – I was so encouraged to hear the call. Please pass on my personal thanks to Pastor Danny for his willing heart which I personally find so encouraging for my walk.

    I live in the Hunter Valley, not Blue Mts, but we’re still impacted by all the horrors we hear. I was encouraged then to follow perhaps a more Spirit-led time in my SRE lessons this week – using the fires as a springboard perhaps, and with each of three classes of 10, 11 yr olds, I sought the Lord’s leading and found myself using the biblical story of Daniel and the local fires around Heatherbrae (Raymond Terrace to you perhaps) and spoke of consequences and the value of following God’s laws. I am amazed it all seemed to flow without encroaching too much into the next lesson for each class – concluding by asking the kids to join me as we sought God’s mercy on the firefighters etc and that He, as the one who can change weather forecasts, would assert His authority on the fires in our state. I know not all kids were actually praying with me, but most of each class were – now I pray they too, and their teachers, saw and heard the NBN Newcastle news broadcast that night as Fire Chief Fitzs…. stated publicly “our prayers were answered” – Praise God!!

    Just wanting to add my encouragement to you folk (Copying this message also to Tracee and Bob at Raymond Terrace.)

    Bless you all,

  16. 16 Kris

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Here is a personal message about bushfires from our Prime Minister Tony Abbott to all Australians, published this morning on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

    They are the words of a humble man, a man of integrity with solid values, a real leader who leads by example. It is a refreshing change to have such a person leading our nation Australia again.

    Please pray, consistently and persistently, for him and the government he leads, to bring this nation back onto the path that our God has destined for it and its people. And we need to hold them in the place of honour which they deserve.

    With love in Christ Jesus,

    Kris Schlyder

    Australian Indigenous Prayer Network

    Brave hearts, cool heads will guide us through long, hot summer ahead
    October 25, 2013 Tony Abbott

    This sunburnt country of ours tests us often. In the last week it has tested us, but we have not been found wanting.
    Our ability to endure natural disasters has been built up over many years. Fires and floods have tested our character, but they have also strengthened our resolve.

    That we are not mourning mass casualties is testament to the dedication and skill of the many thousands of emergency services workers and volunteers; as well as the preparedness of the communities affected by fires to leave their homes before it is too late.
    In the face of rapidly changing fire, leaving early is always the safest option.

    I urge everyone living in bushfire prone areas to develop a bushfire survival plan or visit to access a plan prepared by experts.

    On behalf of Parliament and the Australian community I pay tribute to the Rural Fire Service’s 70,000 volunteers.
    For the past 13 years I have been privileged to serve in the Davidson Brigade with highly trained men and women who will always have my back, as I will have theirs.

    I intend to continue to serve with the brigade. Protecting homes and communities would be all the more difficult without the commitment of Rural Fire Brigade volunteers from across the country.

    If it’s right for citizens from all walks of life to be involved, it can hardly be wrong for a prime minister, likewise, to do what he can to help.

    It may well be a long, hot summer and, regrettably, the current fires may only be a preview of what’s to come.

    It’s heartening that fire crews from across the country are rallying behind NSW in its time of need. State rivalries matter little when our fellow citizens are in danger.

    The extent of loss from these fires will not be known for some time and, despite the herculean efforts of fire crews across the state, we know not when a reprieve will arrive.

    To assist individuals, families and businesses the federal government has activated the disaster recovery payment in eight local government areas: Lake Macquarie, the Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Muswellbrook, Port-Macquarie-Hastings, Port Stephens, Wyong and Wingecarribee.

    A one-off recovery assistance payment of $1000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child will be provided to those who have lost their homes or whose homes have been directly damaged by fires, or who have been injured.

    We have also made available the disaster recovery allowance, which will assist employees, primary producers and sole traders who may experience a loss of income as a result of the fires.

    My thoughts continue to be with the emergency service crews and local communities across NSW. Stay safe.

    The Hon Tony Abbott MP is Prime Minister of Australia and a Member of the Davidson Brigade of the NSW Rural Fire Service

    Read more:

  17. 17 Steve

    Greetings Pastor Jason,

    Almighty God’s continued Blessings on you and your family; as too; on all at Catch The Fire Ministries’/ Rise Up Australia Party.
    Pastor Jason, “YOU” really do make a big, … no, an ENORMOUS difference in peoples everyday lives.

    Your constant mail outs and updates, keeping people informed of what is going on; God Bless you. You do such an enormous job, and, like most people who do an enormous job, all too often, people don’t bother to say; “well done good and faithful.” I’ll say it, again and again; .. You do a mighty work for the Lord, and those who choose to follow HIM, Bless you sir; and “Thank You So Much.”

    Your Brother In Christ,

  18. 18 June (Rev)

    30 October 2013

    Dear Jason

    Thank you for this information. As an Australian overseas, and aware of what bushfires can do, I was calling on the Lord to have mercy and to bring rain to the bush fire areas. I had a peace that ‘something had happened’ and when there was no more information on the International news, I knew that this was one time that ‘no news was very good news’. What the news would not tell us is what has been included in your email. I have been at two conferences that followed one on another and am just catching up on what has happened. Praise God for His grace, His mercy and His faithfulness.

    June (Rev)

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