Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends & family in Christ across Australia,

I’m sure we’re all saddened to see the bushfires continuing in NSW with the loss of so many homes and properties.

According to the recent news, the weather bureau has predicted the worst will be tomorrow Wednesday 23rd October when 3-5 fires are expected to merge to form a 300 kilometre firewall with extreme weather conditions.

You may click the following link for detailed reports and updates.

Last night Pr Daniel was speaking to a Pastor friend in the Blue Mountains who told him that his sister’s home and property were burned to the ground.

Pr Daniel stated, “I’ve been deeply saddened and burdened to stand with my fellow Aussies in the Blue Mountains and cry unto the Lord in repentance and prayer for a breakthrough in the weather pattern. As I spoke to this Pastor friend last night, he confirmed that this would be a great idea. However, I told him that I would pray through the night and if God gave me a clear word, I would come there to pray. In the early hours of this morning, I had two dreams. In the 1st dream I was with this Pastor friend and a few others on our knees in an open park in the Blue Mountains very close to the bushfires, praying and crying unto the Lord to send the appropriate winds and rains to stop the bushfires. Moments later, I had a 2nd dream in which I saw a news reporter on the 4:30pm news broadcast stating, ‘Sudden weather change brings hope to put the bushfires out.’”

In response, we at CTFM have called an urgent prayer meeting which Pr Daniel will be personally leading from 3-4pm today Tuesday 22nd October in the Blue Mountains at Glenbrook Park, Cnr Ross St & Park St, Glenbrook.  Near tennis courts. Turn off  Gt Westetn Hwy at Tourist Infirmation Centre / Caltex Service Station.  (approximately 5-10 minutes’ drive from bushfires).

Pr Daniel stated, “I believe that as the people of God unite this afternoon from 3-4pm to repent and pray as in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, there will be a positive change in the weather in the next 24 hours with the appropriate winds and rains to stop the bushfires, despite the weather bureau’s current predictions.”

We would greatly appreciate those living in NSW to make every effort to join this prayer meeting in the Blue Mountains, and for all other Christians across our nation to unite in prayer with other believers today from 3-4pm wherever you are to prayerfully seek the Lord for the much needed rain and appropriate winds from heaven to protect NSW from any further disaster.

11 Responses to “Urgent Prayer Call Bushfire crisis in NSW – Pr Daniel leading prayer meeting in Blue Mountains 3-4pm today Tuesday 22nd Oct”

  1. 1 Liliana

    Dear Ps Daniel – yes, it’s a sad situation – I can’t be there with you physically but will be in Spirit joining my prayers to yours and all that are praying for a change in the weather and that there will be no loss of life! thank you Jesus! hear our prayer – blessings, Liliana

  2. 2 Graham


    Just to let you know rain is just starting to fall here in Orange here in the Central West just west of the Blue Mountains.


  3. 3 Diana

    Dear Friends,
    Greatly encouraged by your stand to pray in the mountains and with you and bless you.
    We thank you as we repent together.

  4. 4 Kris

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries will be personally leading prayer and repentance re the bushfires at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains from 3pm to 4pm AEDT today Tuesday 22 October. See CTFM email at bottom of this email. Please join them in prayer wherever you are. Sorry for late notice.

    With love in Christ Jesus,


    Australian Indigenous Prayer Network

  5. 5 Lily

    Dear brothers & sisters,

    I couldn’t make it there but I am praying right now from my home.

    I posted the info in facebook askiing others to join In prayer from homes with you.

    Let us know please anything.

    United in prayer right now.


  6. 6 Kelli

    Thank you for alerting me to this request to prayer for the Lords intervention for the wind change to affect positively the bush fires, I have just finished praying for the hour and at the end Isaiah 61 came to mind and I thought after looking at v 1-4 that this verse in particular was applicable “… and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair” This is His wonderful and perfect work.

    May the Lord continue to share with you His words.


  7. 7 Gillian

    What a wonderful God we serve!
    Just looking at rain outside in northern suburbs of Sydney.
    Praying it is also raining, or soon will be, in Blue Mountains! Our God is faithful!


  8. 8 Ron and Barbara

    Hallelujah, yes it is raining in the Lithgow valley tonight – quite steadily coming down, time is 11.45pm and sounds like a thunder storm! Prayerfully and with hope (i.e. confident assurance) it is also happening on the Blue Mountains. Thank you Abba Father for your mercy in sending showers of blessing and for Pastor Danny’s prophetic word being fulfilled!

    Shalom ……. Ron and Barbara.

  9. 9 JO ANNE

    I believe God over humans, even if humans are right in their predictions- Divine intervention appears from no where and makes are faith even stronger. There should be more of people getting together shouting to the Lord, not always when we need help but when we don’t to say thank you for the times we have not needed help.

    There is no harm in believing and trying. If it is the Lord’s way , he will answer if it is not- lets hope some really positive changes and help us learn from these disasters and may the Aussie spirit live on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10 Sharon

    Praise The Lord. In Wollongong & locally we had lots of rain last night. Praying today that the winds won’t be as strong as predicted and the “out of control” fires will bow the knee to The Lord Jesus, who stopped the storm in Galilee, Israel.
    CDP has called a day of prayer & fasting today for bush fires. CTFM already way ahead in The Lord. Love Danny’s fervour and appropriate practical and spiritual support to date.

  11. 11 Jocelyn

    Thank you – prayed.

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