Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

What an amazing weekend it has been. God moved most powerfully amongst His dear people in Darwin as many people joined together to hear the Word of God preached by Pr Daniel.

It was so encouraging to see many Pastors who came to the meetings, including 2 Catholic Priests, mightily touched by the presence of God.

As people from several churches united in prayer, praise and worship, the anointing of the Holy Ghost powerfully touched many lifes.

Many shared their testimonies, including one Gentleman as to how he brought his sister to a Melbourne to a Catch The Fire service in Hallam. His sister had cancer and her kidneys were very badly affected, as she had a big lump (cist).

But he said praise God after Pr Daniel laid hands and prayed on my sister the lump disappeared. She is doing very well by the grace of God.

Another lady responded to the altar call in order to see generational curses broken. Her mother told her that she was an unwanted child and her father told her she should not eat, as she is not fit to live. This lady was very thin.

As Pr Daniel spoke on “How to be free from generational curses and that everyone is created in the image of God, and that everyone is so special, this lady came to the altar, broke down and started weeping as the Spirit of God mightily touched her.

She told Pr Daniel, I never felt like eating properly as the words spoken by my parents kept ringing in my ear, but now I feel free and I ate very well this afternoon. I feel like a new person as the heaviness is gone. I know that I am set free.

As Pr Daniel went back to his apartment after the morning service, someone knocked at his door. It was the lady who was healed. She brought an Indigenous lady and wanted prayer.

For the next half an hour one after another these dear Indigenous people called out to their families as Pr Daniel anointed them with oil, prayed and led them to Jesus.

One Catholic Priest knelt in front of Pr Daniel who laid hands and prayed for him as the priest was praying in tongues.

The Catholic Priest stated Pr Daniel, “I am very hungry for revival and the good news of the Gospel needs to be preached. I want to Catch The Fire. Can you please pray that I will be bold like you?”

Isn’t that amazing. Praise God.

Pr Daniel met with the RUAP executive and was very encouraged to hear the excitement and passion they have to take Australia for Jesus.

Pr Daniel stated, “I thank and praise God for giving us wonderful people who love Jesus to lead RUAP campaign across the country. They are very passionate to see change in Australia and are very committed to
the task.”

I thank God for the Pastors who are getting behind this move of God. Surely God is bringing His remnant together for an end time move of God.”

At the last meeting most of the crowd ended up at the altar on their knees seeking God for our nation to come back to Jesus. This was so very encouraging.

You may click the link below to read a report from Jan, NT President & Prayer Coordinator for RUA.

5 Responses to “Darwin – Lump dissapears / Curses broken / Salvations / 30 Pastors and leaders from many churches unite”

  1. 1 Jocelyn

    Thank you!
    Praising God.

  2. 2 Ian

    Praise the Lord.

    Blessings on DANNY & TEAM,


  3. 3 Cliff

    Please e-mail me your messages.
    I love hearing the way God is working in Pastor Daniel’s life, & how God is blessing his work.

  4. 4 Jan

    Bless you Pastor Danny, for giving up your time to pray for those Indigenous people who came for prayer. Not all do that. Bless you. May God strengthen you. Praise God for His Ministry in healing. Amen.

    Love, Jan

  5. 5 Robyn

    Hi Liz
    I don’t send on emails to you as I know that you are busy but had to send this one on.
    Last weekend we had Pastor Daniel from Rise Up Australia speaking here on Sat night, Sun morn and night.
    He gave his testimony on Sun night and touched a little bit on the court case that was ongoing when I was down with you. I never thought that I would meet the man and that he would lay hands on me.
    Bob went forward on Sunday morning and went down like a ton of bricks, falling forward on Ps Daniel, nearly knocking him over.
    He stayed down until it was all over, said the Holy Spirit took him on a journey through many countries, he saw many people of many different races but couldn’t stop to meet them as Jiminy Cricket as he calls the HS kept saying “Come on, hurry up” over and over again, he can still hear them as clearly as when they were first spoken.
    Needs a dream Interpreter.
    Anyway, this email was sent from the President and I thought that you might be interested.
    He shared how God chose the name Rise Up Australia (RUA) which is Hebrew for Victory in God or something must get the CD and when it is shortened to “Roo U” it sounds like RUAH which is another Hebrew word meaning spirit, breath or wind of God.
    God bless

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