Dear friends & family in Christ,

Thank you for your prayer support.

We thank and praise God that the CTFM VCAT court case to stop the Islamic Mosque in Doveton, Victoria was successfully adjourned until the 3rd week of November.

This will now give our legal team enough time to properly prepare our case to stop the Mosque from being built next to our new church.

Please pray for God’s favour as Pr Daniel is scheduled to be interviewed by David Koch on Channel Seven Sunrise Program tomorrow Tuesday 17th September sometime between 7:15-7:30am.

16 Responses to “Minor Victory in CTFM vs Mosque Court Case / Pr Daniel on Channel Seven Sunrise Program sometime between 7:15-7:30am tomorrow Tues 17 Sept”

  1. 1 Paul

    Excellent news… the God of Heb 13:8 is still in business.

    In Him,


  2. 2 Jan

    Dear Danny,

    Keep fighting. Sounds all wrong. God guide you. Bless you so much.

    Love, Jan

  3. 3 Mieke

    So thankful that there hopefully, prayerfully will be put a stop to the building of this mosque.

    A request for Pastor Daniel:

    Here in our church “planet shakers” in Geelong, we have had an influx of refugees/asylum seekers from Sri Lanka, many giving their life to Jesus with the aid of an interpreter, but we are in need of material to minister to these new born believers, as none of them speak any English, just wondering if Pastor Daniel would be able to advice us of possible material, even some gospel messages in their language.

    Many thanks,



  4. 4 Amgad

    Ok Brother, we support you with our prayers .
    God bless you

  5. 5 Julie

    Praise God! Julie

  6. 6 Dot

    Dear Ps. Daniel

    I am praying that David Koch will have an experience of our true God’s presence today (Monday 16.09.13), and that his mindset changes to favour, to be obedient to, to be in awe of, and to please God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That David Koch will be more in awe of our triune God, than even keeping his job. I pray that you, Pastor Daniel will have the wisdom of God, so much so that you are even surprised yourself. I pray that the millions who watch Channel Seven Sunrise will be so touched by the truth and power of our loving God, that many will turn away from their wickedness, turn to God, repent of their sins and follow the truth – that even the Muslims will change, and follow the truth.

    God bless you for standing firm.


  7. 7 Cheryl

    Amen praise the Lord.. I will send EXTRA prayers for the Tv interview because David Koch is a total atheist and a total idiot and always talks DOWN to Christians and doesnt let them have their say! Cheryl

  8. 8 Anne

    Will be praying for David Koch too as last time I found him a bit smart when he was interviewing Ps Danny as David Koch does need Jesus blessing to Ps Danny too ………Anne

  9. 9 Elleanor

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Wonderful news as we received your e-mail tonight, when I went to prayer for the situation on Friday evening I was reminded of Psalm 20 particularly v5 and 8 (KJV) we will see His Mighty Victory come to pass, also Psalm 81.10…..”open thy mouth wide and I will fill it” We know His Word never fails and it is there for all situations, Hallelujah! Remember the Islamic people in this country are walking on “Our Great South Land of the Holy Spirit” there doesn’t seem to be a good reason why they should win and build a Mosque, which
    is not wanted by His people. Only Believe!

    Praying for you all at CTFM,

    A Family Member of the Lords, Elleanor

  10. 10 Pamela

    We will be praying that Gods Will be done in this situation. We can understand what you might have to be dealing with should it be built next to ur church.
    But I just wonder what God could/will do if this Mosque was to be built next to you – perhaps an amazing ministry right at your feet to witness to these people drawing them with the Love of Christ. You’ ll have a harvest right next door. The Lord can make you to have peace with your enemies – so-to-speak.
    Just a thought, outside the square – the church.
    love and prayer support to all.

  11. 11 Jan

    Praise God. Praise God. We will see this come to nought.



  12. 12 Murray

    All praise be to our GOD!!! He does indeed hear our prayers!!!




  13. 13 Kay

    Praise God! Continuing prayers for you to have a victory over Mosque in Doveton!

  14. 14 Pastor Colin & Ness

    Praise the Lord great work and a win for our Rise up Australia Party.

    Pastor Colin & Ness
    Hosanna Ministries / Counsellors

  15. 15 Caroline



  16. 16 maria carboni - ibba

    Pastor Daniel, I totally understand and agree with your view point on why the mosque should not be built next to a christian church.

    Surely government departments are not so naive to not comply with your wishes.
    A church is a place of worship and peace from the outside world. A mosque is on a very different to christian worship and would only disturb the worship and freedom we Christians practice.

    I pray you have victory and strength to pursue our rights and common sense , prevail.

    ” But thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus”

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