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Teresa Neumann (Sep 19, 2013)

Studying why Moses couldn’t enter the Promised Land, Israeli’s Prime Minister concludes, “Moses could not enter the Promised Land, and we merit that privilege to be here in the land of our forefathers, thanks to him and thanks to the struggle of our people. And we bless every second. It is a great privilege to read this great book [Scripture] and to know that we are fulfilling what God commanded our people … in that way we are fulfilling the legacy.”

(Jerusalem, Israel)—In a recent blog, Joel C. Rosenberg writes, “One of the most interesting but least known aspects in the life of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [who was not raised in a religious home] is that he has developed a noticeable curiosity in ancient Scriptures.”

Rosenberg goes on to reveal that the Prime Minister started a Bible study with various Jewish leaders and scholars last year that continues to meet in his official residence.

Indeed, multiple sources reveal that as recently as last week, despite the intense saber rattling gripping the Mideast over conditions in Syria, Netanyahu convened another Bible study, the focus of which was why the Lord punished Moses by not allowing him to enter the Promised Land.

The Prime Minister was quoted as saying Moses’ punishment seemed cruel and asked, “What is the logic behind that—it seems unjust?”A report in the Jerusalem Post featured some of the answers to that question, with Binyamin Ish Shalem telling Netanyahu that it was because “one type of leader was needed to lead the Jews out of slavery and into freedom, and quite another was needed to lead them as a free, sovereign people inside their own land.”

Concluded Rosenberg, “Let us pray that the study of the Word of God has a powerful, personal impact on the Prime Minister …and pray that more Israelis—Jews and Arabs—would develop a new and deeper curiosity about Bible prophecy.

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