Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

We wish to thank you all for covering us in prayer regarding the new Catch The Fire Ministries base which was about to be built in Doveton, Victoria.

We’re sure you all know that the land right next to us was purchased by the Afghani Muslim community to build a mosque which we at CTFM opposed, but the local council granted the permit.

This matter was taken to VCAT and the hearing was adjourned to November.

In Luke 14:25-35 the Word of God speaks of the importance of counting the cost before moving to build a tower or going to war. Well, in the past few weeks we have been doing just that, spending hours prayerfully seeking the Lord’s direction as to what we should do.

Pr Daniel particularly asked the Lord for a clear sign to show him whether or not he should continue to fight this battle in the courts, as the whole purpose of opposing the construction of the mosque was based on the fact it was going to be built right next door to our future CTFM base.

We were ready to go all the way to the Supreme Court, even though it would have taken us around 2 years and tens of thousands of dollars.

Well, all glory to God that our prayers were answered in the most unexpected way.

Last Thursday the 19th of September, Pr Daniel received a call from a Pastor friend who told him that he was willing to sell his church to CTFM.

Pr Daniel was absolutely shocked to hear this news as this was the church building where we at CTFM experienced a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit for 18 months, and where hundreds of people from around Australia were healed, delivered and set free. Also many souls were saved and Catch The Fire Ministries Apostolic Centre was birthed.

Pr Daniel had previously asked this Pastor 3 times in the past 3-4 years whether he would sell the building, as it was just right for us with plenty of office space, an auditorium that can sit 500 people and room for expansion.

After much prayer and consultation CTFM Board of Directors, Elders and Leadership have unanimously decided to buy this church as it is ready to move into, in addition to the fact that it is half the price of the other construction we were planning on.

We are so excited that yesterday we paid the 10% deposit and signed the contract of sale with the hope of settling and moving in by early November.

Pr Daniel stated, “Yesterday I, and another CTFM Board Member, met with the President of the proposed Doveton mosque and two other Muslim members. Our meeting was very cordial and we drank coffee together as I shared God’s miraculous provision of a fully established church premises for us at CTFM. The President of the Doveton mosque stated, ‘We have watched you on TV saying that you love Muslims, but we found it hard to believe. However today, given the fact that you have invited us for coffee and personally met with us, and also after having spoken with you, we truly know that you love the Muslim people.’ I told them that I’ve always said that I loved the Muslim people very much, but I do have some major concerns with some of your teachings.”

As CTFM will no longer be next to the proposed mosque, we have decided to drop the court action after consulting with our legal team.

You may click the following link to read an article that was recently published in the Herald Sun newspaper.

Thank you so very much for standing with us. We believe that this is God’s perfect plan for CTFM, as now Pr Daniel will be free to focus on the ministry and RUAP.

Please continue to uphold us in prayer.

We would love to see you at our special grand opening dedication service at CTFM, on the same weekend as the National Australia Day Prayer Meeting in Melbourne on 26th Jan 2014.

42 Responses to “CTFM new church project- unexpected answer to prayer”

  1. 1 Maree

    Woo hoo

    This is fantastic, How Great Is Our God!!!! Wonderful news….The enemy is defeated…hahahahaa

    Bless you



  2. 2 Tim

    Praise God for answered prayer. We do serve a Mighty God. Tim

  3. 3 Meli

    well done… no longer burden to spend time fighting in court. God has made this far easier to us, praise Lord. we can tell that Pr Daniel is indeed anointed by God. just like Abraham n Moses, Amen. Meli

  4. 4 Dr Joe

    Praise God!! Dr Joe

  5. 5 Krystel

    ..i’m happy & agree with with CTFMs meeting the pres of the proposed Doveton mosque, & willingness to relocate. I think the decision not to take the matter of the mosque to court, & to use our time dealing with things of more importance was very mature.

  6. 6 Tricia

    How about that!!!

    Thanks Jill, regards & blessing to all.

    Wisdom is to be worn like a crown. You don’t know how the wider body will be rejoicing.

    But Where does that leave the residents – & has CTFM stood with them ?

    lets see what The Lord does with the sale of the land !!!



  7. 7 Tom

    cONGRATULATIONs!! See you at the opening!!


  8. 8 Ian

    Praise the Lord


  9. 9 George

    Just wanted to express Maren’s and my delight at the news.

    God bless,


  10. 10 Ruth

    Dear Jill,

    Praise God!

    I had wondered about the wisdom of spending a lot of money fighting this court case. So this is a great answer.

    God bless,


  11. 11 Rae

    Thank you for the email about the new church building…Praise the Lord for this wonderful provision..having read the whole of the email I cannot find the location or address of this building?
    Was it over looked or is it to be revealed at a later date?

  12. 12 Helen

    Hi Jill,

    Great news!

    but what suburb is the new church in?

    God bless


  13. 13 Steven

    Praise God for your diligence and faithful leadership in prayer. The news of the new location for CTFM is indeed wonderful and God’s perfect will. Your witness to the Muslims with coffee and talk is again, God’s perfect will. Bless you Ps Daniel. I am honored to know you. Bless you for your friendship, wise council and God obeying leadership. Steven

  14. 14 Paul

    All Praise to our Lord Jesus for the outcome.
    It was placed on my heart to suggest moving.
    To another location during the election time and thing were very busy and I didn’t get around to telling anyone so I’m really excited.
    About the future and what God had done and is about to do.
    God Bless

  15. 15 Rosemary

    Wow, that is so powerfully God!

    And it has been confirmation to my prayers for CTFM regarding the Mosque as I am certain for many others. Praise God He is the mighty King, the Master of everything.

    I have never written to you before but just felt this time I must.

    Shalom, Rosemary

  16. 16 Cr Sally

    We join you in praising God for his amazing provision. He loves to surprise us. God bless you,
    Cr Sally
    Deputy Mayor

  17. 17 Michael

    Hi Pastor Danny,

    Praise the Lord for His provision.


  18. 18 Mary

    This is wonderful news.

    Praise God!

    0ne of my friends from our Church Apostolic in Burnie has asked in any of the members who stood for parliament got in or elected.

    Could u please let me know.



  19. 19 Debra

    Praise God for this much more peaceful outcome. Time, money & effort can be focused elsewhere now. May God be glorified in this situation.

    Wonderful that you took the time to have coffee with the Muslim leaders of the proposed Mosque, I pray that God will use this to touch the hearts of the Muslim community.

    God Bless

  20. 20 Lenore

    Dear Jill

    thanks for your wonderful news about Gods amazing provision for CTFM – His timing is perfect. I would love to come to the Grand opening
    next year.

    God bless


  21. 21 Jenny

    Praise the Lord!!

  22. 22 Judith

    What an awesome God we serve!
    He is our provider in ways that we don’t expect.

    The Lord bless you all

  23. 23 Pastor John N

    Great news Daniel and a big God Bless you and all at CTFM. We thank God for his answer to all your prayers at ctfm. let others be encouraged that Our God does answer the prayers of our heart. Pastor John N

  24. 24 rick

    Awsome news praise the lord for hes timiming

  25. 25 Jill

    Dear Danny
    Wonderful news. What a great outcome. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.
    Love Jill

  26. 26 Keith

    An unexpected turn of events, BUT! He is Lord. The “conciliation” with the Muslim leaders can only be attributed to the fact that the Lord Jesus is actively demonstrating His love to them. We pray that the ‘seed’ will grow in their hearts and bear fruit for His Glory.

    Please convey our personal regards and Love in Christ to Daniel.

    Lyn and I are presently ministering at a Victory Life Fellowship church in in Mt Isa.


  27. 27 Pete

    Praise God.

    God bless you guys.

    Pete (Lieutenant)
    Corps Officer – Craigieburn Salvation Army

  28. 28 Marianne

    That’s fantastic news all round!
    Praise God!!

  29. 29 Ku

    Dear Ps Daniel & Jason,
    Praise God for miracle! He has a plan for us! Is this the building at CTFM in Hallam where Ps Daniel has been ministering? I am really touched with this email!


  30. 30 Sharon

    Marvellous news. Win-win solution and bargain price. Wonderful news. Thank you.


  31. 31 Peter and Tessa

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    My wife and I want to convey how excited we were to read the email from Jill about the provision of your new church building and CTFM base. It is a wonderful answer to prayer and a wonderful provision of the Lord at this time for the ministry. As you stated in the email, you will be now free to focus on the ministry and RUAP. We are really happy for you and your family, and church family. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and for your passionate desire to see revival come to Australia, the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. We were blessed to hear you when you came to Hobart several years ago, and have a copy of your book, and some of your DVD messages.

    Thank you for your uncompromising stand for Jesus. God Bless.

    We also pray the Lord will greatly bless the Pastor friend whose church you are buying, for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s direction in making this property available for you.

    I would love to come to the opening of the new church in January. Will pray about it. It will be a blessed time for all, I feel sure.
    Warm Regards

    Peter and Tessa (Sorell, Tasmania)

    PS: 1 Corinthians 15:57,58; Ephesians 3:20

  32. 32 Kay

    Thank you, for this news!

  33. 33 Neil and Audine

    We Praise the Lord with you!

    Neil and Audine

  34. 34 Gloria

    My spirit has leapt with joy hearing your news of a new home for the ministry of CTFM. This is the birthing of a new season of great blessing for all …


  35. 35 Pastors Alan & Beverley

    Danny, God is wonderful we are so grateful, no building, no fuss and the love of God shown to the Muslims. God bless look forward to coming down and visiting your new church, love in Jesus Alan and Bev.

  36. 36 Joy

    How wonderful, How marvelous! Bless Him – Jehovah Jireh.

  37. 37 Caroline

    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    As a testament of love to Moslems it is a powerful witness, and one I believe the Lord wants us to praise Him for.
    We are to love people and pray for them not preach hate. And God never makes mistakes.
    But we should never compromise either. The Lord has taken some 6 months to pull me out of the church He told me He was taking me out of.
    I protested as we do if we are being moved out of our comfort zone. He said He would give me to October. Hwe has done so but I woke up with a reminder of what had gone before a few days ago and the knowledge that He does not want me to return to that church. I have one question to ask the pastor of any churches I walk into. I will know when the answer is right.
    Question if any of your parishioners are missing do you forget about them? Or do you seek them out and stay in touch with them even if it is hard to do so?
    Sometimes, trials, health, the world, even things ALLOWED by the Lord happen, it is easy for people to fall through the cracks.
    Next question, some time ago the offer was made if anyone felt they should be a pastor/preacher they could be ‘ordained’, I held back at that stage as although the Lord was leading me that way I kept wanting a ‘course’ to do, mans teaching not God’s, yet so often the Lord has isolated me and taught me Himself. Is that still available?
    O ye of little faith…He sometimes has said that to me. :)
    Keep up the great work. Caroline

  38. 38 Padma

    Dear Danny,

    Best wishes and May god bless you in all your efforts to spread His Glory .

    Yes, it is truly amazing how help comes pouring in , in the most unexpected way at the correct time to save us from sinking and keep our heads above the deep waters. It is my own personal experience.

    Wish you Good luck


  39. 39 Tony and Glenyse

    So Thrilled to hear this news. All glory to our Lord God. Bless YOU all and may the Lord continue to show in a mighty way His wonders to perform through His obedient servants. How wonderful is our Saviors love, Tony and Glenyse

  40. 40 Louise

    That is great news. Thank you for sharing it.
    regards Louise

  41. 41 Heather

    Wonderful news! Heather

  42. 42 Paul

    Ps. Danny,

    Praise God and congratulations on the acquisition of your new building, and your time with the Muslim leaders. I am so pleased that it has worked out so well, and without the need of legal proceedings.

    May God bless you with a smooth transition to the new venue, Margaret and myself are very proud of your stand and your achievements.

    God bless you, your family and your ministry.


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