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We write to tell you that the second edition of the Christian Values Checklist, with amendments in the positive for Australian Christians, DLP, Family First and Rise Up Australia parties, has been officially released. Each of these parties has adjusted their policy statements on their websites to warrant a second edition and we applaud them for it.

See the following links for Checklists and Supporting Statements:

1. Christian Values Checklist

2. Christian Values Checklist (NSW)

3. Christian Values Checklist – 8 page supporting document

4. Christian Values Checklist – all options

The team at the Australian Christian Values Institute (ACVI) has been releasing Christian Value Checklists for both state and federal elections since 1999. The initial reaction from people was, “How dare you bring Christian Values into the realm of government decision making”. Now the team is getting complaints from the parties who are not included on the checklist. The reality is, there is not enough room to include every party on the single sheet Christian Values Checklist. This year there is a record of 36 parties standing for election on 7 September 2013.


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