Protect the Pope ^ | 5/30/2013 | Deacon Nick Donnelly

The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Al, the Church of England Bishop Emeritus of Rochester, has exposed the latest example of  PC revisionism that seeks to whitewash the history of Islam, in this case school children are not being taught of the involvement of Muslims in the slave trade, with blame solely being placed at the door of the British and Americans.

‘Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Al claims that, in addition to ignoring the current persecution of Christians in the Islamic world, secular Britain brushes aside historical evidence of Muslim aggression.

“If you ignore what really happened to give a lopsided view of history in the interests of political correctness, you can’t blame [young] people if they move to something else that has a less critical view of itself,” he says. Christianity appears so apologetic that students naturally gravitate towards self-confident Islam. Meanwhile, “the Churches’ engagement with the secular world becomes capitulation to it”.

As an example of political correctness in schools, the bishop discusses the way black pupils are taught about slavery.

He says: “If you teach black people from African or the Caribbean that slavery was perpetrated on them [only] by England and the whites in the United States, they are then given a narrative that Islam is the great liberator from slavery – without mentioning that the Arab slave traders were on the east coast of Africa and West Africa before the British and the Americans.

“You are never told about how in the attempt to end the slave trade, the evangelicals from the Churches were opposed by Arab slave traders. I have walked along the path that Livingstone took, and as churches were built along that path the Arab slave traders were burning them down.”‘

Protect the Pope comment: Just as the aggression of Muslims, and their oppression of Christians, has been whitewashed in the revisionist history of the Crusades it appears that school children are being indoctrinated with a PC history of the slave trade that exonerates,  by omission, the pivotal  involvement of Muslim slavers. This toxic cocktail of the secularists’ PC hatred of their own Christian heritage and Muslim proselytism is a growing threat to the freedom, and existence, of Christianity in this country.

H/T Damian Thompson

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  1. 1 Jane


    I think you may have already received info about the outreach to Muslims which is starting this Saturday in Melbourne. Are any of you planning on coming along? We need both men and women; any of your women able to come for even an hour?

    We start with prayer at 10 a.m. on the green seats outside Scots Church in the city and then go down to corner of Bourke & Swanston for setting up the street stall with New Testament in several languages and banner re Jesus love for Muslims, & similar.

    Then, this Saturday night there is to be a night of prayer as Muslims will be having night of prayer for end of Ramadan. There is a roster being filled, inviting people to volunteer for leading one hour of prayer during the night. It starts & ends with some food.

    Will try to ring you and see whether any of you are coming. It would be good to have your support in person &/ or prayer.

    Am also sending a copy of this message to Bernie who is heading up this vital venture,; so that you can contact him direct.

    Your Holy Ghost fire and God’s love shed abroad in your hearts is needed for Melbourne Muslims.

    Yours in His service, Jane

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