Dear friends & family in Christ,

PLEASE SHARE: The Bible Series returns tonight Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 9 for episodes 3 & 4.

It’s crucial that we continue to support the series, and watch tonight.


You may click the following link to watch last week’s episodes.

We need to show that there is a significant and united Christian Voice in Australia.

Encourage Channel 9 to continue supporting The Bible.

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Use @Channel9 and ?#?TheBibleAU in your posts!

4 Responses to “The Bible Series on Channel Nine Tonight Tuesday 23rd July from 9-11pm”

  1. 1 Felix

    Thank you so much and God Bless !!!


  2. 2 Graeme

    I have a meeting to attend tonight, however there was a replay of last Tuesday nights Bible series program on Saturday night so I hope to watch it this coming Saturday night.
    God bless,

  3. 3 Paul

    Dear Jason,
    I rang Channel 9, thanking them for running the Bible, but offering feedback over late running of the timetable and not knowing about the two episodes. Although the Green Guide and the Electronic Program Guide (new digital TV’s have this) showed 9 to 10pm, I was told they did show two episodes and the Bake off program ran about 20 minutes late. Being out at a meeting then visiting my mother in aged care, I set my recorder for 9 to 10:20 pm. The Green Guide and the Electronic Program Guide showed 9 to 10. Despite this, the late over run of the previous Bake off program appeared to cause the Bible to run more than 20 minutes late. This was very annoying! Editing can’t replace missing program.

    I asked Channel 9 if they can address more accurate data on the Electronic Program Guide and if they knew about running a repeat of the Bible last Saturday instead of Lethal Weapon. No comment was made about them doing that again. While I am pleased for the Bible to be given space in public media, I am annoyed about the late over run of programs. Fortunately I find this happens less on the ABC. I was measured in my feedback, having mixed feelings about Ch 9’s programming timetable.

    Yours sincerely,

  4. 4 diva

    thanks for bringing it out for us. i really missed seeing anything biblical related in tv lately. hope this would bring more acknowledgement to Christianity and everyone is keen as am to this series.if its possible please bring it forward like 8.30.

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