Dear friends,

Yet, another great weekend of campaigning across Victoria.

The National President and Lead Senate Candidate for Victoria, Daniel Nalliah of RUAP, spoke at three different meetings in Bendigo, while the #2 Senate Candidate for Victoria, Rosalie Crestani, spoke at a meeting in Cranbourne and the Victorian State President Yvonne Gentle spoke at another meeting in Hampton Victoria.

There was great excitement at the meetings and many who came pledged support to the Party, with more people taking membership.

At the Saturday night meeting in Bendigo, Channel 9 sent their cameraman to cover the whole campaign meeting. The Bendigo Advertiser was also there to cover the meeting.

After the meeting, the Channel 9 Cameraman interestingly stated, “Now you have another vote,” meaning that he was so challenged that he had decided to vote for RUAP.  Isn’t that great!

Daniel Nalliah stated, “We have a great product in Rise Up Australia Party with a fantastic brand name and a great consumer demand. The challenge we face is to get our product out into every Aussie home before the election, so that they can hear about us and vote for us.  Literally,  9 out of 10 people who hear about our Party have stated with great excitement that they will vote for us.”

It was so encouraging to see some people wiping their tears as Mr Nalliah gave his speech from his heart to the people gathered at the meeting.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Rise Up Australia Party Campaign Blast on Monday 5th August at the Windsor Hotel on Spring St Melbourne at 11am.

If you haven’t registered already, please contact (03) 9708 6691 or ASAP.

Please make sure to bring your Aussie flag and come along.

Together lets take a stand to protect our nation and Keep Australia Australian.

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  1. 1 Sharon

    Another wonderful uplifting email. Good on you Channel 9 & cameraman. Sharon

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