Dear family & friends in Christ,

We thank and praise God for His mighty presence at every single meeting this past weekend in Albany & Perth, WA as Pr Daniel spoke at 5 different meetings in public and church venues.

The presence of God was so real at every meeting, including all the RUAP campaign meetings.

What was most amazing was that many people were in tears, as there was such a tangible presence of God at all the meetings.

RUAP now has candidates in almost every seat in WA along with #1 & # 2 Senate Candidates.

Pr Daniel stated,  “I will not lead this campaign if God does not lead me. I want His presence to be with me. I do not want to go before Him or lag behind Him. Oh, Lord help me walk with You.

I know God will use RUAP to bring Australia back to Jesus, as we have seen so many people accept the Lord into their lives at RUAP meetings. It is the presence of God that makes the difference.”

At some of the meetings there were so many unchurched people, including several who were so impacted by RUAP that they took membership and offered to help with our campaign.

On Sunday night at the public campaign meeting, the whole crowd stood up after Pr Daniel finished his speech, started clapping and would not stop. The place was just buzzing with excitement.

Pr Daniel also shared the prophetic word that he received from Pr Norm Armstrong about Smith Wigglesworth’s well known prophetic word pertaining to the coming end time move of God and revival in Australia.

On hearing this, many people started weeping and there was great breakthrough and healing.

Pr Daniel spoke on Sunday morning at a church in Perth. The Senior Minister of this church, who is very well known in WA, stated after the service, “I was in tears. I feel hope has been restored.”

We thank God for this man of God, as he was very humble to recognize the presence of God.

We give God all the glory as we push forward to see His will fulfilled for our nation of Australia.

We thank Jane Foreman RUAP State President for WA and team for a job well done.

8 Responses to “Great weekend for RUAP & CTFM in Albany & Perth, WA / Almost all seats now covered for Federal Election”

  1. 1 Sunny

    Saw the launch on TV some months ago and a lot of what you said makes sense.
    I am originally from India, grew up in Canada, and migrated here in 1991. I have seen the damage and waste of taxpayers money that is state-sponsored Multiculturalism, and agree with you that whilst people must be free to celebrate their culture and diversity it must not be at taxpayers’ expense.
    I also agree with a return to a modern Glass-Steagall, and various other points you make in your policy list.
    Unfortunately, I can’t shake the opinion that you may be tilting at windmills as you are up against 3 well established parties (I consider the Greens to be idiots but dangerous in their own way).
    Accordingly, as I mull over my choices, I am unsure if R.U.A.P. is for me.
    Keep up the fight, however!!

  2. 2 June

    Thank God for His presence changes everything. God Bless you all. June

  3. 3 Robert & Florianne

    Dear Ps. Jason Golden,

    Thank you for sending us emails regarding the progress of your campaign. My husband Robert and I are available to help in any area as much as necessary. We can help in Brisbane as we know many Pastors and church goers there (we lived in Brisbane for more than ten years). We also visit Nino regularly here in Ingham as he is running as Candidate for Herbert . Since two months ago, my husband and I have been visiting friends and talking to people we don’t know in restaurants and public parks about the coming election and the Rise Up campaign. It is time for Christians to stand up for JESUS. People are tired of soap operas. They are tired of political celebrities with empty policies. The common enemy is the spirit of Islam, not the Muslims. The bible says at the name of JESUS, every knee shall bow. The word of God also says: “IF I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me” (that includes the Muslims, Hindus, New Age, Maoist, Communists, Greens, Labor ,LNP, etc). We will mail our payment to Rise Up as members tomorrow. In the meantime, we will continue to pray for “with God there is nothing impossible”. God does not need a perfect man, HE only needs the “right heart” of the man. We (Australians) need a man in Government that loves God and loves Australia, our country of choice.

    “BLESSED is the nation who’s GOD is the LORD”. If we stay faithful, God is faithful.

    God bless you heaps and to all we say stand up and be counted for JESUS, for we shall confess and sing daily that “this is the great southland of the Holy Spirit”, what a great opportunity we (all Christians/or not yet), have in front of us right now in this time and in this generation of challenges to see JESUS as HE IS…… ” I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIGHT “, the battle is the LORD’s, amen.

    Acts Ministries International

  4. 4 Dot

    Great news. God Bless you abundantly, Dot

  5. 5 Jenny

    Praise the Lord!!!!! Jenny

  6. 6 Patrick & Lorraine

    Will be overseas at time of the Election but want to vote for RUAP … & continue to be informed of issues, miracles, events etc. GBU,
    Patrick & Lorraine

  7. 7 Kay

    Wonderful news!

  8. 8 Glenys

    Dear Catch the Fire ministries,

    I have been following Pastor Danny’s ministry blog and praying for him, his family and his ministry for many years while my husband and I were serving the Lord in Indonesia. Now that we have returned to Australia I would like to receive emails directly so I can be more informed with my praying.

    It is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing in Australia through this precious man of God and I believe that he was sent to Australia for such a time as this. I continually pray that the Lord will open many doors of opportunity in corridors of power for his ministry and the RUAP.

    God bless you abundantly in all that you do in His name and for His glory!

    love in Christ

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