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Blog Posted by: Bernard Gaynor

You simply cannot be surprised at what a government body, so rotten at the top that it supports public displays of sexual indecency in front of children, will get up to.

In the case of the Australian Defence Force, its leadership are now protecting Islam. The organisation charged with defending this country is assisting in the spread of the enemy’s doctrine and ideology. It reeks of treachery and treason.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not having a go at the Diggers. They are fine soldiers who have done brave things on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

But their efforts have been in vain. The war is a massive failure. Soldiers have shed their blood trying to defeat an enemy that is being welcomed into our very borders.

Everyone knows that Australia and the rest of the Western World are hightailing it out of Afghanistan as fast as they can. And just like Iraq, which is sliding back into civil war, Afghanistan will be left in a worse situation than when we arrived. Its future is as a breeding ground for more murderous Islamic brutality, strengthened by the knowledge that the might of Western civilisation is defeated.

Now soldiers are not even allowed to speak the truth about the enemy’s belief system. While they are muzzled, the hierarchy sprouts off that there is nothing wrong with Islam; that a growing Islamic community is a good thing for this country. Indeed, it must be respected.

Islam, as the saying goes, is the religion of peace.

Official Defence documents even state that Muslims believe Mohammad lived as perfect a life as any human and that all ADF members are to respect that assessment. Soldiers can’t challenge its truthfulness.

So if a soldier points out that in the utopian wonderland of this ‘prophet’, entire tribes were beheaded while the women were marched off into sexual bondage, he will be charged with bringing the ADF into disrepute.

Ditto if he cites the numerous Islamic texts that confirm Mohammad had sex with a nine year old girl. Or that show this girl’s job was to clean his semen from his clothes before he went off to thank Allah for all his wives.

And if a soldier, fresh from battle in Afghanistan, expresses unhappiness when Muslim hordes go on a rampage through the largest city in this nation, he will be disciplined.

Intelligence officers are not even allowed to make assessments that there is a link between Islamic beliefs and violence.

Obviously, the message hasn’t got through to everyone yet. So last week some bright spark at the Defence Security Agency issued a warning to soldiers that they refrain from wearing their uniform in public, lest some Jihadi hack their head off with a machete and parade around Australian streets with it.

But the warning was soon rescinded.

However, regardless of whether the warning was sent or rescinded, there is one reality. Soldiers have been and continue to be targeted by Muslims, driven by their Islamic ideology. And their families are not off limits either. And when one is brutally murdered, no one will be surprised. Except to comment that they don’t know why it didn’t happen earlier.

Despite this, the message from Defence is loud and clear. Islam is to be protected and respected. No member is allowed to hold a view critical of this aggressive religion.

The military brass will even afford Islam more honour and respect than Christianity. So Australian soldiers are encouraged to join in parades that mock Jesus Christ, while prohibited from questioning the murderous and perverted life of Mohammad.

In fact, I am being discharged from service for talking about Islam. For pointing out the links between it and violence.

I have served this country and this Army proudly for 15 years. The current situation is an absolute insult to my family and I, as well as the 39 Australians who have died in Afghanistan. It is a betrayal of the many hundreds of thousands of men who have fought, died or been wounded for Australia.

So I don’t need to explain myself and my actions to Lieutenant General Morrison.

He is the one that has the explaining to do.

Why won’t he address the issue of Islamic violence?

Why is he prepared to see Aussie soldiers die in Afghanistan while Muslims migrate in ever larger numbers to Australia?

Why is he allowing Australian soldiers to build mosques?

Why won’t he ‘fess up and tell us all why he is so brave when it comes to offending Christianity but so timid in the face of Islamic ideology?

Unfortunately, I suspect this general will not answer these questions because he is a coward. He has already submitted himself as a slave of Islam.

And with that, I’ll leave you with some images that depict the true state of religious tolerance in the Australian Defence Force.

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  1. 1 Philip B (Sydney)

    Great Article

    This is why Rise Up Australia members must win seats in the Parliament, before it’s too late.

    WE ARE ON A SLIPPERY SLOPE and the Speed of degradation of our society and Institutions is increasing.

    Political Correctness is more important than TRUTH.

    Philip B

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