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Teresa Neumann (Apr 26, 2013)

Amanda Thatcher’s much heralded reading from Ephesians at her grandmother’s funeral is due to the fact that “she knows God” and “has a mother who loves the Lord.”

(The U.K.) – Margaret Thatcher’s granddaughter, Amanda Thatcher, who was raised in the United States, wowed churchgoers at her grandmother’s funeral when she eloquently read from the book of Ephesians (click here to see video).

“Flawless!” gushed funeral attendants of the poised 19-year-old student, no doubt surprised that an American could be as articulate as their British counterparts. (Photo: NY Daily News)

Now, as revealed by Amanda’s mother, Diane Beckett – daughter-in-law of the late Prime Minister – not only is confidence, presence and articulation “in the blood,” it’s also a product of faith.

An article in The Telegraph details how Amanda Thatcher met and married Margaret Thatcher’s son Mark, whom she met in Texas in 1986 and later divorced. Today, Amanda is married to publishing magnate, James Beckett. According to the report, their family’s belief in God is the “bedrock of their life.”

Addressing the stereotype of Evangelical Christians, Beckett explains that what it really means is, “that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not about belonging to a denomination. It is about realizing that we need a Savior because we are sinners. That informs how you are and everything you do.”

Adryana Boyne, a close friend of the Becketts had this to say: “We are both strongly pro-life and hold that abortion is not an option… Amanda [her daughter] made an impact [at the funeral] because she read with conviction. She knows God, and that is because she has a mother who loves the Lord.”

Source: Peter Stanford – The Telegraph, U.K

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