Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

I am sure we all have seen what seemed to be very much like a soap opera play out in Parliament over the past 3 years.

Ever since Kevin Rudd was removed from office as PM, oh what drama it has been.  At least in the West, we do not knife people with a real knife.  However, sometimes a knife called the tongue can be much more painful and the wounds can fester into a place of offence, bitterness and anger.

Well, this is what our nation has unfortunately experienced over the past 3 years and the worst of it all is that what we have all witnessed is a real life drama (not unlike a TV series such as “Days of our Lives”) played out on TV between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

Well, many say that it is now finally over.  Really??  I don’t think so.

The main players are still on stage, including Bill Shorten and Kevin Rudd.  Just hold it, there very well could be two more actors joining the drama, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull.

A while ago in 2007 we had John Howard and Peter Costello.  At least, these two men had more morals and character. While it too was a drama, the series was very short lived as the actors were clever enough to withdraw from the stage quickly.

What concerns me most is the next generation. I have been talking to many young people who comment that they are completely put off from going into politics and they are totally disgusted with what has been going on, and rightfully so.  One needs to ask, when are these politicians going to start showing some respect for each other and put the nation before their personal ambitions and agendas?

Soon there will be an election, in Aug, Sep, Oct or Nov????  Who knows whether these leaders are thinking of the country or themselves once again?  While this drama continues, small time business owners are the worst affected and many have started to shut down. Do the politicians care about their loss and pain? They are causing so much uncertainty that people do not want to invest in new businesses when an election is announced with an 8 month lead time.

Now for the million dollar question! If Tony Abbott wins at this coming election, will he lead Australia for the next three years?? Or will he be knifed in the back by Malcolm Turnbull???  If Rudd wins this election, will Bill Shorten knife him?? One thing is for sure.  It is time for the old guard to be changed. What we all don’t want is another three years of blood spilling, where the nation suffers because of bad leaders.

If you don’t want the drama in Parliament to continue beyond this election, you can make your voice known by voting #1 Rise Up Australia Party and we assure you that we will fight to keep Australia Australian.  We will be your voice in Parliament and we will do our best to bring back respect and honour into Parliament.

Give us a chance and help us get the balance of power in the Senate, and you could very well see the back of the Greens.  A close contest in elections is good for the country, as absolute power corrupts absolutely with politicians doing whatever they want to do because they have the majority.

If you vote Rise Up Australia Party, we will bring a good balance in Federal Parliament and steer the ship back in the right direction.

May God Bless Australia,

Daniel Nalliah

National President

13 Responses to “Media Release: Congradulations Kevin, Watch Your Back, Billy is Around / By Daniel Nalliah President of RUAP”

  1. 1 Irwin

    Well put!


  2. 2 Geoff & Daphne

    Thanks for this one Ps Danny.

    We are sure praying and thinking of you blokes and girls, and may I encourage you to always focus on being faithful servants of the Lord and allow Him to secure the results that He wants. Keep in mind that His timing is the best and not always (or not often) in line with our timing.

    To Him be the Glory. Why? Because great things He has done, is doing, and will do, through His people like you.

    Geoff & Daphne

  3. 3 Ann

    Thank you Pastor Daniel, keep up the good work. Should Cindy Jacobs Prophecy of 2004 come into being , that there would be a God appointed Government over Australia and that the whole world will sit up and take notice. My prayer is that” Rise Up Australia Party”, will be that Government. We do need to pray as never before that the Body of Christ will not be deceived as they were in the 2007 when Kevin Rudd was elected as Prime Minister and confessing that He was a Christian, I do realise that only God sees the heart of man, but I am aware that the word also says” that by the fruits you shall know them”. We need to pray that not only the Church be very discerning and have wisdom , but also the people of Australia.

    Blessings Ann.

  4. 4 Heather

    Dear Daniel,
    The last three Prime Ministers have not been elected by the people of Australia. Caucus elected Julia, three independants elected Julia again, now caucus has elected Kevin. When will we get a chance?

  5. 5 Dot


  6. 6 Florianne

    Dear Ps. Nalliah,

    My family had always been in Politics since I was in my mother’s womb. The President of the National Party (Philippines) Senator Jose Roy is my Uncle. Another Uncle with many years of experience in Government, Senator Jovito Salonga (Lawyer) was also in Politics for many years. Senator Roy nominated President Ferdinand Marcos to be the candidate for President. During his time in office, the President was constantly surrounded by ambitious forces who want to take over the seat of Government. His wife, the Aide the camp, the Chief of the Armed Forces, the Airforce, the dissatisfied Colonels in the Military, the Navy, the Leaders of different Labor Unions, the rebels in the mountains called the New People’s Army (their ideology is based on radical red army maoist cult), the Chinese communists business group from Hongkong and China, American business interest and investments in the Philippines, the Russians, Australians, the Japanese business interests, Korean business , Indonesian business, Malaysian business, Brunei, the Muslims , they wanted Mindanao which is the richest island in the Philippines, full of gold, natural resources, healthy volcanic soil, perfect agricultural land, this is where America gets their supply of canned pineapples, bananas, mangoes, grated coconut and coconut juice, fibre, and many others, to be an autonomous region), some religious Pastors, Preachers, Religious organizations, non profit organizations, charity organizations, also wanted political influence in the Government (Jehovah’s witness, 7 Day Adventists, Baptists, Pentecostals from America, especially those who have already established offices in the Philippines, and even the Catholic Jesuits and nuns who own many convents, schools, student dormitories, bookstores where they sell their statues, banking institutions, other businesses). The Vatican owns many lands and businesses in the Philippines (no tax). America used to own two Military base in the Philippines (also no tax). And you wonder why the Philippines is poor???

    After 4 years of good government, the Philippine currency was the highest and strongest in Asia and the Philippines was the richest country in Asia, and President Marcos became the envy of all Asian leaders. They all came to visit the Philippines and consulted our President for advice. As a result, President Marcos was re elected and he stayed in office for another 4 years. As years went by, greed slowly sneaked in, and the people became dissatisfied because of corruption (Government officials protecting their own self- interests). Labor strikes, anarchy, and pockets of revolutionary movements began to appear everywhere. They wanted an early election, but election never happened.

    In order to protect the nation from so called “Communists and Muslim” takeover, President Marcos declared Martial law. After 20 years, the purpose of martial law (to protect our country and it’s people’s sovereignthy), was set aside. Another spirit took over, it is called “Dictatorship” . For this reason, the people went out in the streets to protest against Government and Military aggression and oppression. During the People Power revolution , Uncle (Senator Salonga) and an Auntie who is a political Lawyer, (US citizen) founded Cory Aquino for President Movement. She was Senator Ninoy Aquino’s private secretary, and later became private secretary for President Aquino. I was one of the 50 ladies (her inner core) during the election campaign. My job was to visit all the Embassies for support.

    I have learned that what people want to hear is not political issues, but policies for good government. Politicians need to be a leader for all, in other words neutral not radical. The word “product” is not an appropriate language especially in the Diplomatic community. Party policies and principles is not a product. A product has no value. Political issues is not a product. It affects lives. Moral values is about righteous living. What seems to be “politically correct” could actually be morally wrong. What are the social issues vs. policies. People (families/business/church/etc), are interested in a safety environment, food on the table, biblical based form of education, and job security. To achieve this, people are looking around for Political candidates who believe in God, he must come from good family upbringing, he must not have a devisive tongue, but rather promote unity, peace and harmony in the land. He must be approachable and be willing to listen to the people.

    God bless you heaps,

  7. 7 A Felcher


  8. 8 Phil B (Sydney)

    Well written Daniel Nalliah,

    As reported by Patrick Lion – News Limited in May 2013 “AUSTRALIA faces at least a decade of debt until the billions in borrowings under Labor can be wiped from the Budget books, according to economists.”

    “The Howard government took 10 years to pay down the $96 billion net debt inherited from Labor in 1996.”

    Regrettably after 6 years of Rudd and Gillard our “total gross national debt blew out to $271 billion in May 2013 according to the Australian Office of Financial Management.” This means every man women and child in Australia now owes $12,000 plus personal, credit and home loan debt.

    If Rudd keeps spending the way his Labor Government has done and is returned to power, in 3 years time total gross national debt stand could skyrocket to over $400 Billion. This starts to get really scary. Not once in 6 years under Wayne Swan was a budget surplus achieved depite a promised recent surplus. Don’t expect any surplus from a Labor Government for the next 4 years under any Labor treasurer no matter what they or PM Kevin Rudd may say.

    This is serious problem for Labor and must be considered for those who want again to vote for the egocentric Kevin Rudd.

    When the former Future Fund head David Murray said in October 2102 that Australia’s dependence on the rest of the world for trade and capital financing makes it “easily possible” to follow the path of debt-laden European nations, it’s time to get very concerned.

    Rudd is an excellent communicator but he has been an exceptionally poor and dreadful Prime Minister. Australians should ask themselves what have we actually got from all this DEBT.

    It’s very easy for a Prime Minister to spend and spend and spend like there is no tomorrow BUT at the end of the day Australians will have to pay. This means Higher and Higher Taxes making it more and more difficult for small business men to survive. In addition, Cost of living expenses will continue to climb for every Australian. Employment opportunities become more and more sparse. Businesses go bust. Aussies lose their jobs and can’t afford their mortgage repayments. Business move overseas and Jobs go overseas never to return. This is happening already. How many call centres are Australian based?

    I hope Australians are clever enough not to be taken in again by the charismatic talker Kevin Rudd. Liberals have a record of significantly better financial management. Mr Hockey has said that “the Coalition would look to stabilise debt in its first term and over the medium term reduce gross debt as a percentage of GDP.”

    Please all readers in the next election PUT LABOR LAST to protect our Nation and it’s future and VOTE 1 for Rise Up Australia for the Senate.


    Phil Brooks BE (1) MBA

  9. 9 Stuart Bryant


    We look at essentially a leadership which is self centered. Both the opposition and the government are focused on self rather than the nation. There is no vision and there is no strength of character. They crave power and recognition but this is folly.
    Where is our nation going? I believe strongly that it will descend deeper and deeper into depravity. It has set a course that it cannot change. There is no such thing as morality other than what is right at the time. Of course what is right at the time always changes. The cost to our nation will be huge. Broken families and children who despise their parents. Crime and violence will increase and judgement will come upon our nation. Disasters will come and we will blame everything but ourselves. Disease that has long since been wiped out in our nation will return and will not be controllable.
    What is the churches response?
    If the church continues on its current course, it will close its doors and hide thinking that Christ will return and bring it relief from the worlds wickedness. In fact if the church chooses this course it will suffer the fate of the foolish virgins who where shut out of the banquet. The sin of this world has already corrupted the church and it has become self centered and either seeking recognition or seeking after those who have been recognized. Again this is folly.
    If the church chooses the path that God really wants them to travel on then it must raise up a standard. It should not be ashamed of the requirements of God’s word. It is time to break the salt jars.
    it is time to stop pouring all of our resources, money and time into establishing something that is shut off from the world. All it has given us is idols. Most of our church struggles in its relationship with God because it relies on its leaders to do it for them. We hear about God from our leaders. We rely on our musicians rather than worshiping God in spirit in truth.
    We are either going to choose to take our faith to our nation or we will be given no choice. It is time for those who call upon the name of Christ to show the courage of Christ and share our faith, our hope and our morality to the world. If we are too ashamed
    to stand up for Christs name then how can we expect Christ to stand up for us. Are we going to be weeds or wheat?
    The path of God can be difficult but the reward is great. Do not cheapen the sacrifice of Christ by accepting it and then waiting for Christ to return. Our salvation cost someone their time and their pride. We need to stand up and give this for someone else.
    The word comes to me that if the people will not praise Christ the God will raise up the stones. If we will not serve Christ then God will raise someone else up. If we who are grafted in the vine do not produce fruit, will not the gardener cut us off and graft another branch in that will.
    It is time to be salt. It is time to bear fruit. It is time to bring the hope of Christ to our nation. There is only one way to change our government and that is from the ground up. We need to transform our communities. In a democracy governments are elected. If we change our communities then our governments have no choice but to do what is right least they be cast out at the next election.

    God Bless

  10. 10 Angela

    Hi Ps Danny,
    I’m from Fire and Rain in Rosebud. The one question I have is, “when are you going to go on television with your policies. I have tried to tell a lot of people about your party, but because to the majority listen to the news on tv, they say they haven’t a clue about who you are or what you stand for. I ran a cafe in Pakenham at the stock exchange for a while and there is a lot of disgruntled farmers, but they again don’t know who you are. I hope you do make an appearance on tv before the election as this country is on a downhill slide.
    God bless you, your party and Australia

  11. 11 Jan

    I am only just getting to emails. I have been away. How I thank God for Danny`s standing his ground. Praise God. A man aware of what the Holy Spirit is saying. Praise God. May God protect him as he stands against the Muslims belief, but still shows for them. I believe that for sure. For sure. Praise God. Love, Jan

  12. 12 Jan.

    Amen to Danny Nahlia being in parliament. God bless him and use him mightily. Jan.

  13. 13 Phil B (Sydney)

    Dear Catch the Fire Team

    Rest Assured
    We pray daily for the Rise Up Australia Party.

    We really hope and pray that at a bare minimum RUA Party can at least get Pastor Daniel Naliiah into the Senate. God Bless this party. If the Greens get control of the Senate again we will have another 3 years of terrible Government that will drag Australia backwards.

    I do hope Australians will wake up and vote 1 for Rise Up Australia Party.

    We cannot afford to waste another 3 years with the Godless Greens party setting the agenda, putting the Country in reverse. Enough jobs have been lost thanks to the Carbon Tax and high electricity prices.

    Phil (Sydney)

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