Dear friends,

Last Friday at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre at the River of Life Conference, Rise Up Australia Party had a stall to promote the RUA Party Policy Principles and Values. The stall was open from 8am to 8pm.  A few thousand people attended this Conference in the City of Melbourne.

More than one thousand people received our brochures and many visited the RUA Party stall in order to find out more about the Party. Most people who came to the stall were very excited and said that they will definitely vote #1 RUA Party on 14th September. Some even took membership.

The National President and Lead Senate Candidate for Victoria, Daniel Nalliah of RUA Party, attended the conference along with his wife on Friday evening. Present at the stall was also the #2 Senate Candidate for Victoria, Rosalie Crestani, RUA State President Yvonne Gentle and several others from RUA Party.

Daniel Nalliah stated, “I believe the River of Life Conference was a great success. Personally, myself and my wife very much appreciated the special guest speaker Dr David Yonggi Cho from South Korea. He was so down to earth and simple. His speech was very encouraging and challenging. I am sure the thousands of people gathered were greatly impacted.

It was so nice to talk to so many people after the sessions at our stall. Many are very frustrated with our current government and are looking for change.  RUA Party was very well received and many stated ‘Oh, finally a breath of fresh air.’ Yes it is!”

We would like to encourage you to tell all your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and all others everywhere to VOTE # 1 Rise Up Australia Party on Sep 14th – to Keep Australia Australian.

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  1. 1 Sharon

    So encouraging news & brilliant that RUAP had a stall which was well received. Praying that Candidates get good exposure and at least 1 or more seats in the Senate after the election.

    So pleased for you.


    Sharon (Wollongong)

  2. 2 Ray

    Hello at Catch The Fire,

    May I ask if you would please uphold me in prayer?

    I spoke briefly with Pastor Daniel when he was in Geraldton about Chemical Spraying in Australia.

    I’m meeting with a W.A. member of State Parliament Tuesday of next week about the above.

    Fortunately he is a Christian.

    Would you please pray for protection for my family and myself.

    That the MP would also be protected, and that GOD would minister to him and give him peace.

    Also, that what I would like to share, is factual and what our GOD would have me to do so.

    That GOD would show us how we are to tackle this spraying.

    I know there is timing involved in sharing news with others and I would not like to do so if this is not HIS timing.

    Please continue to direct our monthly tithing to where ever you feel led.

    What an absolute honour and blessing it is to know our Creator GOD, and that HE has a plan for each and everyone of us.
    That HE has also given us the right to choose whether to follow HIS way or not.
    I choose HIS way.


    GOD Bless


  3. 3 Ps Ruth

    Dear Danny,

    This is from Ps Ruth and Trevor in Rutherglen (you may remember us as related to Susan and Chris from Melbourne).

    We are very concerned about the ramifications of AGENDA 21 which is taking over at local government level worldwide from what we are seeing.

    Here is a detailed analysis of this for your information – I hope you take it on board and use it in your political campaign.

    One of the emerging facts coming out now from this is that at the local council level the possession and growing of non-genetically modified seeds for food production is being prosecuted as illegal.

    It sounds so unbelievable….. but already occurring in some countries.

    We have already heard Agenda 21 being quoted in Australia…….. there was a whole conference on this a few years ago in South America BTW

    One SA politician has made a youtube video to expose truth about some aspects of this.

    It is a serious invasion into our Australian way of life by elite/NWO etc forces.

    I know if Australians become aware they will not like what they see with this.


    There is also this from my nephew known as ‘Topher’ on youtube – I recently was at your meeting with Lord Christopher Monckton in Werribee after which we stayed with him and I cooked his meals while with Gordon Alderson in Geelong. I introduced him to my nephew Christopher who is working with LCM on this project to debunk the global warming myths.

    Please get this out……

    May God bless you and give you strength to fight this good fight!

    Ps Ruth

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