Dear friends and family in Christ,

The RUAP Campaign Meetings in Toowoomba, Bongeen & Sunshine Coast in QLD were a great success.

People from all walks of life attended the meetings, were greatly impacted and challenged by Pr Daniel’s message to protect Australia and ‘Keep it Australian’.

What makes Australia great is its Judeo-Christian heritage.

With political correctness taking away our basic freedoms, previously stating that ‘Jesus is the only way to heaven’ could have gotten you into prison, if not for the court battle Pr Daniel fought for 5 years, which restored freedom of speech and the right to witness and declare that ‘Jesus is the only way to heaven’.

All across Australia people heard about the court case which has become a real blessing in disguise, as many now know Pr Daniel, which has helped greatly in the fight to take back Australia for Jesus.

People were so very excited at the meetings. Many young people who attended the meetings in Bongeen were first time voters. Many of them stated that they will vote for RUAP.

On Sunday at the church services we thank God the power of the Holy Spirit touched many lives at the church of Christ Church and an AOG Church.

Pr Daniel stated, “It is the presence of God that makes the difference.

It is so good to minister when the presence God is in the place. I thank and praise God for touching many lives on this trip. Some people will never ever be the same again.”

You may click the following link to listen to a Pr Daniel recent interview on ABC Southern QLD Radio regarding RUAP.

5 Responses to “QLD RUAP Campaign Tour & ABC Interview”

  1. 1 Trevor, Jeannie and Jeremy

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Jeannie, Jeremy and I (Trevor), just want to say how overwhelmed we were with your vision, passion, and energy for the Lord Jesus and this nation. We were honoured to have you come and share with this church at Bongeen Q, so far from home. Your preaching is inspiring along with your life on this earth. We hope this encourages you and be assured we will most certainly be praying for you not only in your ministry but in your political aspirations.
    We earnestly pray for real success in this upcoming election. May God bless you richly and abundantly.

    Your friends in Christ,

    Trevor, Jeannie and Jeremy,
    Millmerran, QLD

  2. 2 Theresa


    Thank you Pr Daniel.

    My husband and myself have a sign on our cars quoting John 14:6.

    I also have it printed on my bag that I take every where.

    We love Jesus so much and want to share with everyone what he did for us and continues to do for us.

    Who knows someone whom needs him might see it and reach out to him.

    I pray they do.

    Praise our glorious Lord Jesus! :)

    For Jesus’s glory,


  3. 3 Ray

    Hello at Catch The Fire,

    Thank you for the covering prayer for my visit yesterday to the W.A. M.P.

    He was very receptive to my news re Chemical Spraying.

    Also, I am an old bushie and not used to driving in City traffic.

    I prayed for GOD’s help and peace to be with me, as the meeting was at Parliament House, Perth.

    Sometimes it was so peaceful in the traffic that it was like being a passenger rather than the driver and only one in the car.

    Our GOD is so good.

    Bless you all.


  4. 4 Barb

    Good Morning RUAP

    It never ceases to amaze how awesome our God is, and that because Ms Gillard has given everyone notice, months ahead of time, that your party has months to get out there to spread the Word and the message of RUAP, instead of having the usual 6 weeks pre election campaign. We continue to uphold you in prayer, because this nation so desperately needs God fearing people in government. God bless you all. Barb

  5. 5 Bruce

    It is interesting but not surprising that excuses are put forward for the two Muslims and accepted. after all they are Muslims who are following the Koran correctly.

    The so called Moderate Muslims would be shaking their heads as they do not have the numbers nation wide to carry out their full agenda.

    Sadly nothing will change other than more individuals will follow suite Including anarchists who will give balance to the followers of Islam A crack has opened in the legal protocol and supported by the Magistrates. Next will be changes to our legalities to make room for


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