Dear friends & family in Christ,

1) You may click the photos on the left and right to read a newspaper article from Serenidib News (Sri Lanka Newspaper in Australia) regarding RUAP with a photo of Pr Daniel on the front page.

*Pr Daniel will be speaking at Rise Up Australia Party Campaign Meetings in Sydney (Blacktown) at 7pm Friday 31st May and a Community Leaders & Guests Breakfast at 7:30am Saturday 1st June at the RSL Blacktown Club on Second Ave.

Please note that the Breakfast is open for all who would like to come.  Please RSVP for the Breakfast by 27th May by calling David on 0400 959 678 or Norm on 0425 229 154.

*RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah will also be speaking at a RUAP Campaign Meeting at 7pm Saturday 1st at 2 Jacaranda Avenue in Raymond Terrace.

You may click the following links to download the brochures (with contact details) for printing and distribution amongst your family & friends.

*He will also be speaking at a RUAP Campaign Meeting in Wollongong at 6pm Sunday 2nd June the Chifley Hotel 60-62 Harbour St Wollongong (opposite Win Stadium).

You may click the following link to download the brochure (with contact details) for printing and distribution amongst your family & friends.

*He will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and sharing about RUAP at a Holy Spirit Revival Meeting at 9:30am Sunday 2nd June at Living Hope Christian Fellowship at 33 Hope St Blaxland.

Please encourage your family, friends, neighbours and others in the Sydney, Newcastle & Woolongong areas to attend all these very significant meetings.


3 Responses to “More Media Coverage for RUAP / Pr Daniel & Rise Up Australia Party Campaign in Sydney, Newcastle & Wollongong, NSW on 31 May – 2 June”

  1. 1 Bruce

    Dear Coalition Member of Parliament,

    I have just heard of the compromise that an Islamic follower forced on our legal system. Might be a small step but a precedent non the less.

    An arrested rioter forced his views on a magistrate in Sydney and was rewarded for his contempt by the Magistrate accommodating his bad behaviour. One of the many steps that are forcing this great country of ours down the slippery slope of Shari law.
    Islam and Shari laws are not compatible with our multicultural society nor constitution.

    A strong stand must be made to protect our society by you our elected representatives.

    How pathetic that the Magistrate accommodated this criminal. One rule for Islamists and another for the majority of Australians.

    Please ensure our law makers do not change our “Australian culture” so that Islam is by stealth accommodated in our courts.

    The culture of Muslim followers must be defined and how it will fit into our Multicultural society by those professing allegiance to our constitution and Islam.

    I look forward to your comments as it will certainly influence my Tamworth vote. And please do not insult my intelligence with a politically correct response.


  2. 2 Cathy

    I’m encouraged and blessed with your testimonies and the word of the Lord, and wondered if I could be on your mailing list.
    The Lord Bless you all!!

  3. 3 Rob

    Hi, Something needs to be done about this, it has started, as on Sunrise this morning, an elderly lady in Qld had an a/c emptied out by the Gov’t because she had it building up for her funeral expenses for more than 3 years, $50,000 is a lot of money, especially to an elderly person, there needs to be media coverage of this to show people the true side of our Gov’t. Rob.

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