Dear friends & family in Christ,

1) The City of Casey Council had a special dinner to honour all Community Leaders, including Pr Daniel and his wife Maryse, who were amongst them.

Pr Daniel stated, “I was very pleased to be invited given all the challenges we had regarding the Mosque. It was so nice talking to the Mayor and the others. It was a very nice evening and we really enjoyed our time talking to many people.”

2) You may click the following link to listen to an interview with Walid Shoebat, another former Palestinian terrorist, regarding the recent Islamic beheading of a British Soldier in the UK.

2 Responses to “Pr Daniel at City of Casey Council Dinner honoring Community Leaders / Walid Shoebat on Islamic beheading in UK”

  1. 1 Sharon

    Thank you for the superb radio link to Walid Shoebat’s interview in USA on “The Right Scoop”. I found Walid’s comments about the recent London butcher attack on the young soldier, Obama’s family associations with Islam, the wrongful tax exempt status being used in the US (501CC) to help fund Obama’s half brother (Nalik ?) leading into Al Qaeda operations, the fact that Walid left Islam for Christianity & that he believes Obama is a Muslim, are refreshingly open, honest and backed up with his past experience, knowledge and evidence gained about Muslim terrorism and Jihadism.
    Obama is a Muslim, but says he’s a Christian. There’s no real evidence of Christ in Obama’s life. He quotes the Bible but then speaks lovingly about his Muslim upbringing, especially when he spoke in Egypt in June a few years ago to a target audience of Muslims. Obama is using what many Muslims do i.e. “Al-taqiuua” which allows Muslims to disguise their Islamic faith to avoid persecution. For Obama, he’s hiding behind Christianity for political votes to avoid people knowing the truth about his real religion, which is Islam.
    Obama has also been wanting to change US law to make it easier for Muslims to give directly their “Zakat” or almsgiving. If this law is passed, then identities and bank details of US Muslims will be known which would be useful for targeeting to get votes but also to put pressure on these people to give their required obligatory pillar of Islam. More money will therefore be raised and hence passed onto for Islamic propaganda and ultimately discreetly for Muslim terrorism.
    Truthful free speech helps to combat the weakness of “political correctness” that so many people & media hide behind especially when misusing the word “intolerant”. People should visit Walid’s own website – and check out his evidence especially Arab media confirming Obama’s relatives and associations with radical Islam.
    The only peace for the world is from the “Prince of peace” – Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. With Bible correctness, He’s coming back (Matthew 24 &
    YIC, Sharon

  2. 2 Weson Ribig

    Wakes up my fellow Americans brothers and sisters in Jesus, see the truth. Don’t be misled by certain sweet spoken people who always rejects the teaching of Jesus christ. I pray that the Holy spirit will touch barrack obama deep in the heart. Lord Jesus christ, i pray that you give more visions and dreams to the muslims including barrack obama.

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