Dear family & friends in Christ,

We thank and praise God for a great weekend for CTFM & RUAP in Wagga & Albury, NSW.

Pr Daniel & team spoke at a RUAP campaign meeting in Wagga on Friday night, a Breakfast and another campaign meeting in Albury on Saturday night.

Following is a very interesting comment that was made by a gentleman after the Breakfast. ”Firstly, I am not a political person , not by a long shot. But I would like to commend you Daniel  on your stance. It is a long time since we have seen any leadership in this country. Personally, I’d have to say I thought Australia as the majority of us have known it, was finished! No hope. But now I can see some light in the darkness. This nation has been sold out. I reckon your party and your own guts give an old Aussie digger like me some hope …I’ve got kids and grandkids. And we’ll be praying for you. Australia may not be finished yet!”

On Sunday Pr Daniel preached at the AM & PM services at Albury Church of Christ.

Those who attended the meetings were greatly touched and challenged to  take a stand to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage and to ‘keep Australia Australian’ for generations to come.

We thank God for very positive media coverage before and after the meetings. You may click the following links to read two more newspaper articles from Wagga & Albury that appeared today Monday the 6th May.

Pr Daniel stated, “ It was so great to introduce our Lower House Candidates, Kim Heath for the seat of Riverina, & Narelle Davis for the seat of Farrer. They are both two outstanding candidates. Kim is a School Teacher and Narelle is a Nurse. They both love Australia and are very passionate to do their best to help people in their community.

It was also my joy to introduce our #1 Senate Candidate for NSW, Mike Bloomfield, who runs a very successful IT business. Having these candidates present at the meeting was so great as the people had the opportunity to talk to them one on one. Also the media who were at the meetings had the opportunity to interview them too.

I pray and believe with all my heart, with God’s grace, that Rise Up Australia Party will make a big difference in the upcoming Federal Election in September.”

The Sunday services were great as people were mightily touched by the power of God through the moving of the Holy Spirit. Pr Daniel spoke on the importance of having a habitation with God and not just visitation.

2) For those of you in the Melbourne area, Pr Daniel will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and praying for people this Sunday 12th May on Mother’s Day at both the 9.30am & 6.30pm services at CTFM at 23 Melverton Dr in Hallam.

3 Responses to “Great campaign meetings and ministry in Wagga & Albury, NSW”

  1. 1 Sharon

    Very encouraging news. Thank u. Keep looking up.

  2. 2 Elizabeth & Keith

    Hi team and Ps Danny ,

    I have never been able to read this book “Possessing The Gates of the Enemy” Cindy Jacobs a Prophet to the Nations but just the last 48 –72 hrs I just happened to pick it up again and started in Chapter 13 Intercessory Praise. Ps Danny I don’t know if you know Cindy & Mike Jacobs but they both have a tremendous ministry particularly Cindy in the Prophetic to the Nations – she
    has President’s/ Prime Ministers/ Ministers in Government etc etc ringing to seek Godly wisdom.

    I am presently just going through this chapter with Praise music from all Christian sources and Prayer particularly using God’s Word for real break through as I was recently made redundant in my position here in Toowoomba – just seeking him on what we do next – where we are to go etc etc

    I have only just glanced and read the Article “Council Approves Mega Mosque”. Ps Danny I read CTFM is contemplating Court action, residents homes up for sale etc PLEASE PLEASE read this book and Chapter 13 particularly pages 166 – 167 a story of how the Oakland Police Department contacted the Shiloh Christian Fellowship in Oakland California and did some real ‘spiritual warfare’ to break the power of criminal activity in a local suburb.

    As this mosque represents a barrier to evangelism to The Kingdom of God – The Lord is not happy with anyone or anything attempting or demonstrating any authority to the salvation of people into The Kingdom of God. I have heard a good story that evangelism was being held up in a community I think it was the island of Hong Kong, it may have been The Philippines but there was a mosque in the area where the local Body of Christ was evangelising and these ladies ask The Lord what to do and He said “ask me to remove it” so they did – next monsoon No more mosque.Then these same ladies went to another area on the island
    and the local mosque was causing problems so again they prayed to The Lord and The Lord said “ ask me to remove finances” so they prayed “Lord please remove finances” eventually no more funding was available for this mosque – next time they looked ‘For Sale’ sign on mosque.

    Ps Danny we never know which way or by what method The Lord will use but I reckon it’s worth a “damn good try”.

    May The Lord bless you all and His Face shine upon you all

    Elizabeth & Keith
    Rangeville, QLD

  3. 3 Norm

    I don’t want Islam here; one cannot trust them, they always seem to want to take over the world, it’s a false religion and always will; they cause nothing but anarchy were ever they go; they don’t except Jesus Christ as Lord and Savoir.


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