Dear family & friends in Christ,

Could your personal faith play a part in your Political life?? Should people of faith be involved in Politics?? This is a very interesting question.

Very often, you hear the statement, “Church and State should stay separate. Christians should not be involved in Politics.”

May I humbly ask you a question, “How many times in the past year have you said something or complained about our Government?? When did you last do something to help the Government or the Nation??”

Whether you like it or not, Faith plays a major role in Politics.  Even the Atheists cannot deny that their Faith that there is no God, very much moulds their world view on everything they do. One of the greatest lies that we in the Church have accepted is that ‘Church and State should not come together’, based on a misinterpreted statement of a speech, completely taken out of context, made by Thomas Jefferson, one of the first US Presidents.

Following is a link to a short video of an absolutely fantastic speech by former US President Ronald Regan. It is a must watch as it will definitely challenge you and make you want to get involved in the Political life of the Nation you live in.

Cindy Jacobs, a great woman of God from the US, made the following statement in her book ‘Reformation Manifesto’.

She stated, “’This gospel of the Kingdom will be preached Mathew 24:14’ echoed in my spirit as I read this. For my whole adult life I had thought that we would preach the gospel of salvation to all the world, and when everyone had heard, Jesus would return, but this is not what scripture says.

It says, we should preach the good news of the kingdom of heaven. In other words, it is not so much about answered altar calls as it is about inducting people into a new government. God’s Kingdom on earth. This gives me a much bigger responsibility for the world than I had previously understood.”

Mathew 6:9-13 (Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on EARTH as it is in heaven)

One of the greatest mistakes we can ever make as Christians is to stay away from public life and Politics, lock ourselves into holy huddles every Sunday, and then complain about any and everything.

Are we a part of the problem?? or are we a part of the solution?? I will let you answer.

The once Christian West is very rapidly losing its identity, but thank God He has preserved a remnant of people who will stand up and take the fight right into the enemy’s (devil) territory and take back what he has stolen from us.

May I plead and challenge all Christians to get real pro-active this Election and take a stand for our Nation. If less than 2% of Muslims and less than 2% of Gays can have such a loud voice in our Nation, how much louder can and should be the voice of the Church of Jesus Christ?

According to the last census, more than 60% in Australia stated that they were Christian.

RISE UP AUSTRALIA and take your stand to protect Australia and keep it Australian for our Sons, Daughters, Grand Children and Generations to come…

May God Bless You Abundantly,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

(RUAP National President & Lead Senate Candidate for Vic)


15 Responses to “Does your Faith play a part in Politics??? By Pr Daniel / A great quote from Cindy Jacobs / Fantastic message from former US President Regan”

  1. 1 Dee

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    Thank you. This is an excellent call to action and just exactly what the Spirit is saying to the churches right now. How can we pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come’ when we are not being a part of His Kingdom coming on earth? There is a great awakening coming. The time is now.

  2. 2 J

    Thank you for this. Yes we do agree. We write to the media about many issues, politicians and non Christian views. We heard Mr Jim Wallace from Canberra speak at our Easter convention and he urged us to stand up for righteousness and justice. What a sad world we live in.
    Thanks for what you are doing.

  3. 3 Rosalie

    Excellent article.

    With kind regards,

  4. 4 June

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! and I pray that this change is already happening, as the Lord shakes the heavens and the earth and everything in it, especially the church. Amen

  5. 5 Ian

    What a fantastic challenge to all Christians. Keep up the good / God work Danny. Bless you.

    New Member of Rise Up Australia

  6. 6 Anthony


    My name is Anthony and I am in Perth Western Australia, I have looked at your web site and I see how much it reflects the average Aussie’s thoughts on Islam, Muslims and the refugee problem.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the Aboriginal issues as well.

    Another issue I have been pondering for quite a few years now is our legal system, Not only the length of time issues take to get before the courts but also in civil cases where the corporations and people with deep pockets can manipulate laws.

    To the extent that the law only applies for people who can’t afford to take these things on for their own justice simply out of cost.

    I would think that a large number of politicians are solicitors and any change of this area would cost many in this profession a lot of money. By no means am I put all of this profession in one basket however I think a significant influential number would be.

    I look forward to and extreme change in politics in this country and a fair go for all on the same playing field.

    Good luck


  7. 7 Brian

    The notion of separation of church and state is a misunderstood and often used weapon against the idea of the church interfering in our government however the real idea and intent was for the church to have influence over and in the state and for the state to relegate religious matters to the church.

    This was evident in the founding of the Unites States wherein the original 13 states all demanded that only Christians be elected to public office and the same for teaching bodies – Christians only.

    The founding fathers all (even the agnostics) sought to ensure that Christianity was elevated above any earthly body.

    Its a disgrace that Australia has sunk so low as to have an atheist and strong abortion proponent as a prime minister.

    But really we only have ourselves to blame. Many Christians have fallen for the “we shouldn’t have anything to do with politics” line.



  8. 8 Evelyn

    Dear Jason,

    I am preparing my heart for tomorrow night’s prayer meeting in Perth, WA.
    What a privilege and honour.

    It seems like ‘old times’ again, remembering the small beginnings in Albury, NSW
    and my times with you all in Melbourne, (my home town).

    So love what Ps. Daniel stands for and all that this nation needs.

    We will do our best to uphold the great sacrifice he and his family and followers
    have made in this nation over here in the West.

    I count it a real privilege to be a part of the team standing for God’s truth and
    righteousness in this amazing nation of ours.

    What a miraculous God we serve.

    Love and God’s richest blessings to you and family


  9. 9 Stuart

    I just read this word and it witnessed to me very strongly.

    I truly believe this word to be true. Both in the spiritual sense and the physical sense.

    I believe that the world has about three years before it falls into a new world war. It is not hard to see the instability occurring in nations around the globe. China, Islam, America and even far right movements in Europe are gaining a voice. This war will occur because the fruit of this world’s wickedness is ripening and can no longer be tolerated. It is not the church that will judge the world, the world will be released by God and will be used as God’s tool of judgement on itself.

    Though a global war is something that can bring fear to many. This is not what we need to fear. It is time to cleanse ourselves of Adultery, Fornication, unnatural relationships, Gossip, Idol worship (these take many forms. Worshiping leaders, musicians how we do church and many more) slander and lack of mercy and love. If we do not cleanse ourselves we are no better than the world and deserve the same punishment.

    If you think you can ignore the spiritual war, think again. In war those who do not stand and watch are more often the victims of the enemies attacks than the soldiers fighting the war. Many who try to avoid fighting this spiritual war will fall, Many who fight it will be wounded. But all who fight it will find the praise of God. Read the bible and learn of the weapons that God has given you. Be righteous in God’s eyes. Do not seek the praise of men or they will own you. Walk in love always and show compassion to those who appear to be your enemy for they are only captives of the true enemy which is satan and his fallen angels. Islam is not your enemy, nor is the wicked people who promote unnatural relationships. Do not lose focus. Keep your eyes on God and pray without ceasing. Cleanse yourself of unrighteousness because the enemy will use this to pull you down. Show love to all, including to the fallen. Obey God for it is only Him who will save you.

    Stop being children. Learn to be an adult and take responsibility for you own lives. You will stand by yourself when God calls you to give an account and there will be no one to blame. Learn the word of God and use it wisely. Wisdom is from God and no one else.

    Above all learn the path of love for this is God’s path. Do not learn about love from this world but use God’s word to gain understanding of what love is. Be ready and keep focused because if you do not learn to do this now, how will you be able to do this when the storm comes.

    Be ready. God bless

  10. 10 Cheryl

    Dear Pastor Nalliah, I have been getting some emails of yours forwarded on by a friend. I am greatly encouraged by the stand you have been taking and with the wisdom and grace that you answer your critics with. We have been praying for GOD to raise up righteous voices in our Nation and we are seeing it happen – praise GOD. I wonder if I could be added to your email list so that I can pray for you and your ministry and your new party more specifically.I am sorry that I missed your visit to WA. I just didn’t know that you were in Mandurah. Next time I would like to come to hear you. I praise GOD for you and bless you in JESUS mighty Name. Blessings, Cheryl

  11. 11 Florianne

    Hello Ps. Nalliah,

    Thank you very much for your emails. The story of the woman in the Bible who had a bleeding issue for 12 years represents the church of today who would rather depend on doctors of economics, finance, climate change, globalization, political analysts, instead of trusting JESUS. As soon as the woman (church) touched the garment of JESUS, her bleeding stopped immediately. The woman was not a sinner, but she trusted in her own ability to make decisions on what is the best thing to do for herself. She trusted her own resources (money and intelligence to solve her own problem). The result was, she lost all of her money and she remained sick. The church today is bleeding (suffering), not because of sin but because of “self righteousness” (Pastor Joseph Prince).

    I say amen!


  12. 12 Michael

    Hello Daniel, I believe totally in your vision and call of God on your life and was wondering if you might like to send me batch of pamphlets etc to distribute. I have become a member of Rise Up Australia Party.

    Michael, Toowoomba Qld.

  13. 13 Anneliese

    Dear Australian party,

    Thank God Almighty, it is about time we have some real BOLD OUT SPOKEN leadership with the TRUTH as their SOURCE, we must embrace truth in our nation from whatever the angle it may be, I shall be praying for you all. THE LORD BLESS DANIEL NALLIAH AND ALL WHO ARE CONNECTED TO YOU THE LORD KEEP YOU, THE LORD MAKE HIS FACE TO SHINE UPON YOU ALL AND BE GRACIOUS TO YOU ALL THE LORD LIFT UP HIS COUNTENANCE UPON YOU ALL AND ESTABLISH YOU ALL IN SHALOM.


  14. 14 Gordon

    Hi Jason,

    How are you? I am writing this to ask a question which I have felt to ask for some time.

    I wonder if the term “New World Order” has ever been mentioned by Ps. Daniel at Catch The Fire either openly to congregations, rallies etc or privately to the leadership? I have been researching the subject of the clandestine push for One World Government substantially for about 2 years now (Revelation 13). I woud be surprised if Daniel is unaware of the undercurrent of evil working feverishly behind the political “show” that the public sees (mostly in the media) to undermine all forms of democracy to usher in world dominance by a relatively small amount of “elite” people in the near future.

    In my view, it is now so extremely important that he and other representatives of Rise Up Australia be well informed about what is really going on behind the scenes in meetings of politicians, bankers, industrialists, media tycoons etc from all around the world (including Australia). I believe knowing what’s really “up their sleeves” will enable the R.U.A. folks to stand more powerfully against their godless political opponents in the coming days. I am praying that God uses Rise Up Australia to stop the agenda of these ambitious, ruthless, godless politicians in our beautiful Australia. I pray that an outpouring of God’s spirit soon ushers in a revival beyond our wildest dreams! However, it is inevitable that the day will come when The Antichrist, sitting atop the pyramid of temporary world government will ruthlessly rule ( again temporarily) the people of the world. I felt strongly to ask the question of Daniel and C.T.F. regarding the above mentioned subject because it seems to me that so many church leaders are completely uninformed and ignorant about it. If there is not too much understanding among you folk about this, a good place to start is by viewing a you tube video called “Endgame” by Alex Jones, a bold American christian working on radio outside mainstream media to expose the ” elite agenda”. You should also google “Bilderberg”.

    Sincerely yours in the name of The King of all Kings who ultimately will rule forever! Blessed be the name above all names; Jesus Christ.

    Your brother, Gordon

  15. 15 Patricia

    Greetings everyone!

    The Lion of Judah – CTFM Prayer for Israel, Covenant of Fire Operation Genesis is running today till tomorrow evening to pray for Australia’s part in Israel.

    *We are to pray for pastors and believers who love Israel and the Jewish people to take up their positions in the Government. Whether it be the local council or the Lower or Upper Houses of Parliament ie the Senate seats*. All the pastors or apostles are 24/7! And they carry this anointing into government through different official roles in government. Pray for Ps Daniel and his family, and the word given to Ps Daniel in Queensland is that he is like a “Living shofar” for the kingdom of God. Ps Daniel’s gifted pastorial and apostolic anointing of God is applied through his role as a father to his family, in his role as the Senior Pastor of CTFM and now in his role as a the President and senior candidate in the RUAP! Jesus is Lord!

    Rise Up Australia Party is hosting a booth/stand at the River of Life Conference today. Ps David Yonggi Cho, the main speaker with many supporting Australian churches are hosting the event, so there are many Christians who will see the RUAP stand and pray for them to be stirred up by the Spirit of God for the nation of Australia and to aspire to take up positions in Government. Pray for them to come to the stand and speak to the RUAP candidates.

    RUAP is taking visiting Queensland and Tasmania, and many other towns and cities. So pray for all events and locations.

    Read Is 9: 6-7 “The Zeal of the Lord shall perform this”

    God blessxx

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