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April 12, 2013 – Bill Muehlenberg of CultureWatch-

Dear friends

One. We will one day stand before our Lord and give an account of why we frittered away our time in entertainment and pleasure-seeking while our brothers and sisters all over the world were being raped, tortured, imprisoned and killed for their faith. God will not hold us guiltless for this gross negligence:

Two. Tony Abbott has just come out in support of the persecuted Copts in Egypt. Well done Tony:

We all need to write to Tony and encourage him in this, and see that he does more of it. It is actually a bit of a weak statement, but far better than anything Labor is doing so far. Write to him here:

Three. The totalitarians have always insisted on destroying the family and taking children away from their parents. Tragically this mindset is alive and well in the West today:

Four. It may seem like evil has the upper hand, and that the darkness will never end, but God is still on the throne, and no evil will be permanent:

2 Responses to “Such horrific persecution – Bill Muehlenberg of CutureWatch”

  1. 1 Theresa


    Everything Bill Muehlenberg wrote in your email I agree with compleatly.

    My husband and I have been involved with Open Doors (serving persecuted Christians). Open Doors have a world watch list that informs you about what’s going on outside of our comfortable lives here in the land of Aus. Open Doors also have prayer cards and people can also put their names down to go on short term missions to help fellow Christians and fellowship with them.
    I pray for them. I wish I could do more.
    Is there anything more we can do?

    I homeschool my son and my daughter is due to start soon too. I feel for the reasons Bill mentioned that God wanted me to start this.
    I’ve recently received word that God would like me to base the homeschool curriculum on the Bible much more. I’m not sure how to integrate the two yet – please pray for me.

    My son has already told me he loves God more than me! Oddly, this gives me great peace and joy.:-)

    We are currently looking for a church to go to as when we asked our Anglican Church to put a prayer request in for the persecuted Christians they rejected it and said they were not part of our Church. I thought we were all one body with Jesus at the head. We tried to sort it out but to no avail. So we left.

    My husband and I are baptised with spirit and water (full Emerson) we are looking for a church for our children and ourselves. It is turning out to be harder than we thought. Would you have any suggestions? We live in the St Mary’s NSW area.

    My prayers are with you and our fellow Christians.

    God Bless.
    Your sister in Jesus Christ.

  2. 2 Ruth

    Dear Jason,

    You may be interested in this and could you forward it to Bill Muehlenberg, please?

    We had a group of West Papuans at Church last Sunday, accompanied by Rev. Peter who is supporting them. The Indonesians are systematically eliminating them. Yet Australia and the world is silent. They are being tortured, raped, beaten and killed, and I heard that they are being deliberately infected with the HIV virus.

    Their people supported Australia in WW 2, but we have abandoned them.

    Rev Peter, has many more details, and film showing what is happening. (He is a retired Anglican Minister).

    God bless,


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