Dear Friends,

Rise Up Australia Party had a very successful fundraiser dinner in Hallam (Melbourne) Victoria last Friday the 26th of April.

This first time event was to reach out to the demographics of many different ethnic groups living in the local area.

More than 150 Australians attended from many ethnic backgrounds, including Sri Lanka, India, Greek, Italy, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Chinese, Netherlands, France, Egypt, Lebanon, Chile, Great Britain, New Zealand, Malta, Fiji and many others.

They all came together as Aussies to enjoy a delicious Sri Lankan meal called ‘Hopper &  Curry.’ Everyone very much enjoyed the food, fun and entertainment.

Guest Artist & Comedian Ben Price (originally from Canada) performed and had the crowd in fits of laughter.

The evening started off with the Australian National Anthem, followed by the Lord’s Prayer and a couple of speeches by Daniel Nalliah, National President and lead Senate Candidate for Victoria, and Rosalie Crestani,  # 2 Senate Candidate for Victoria.

People were greatly impacted on hearing the policy principles of RUA Party. There were loud shouts and cheers with a lot of clapping. The place was just buzzing with excitement.

Then Yvonne Gentle, the RUAP Vic State President, acknowledged some in the crowd for their valued support, followed by Yasmin Gunasekera, National Campaign Manager, doing the entrance ticket draw.

A Police Officer who attended the dinner stated, “I fully agree with all your policy principles, in particular the ones on Multiculturalism and discipline, as we know what’s really happening in our communities, as we are hands on with this area of work. It’s time that someone took a stand. Thank you for standing up. We support you. You have my vote.”

An 18 year old Sri Lankan Australian told her parents on their way back home, “I don’t like Julia nor Abbott. I was wondering whom to vote for, as this is my first time. Now I know. My vote will go to RUA Party as their policy principles have so much common sense.”

The mother who was so surprised and challenged, called us to communicate this message.

The meeting ended with the RUA Party song which can be listened to on the RUAP website.



2 Responses to “More than 150 people at RUA Party Fundraiser Dinner in Melbourne”

  1. 1 Rosali

    Well done all around!


  2. 2 Kay

    How wonderful to have had 150 people at your dinner and from all those ethnic backgrounds, making up Australia!!
    May the Lord bless and guide you with His great wisdom and love,

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