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15th April 2013

City of Casey Council issued the permit to build a controversial Mosque in Doveton last week, while VCAT had received an application against this development from Catch the Fire Ministries. Who made the major blunder? Is it VCAT or Council??

The controversial mega mosque proposed to be built right next to Catch The Fire Ministries new base in Doveton was approved by the City of Casey Council last month, in spite of more than 2000 petitions against it by local and City of Casey residents.

Community concern was completely overlooked by the Council.

Catch The Fire Ministries lodged an application against the Council’s decision with VCAT on 28th March 2013 (within the 21 day period) and received confirmation from VCAT the same day.

However, in an interesting twist of events last week, the council sent out an email stating that the permit to build the Mosque was granted as VCAT had received no objections.

This morning Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries (also National President of Rise Up Australia Party) stated, “This is a real bizarre chain of events. I wonder who made this major blunder? Is it the Council or VCAT? If it is the VCAT, I wonder whether I could trust the judgements made by VCAT, as this is the second time they have made a huge mistake. I personally find it very hard to have any faith in the VCAT.

If it is the Council, what is the great urgency on the Council’s part to issue this permit to build the Mosque. Is there more to what meets the eye?? One has to wonder??”

We are calling on the Council and VCAT to rectify this great error in judgement ASAP.

MEDIA INQUIRIES Telephone: Daniel Nalliah on (03) 9794 8211

6 Responses to “Council issues Controversial Mosque Permit – VCAT’s Blunder or Council’s?”

  1. 1 John

    Since when is 1600 complaints not an objection!!!!!

  2. 2 Dorothy

    An extraordinary new revelation! One wonders. Nevertheless, is not our God able to carry out His will? “He who is within you is greater than he who is in the world.”

    If our God allows this mosque to go ahead, we may one day see Muslims drawn streaming from the mosque into the CTF building to meet the God who is truly there.

    … or better still transforming their mega mosque into a place of worship to Him who Lives.

    In faith,

  3. 3 Mark Anderson

    I still can’t understand the Muslims wanting to build their mega-mosque on the land formerly used to process about 75% of the pork processed in the whole state of Victoria for over 20 years. Are they not letting their people know? Are they willing to compromise their so-called principles for whatever reason they see fit?

    Of course, I would have no problem taking the land off their hands when they realize what they have done.

  4. 4 Phil

    If a few comments are any value: 1) The ABC from my experience has been a publickly funded arm of the Green Movement. By the grace of God, may you be instrumental in helping it. I managed to listen to Cleary’s effort and must say that anyone who can survive that sort of encounter with his intellect and personality intact is a far better person than I. Is it the land of the lotus eaters where everyone who lands there falls down asleep? Feels like an opium den. I would have tried to wreck the place. The BBC presumably is no better. Religion, the opiate of the masses. Alfred Wallace openly declared that Nature is powered by spirits, T.H. Huxley wrote that Nature could of its own power ‘make leaps’ (he wrote it in latin or something), Darwin was a dropout theologian torn between his clear minded wife and Wallace/Huxley; Al. Gore we now learn from one of the learned commentators (NOT Danny) has something written on his wrist about Jesus (is that what was said?) whilst advocating “science” that by implication contradicts the entire Christian world view whilst spreading fear: and Lin Hatfield Xio Ping or whatever her name is for the Australian Greens is chummy chumming the descendants of murderers and church exterminators over in China, where according to her own fairytales she plans to live because that is where freedom and harmony are to the fore – not here in nasty Australia, where there are malicious hooliganists committing malicious hooliganisms, such as Pr. D.. After China she is moving to Pakistan.

    Lord preserve us from religionists. God save the Queen and save us from eternal slumber, opium religion. If truth is to have a hope in this country, it will be RUA that publishes it.

    2). Quoting from your item about religion in the U.K.: “The ComRes report follows news that a young graphic designer is suing an Essex hotel that refused to hire him on the grounds that he was a Christian and the rest of the hotel staff would not want to interact with him. 24 year-old Jamie Haxby said that Celie Parker, manager Prested Hall country house hotel near Colchester, had left him feeling victimized and persecuted when she told him he could not do advertising work for them because of his beliefs.

    Haxby said he did not bring up his beliefs in the interview, but his portfolio includes work for a number of churches and Christian groups. She said that judging from my work I was clearly a committed Christian, and I understood from what she was saying that it would be very difficult for me to work there, Haxby said.

    I told her I was not the kind of person who would preach at people or make them feel uncomfortable, he told the Daily Mail. Haxby has lodged a complaint with the East London employment tribunal.
    Parker has since denied the charge that she refused Haxby because of his beliefs, saying there are Christians employed by the hotel.”

    No, we won’t be taking on that one. Wisdom of Solomon required. No proof of persecution without more research. Could even be the reverse.

    Which brings up the possibility, does it, that incompetence or simple oversight may somehow be implicated with the mosque business? The judge who oversaw the complaint of vilification against the two Danny’s is on record as being incompetent so far as being unable to read the king’s English.

    Errors happen every day in organizations. Is there an ombudsman or something or someone who may be consulted? Was there a basic error?


  5. 5 Tom Angenent

    It looks a very nice building. My compliments to your architect. :)

  6. 6 Philip

    If that’s the mosque we are looking at, could have the same architect as the TITANIC.

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