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Dear fellow Australians,

This is a million dollar question and a very tricky one.

Can we still love and embrace a Muslim or should we be fearful of them and not have anything to do with them??

Many have asked me this question because of my strong stand against the religion of Islam that  Muslims follow.  When I give them my response, that I genuinely love the Muslim people, they are very often shocked or think that I am not fair-dinkum.

As those of you who surely know by now, I say what I mean and mean what I say. We must understand that a person cannot choose what religion they want to be born into. However, when a person grows older, they can choose whatever religion they want to follow or have no religion at all.

This is the freedom we enjoy in our country Australia.

However, in many cultures around the world, this is not an option. In particular, in Islam (which is culture, religion & law) from birth you are indoctrinated with the teachings of Mohammed and the Muslims are forced to follow the Quran. So a true Muslim is a person who follows the teachings of Mohammed and the Quran.

The Boston brothers were very nice moderate Muslims, up until they started visiting the Mosque regularly and started learning about Jihad from the Quran.

Make no mistake, it is not the teacher who radicalises a Muslim who should only be blamed, but the Quran from which they teach, a book promoting hate, violence, terror, death and destruction.

So how can we love a Muslim and yet not accepts the teachings of Islam.  There are many sincere Muslims and in particular, in most cases Muslim women who are victims of their own religion. They cannot speak out against their religion, as according to the Quran you will be very severely punished.

Do you know of any wife who would like to see her husband go to bed with 3 more women (wives)?? These poor Muslim women have no choice as surah Chapter 4:3 in the Quran permits this to happen.

By isolating a community and being fearful of them, we’re only creating more fundamentalists in our midst or may I call it true Muslims (according to the dictionary, a fundamentalist is a person who believes in the fundamental truths in what they believe in).

We must love all people and help them assimilate into Australian way of life and culture.

However, this does not mean that we have to embrace their culture or belief systems. The Bible, which was one of the primary books which was used by our forefathers to establish our Judeo-Christian foundations of Australia, records a story where a prostitute was brought in front of Jesus, with the religious leaders about to stone her.  However, our loving and merciful Lord forgave her and embraced her.  Then He said, “Go and sin no more.” He embraced the person, but not the lifestyle or action.

We should never ever hate anyone, but love all people. However, this does not mean that we compromise our morals, values and rights.

I encourage every Aussie to make friends with Muslims and all other people of different faiths or no faith at all. There are many very sincere Muslims who do not follow the strict law of the Quran.

Nevertheless, we have the right to be watchful and informed of the teachings of the Quran. Our political leaders today have no guts to stand up and protect Australia. Political correctness has gone so mad, that even at kindergartens they do not sing “Bah Bah Black Sheep” as it is supposed to be offensive. What?? to whom??

Christmas nativity scenes are considered offensive, also Christmas trees, and the list goes on. The host country Australia ( & all of the Western world) is losing all its rights at the cost of embracing Multiculturalism.

It is time to turn the tide around. Sir Edmund Burke stated, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

I am sure that there are many good men and women out there who love Australia and want to keep it Australian. I challenge you this election to VOTE # 1 Rise Up Australia Party to Keep Australia Australian.

Can we make a difference?? YES WE CAN!!

Daniel Nalliah

(National President RUAP & Lead Senate Candidate for Vic)


17 Responses to “Boston bombing / Can we still love and embrace a Muslim or should we be fearful of them?? by Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 Larry

    Thanks for this email.

    May God bless RUAP as it make a stand against violence, multiculturalism, and religious bigotry.

    God bless Australia.


    FOTL Larry

  2. 2 John

    Thanks Danny, how do we as Christians fight, spiritually not militarily, all the music we hear is about the victory in Christ, what about the battle you face- we are told to stay in a corner and not come out by the secular world and government – Is it time to stand up?. Should we have rallies saying Australian are against violence as happened in and in Boston- no where in the world is there an outpouring of anger at these mongrels. In Britain they had a minutes silence at the London Marathon. It needs more then remembrance of the dead and the sad loss of life it needs demonstrations of the abhorrence of the murders and murderers- people need to get out and change perception of passivity that the media portrays. Bless you, John

  3. 3 Cedric

    Good on you Danny!

  4. 4 Sachin


    God give us the spirit of love, not of fear so Love is a gr8 thing to do.

    My God Bless you

    In Him,

  5. 5 Anne

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

  6. 6 Ian


    I don’t have a hatred toward Muslims and I treat them well if I have to interact with them or as most Australians are I take them as I find them. I do feel though that they cannot be trusted and I think the problem is our Government not the Muslims as it is our Government that was too dumb to figure our that our religions don’t mix well. Who would have thought that it was a good idea to bring people here that think killing us will get them into heaven, we should have decided to be polite and tell Muslims that they cant come here as us and them just wouldn’t work out but no we just had to have them here for what reason I have no idea. I am sure the guy who had his legs blown off the other day wished we said no to Muslim immigration


  7. 7 Bev

    Good on you Danny. Agree 100%. Bev

  8. 8 Marg

    Yep Danny, I couldn’t agree more!! Shout it from the rooftops…. Loving all mankind doesn’t make what they do is agreed with! Just look at God.

    He loves us all so much that He made provision for us to be reunited with Him as children of God… but scripture says God hates sin….
    In the same way we must love all people but not necessarily agree with their way of life…

  9. 9 Melanie V

    Great write up Daniel! It’s unfortunate to see whats happened in Boston but the good thing is that people are becoming more and more aware about the true nature of Islam. The majority of “True” followers of Islam are being exposed and bringing themselves undone. Many will continue to say that they are a peace loving religion but evidence shows otherise. We definatly must love and embrace the muslim people but as you have mentioned time and time again we cannot afford to approve of its teachings and must be PRO ACTIVE NOT REACTIVE to these issues. “The Truth will always out live the lie” Islam is clearly not a religion of peace..
    Thank you for the bold stand you are continuing to take to protect Australia! Melanie V

  10. 10 Maryann

    Dear RUAP,

    you have my vote.


  11. 11 Jan

    Dear Danny, I totally and wholeheartedly believe what you have written. I believe we are to have unconditional love for every single person in the world. But as you say, we do not embrace what they believe or their actions. I have had gays, lesbians and those guilty of manslaughter in my home, drug addicts and prisoners and the like. Jesus loves each one. God bless you mightily.

    Love, Jan

  12. 12 Janet

    Thank you Ps. Danny for this email, it gives us a better understanding of how we are to deal with the Muslim problem. Regards, Janet

  13. 13 American Thinker

    Islam Coexists?

    There is an enormous irony contained in the Boston Marathon bombing. When the jihadi Tsarnaev brothers car jacked a Mercedes, it had a Coexist bumper sticker.

    The Coexist bumper sticker is the religious symbol of the multicultural crowd — you know — all religions are the same. Well, the leading symbol of those who want to Coexist is the star and crescent Islam. And exactly how well has Islam coexisted with all of the others? What kind of neighbor has Islam been over history?

    Start with Mohammed. We know an enormous amount about Mohammed as a neighbor to Kafirs (non-Muslims), pagans, Jews and Christians.

    When Mohammed was in Mecca before he became a Muslim, he was a good neighbor who was prosperous and helped to settle disputes. But, that all changed when he became the prophet of Allah. Once he became a public preacher of Islam, he became an irritant to his neighbors. You see, not only did Mohammed know what was right, he demanded that everybody do everything his way, Allah’s way. He was a neighbor who was always right and you were always wrong. Not only were you wrong, but your parents and grandparents were wrong. Mohammed no longer settled arguments; he created arguments. After 13 years of this, the Meccans told Mohammed to leave Mecca.

    So he went to the town of Medina, which was half Jewish. And what kind of neighbor was Mohammed to the Jews? Put briefly, two years later, Medina was Judenrein (cleansed of Jews). When he arrived, there were three tribes of Jews. In rapid order, the first tribe was driven out of town, bereft of their goods. Then the second tribe of Jews was exiled. They were lucky. The last of the Jewish tribes suffered the most. The women were enslaved and sold wholesale for money to purchase horses and arms for jihad. For the rest of his life, Mohammed used slavery to help finance his jihad. The children were kidnapped and adopted into Muslim families to be raised as Muslims. Then the 800 male Jews were all beheaded.

    But wait. Mohammed was not through coexisting with the Jews. Later he left Medina and went to Khaybar and attacked them. Mohammed crushed them, took their wealth and put them to work under the Sharia to work as dhimmis and give him half of what they earned.

    That was how Mohammed coexisted with the Jews.
    But Mohammed was not through with coexisting with the Arabians. He attacked the Meccan caravans. His jihadists killed, kidnapped, stole, assassinated and fought the pagan Arabs at every turn. Mohammed’s coexistence policy with the Arabs was jihad. This went on until every Arab became a Muslim.

    After Mohammed has made every soul in Arabia convert to Islam, he turned his coexistence policy to the Christians north of Arabia in Syria. He attacked the Christians the losers became dhimmis just like the Jews.

    Dhimmis are the way that the Sharia allows Kafirs to coexist within a Muslim society. The dhimmi is a third class non-citizen who pays special taxes and has no real civil rights. A dhimmi could not testify against a Muslim in court, for instance.

    Look at how Islam coexisted with Africa. A coexistence clue is that Arabic has one word, “abd”, that means both black slave and African. Context must supply which meaning is used. Islam ran the slave trade on the West coast, East coast and Mediterranean coasts of Africa. Islam sold every slave that was brought to the Americas. Conservative estimates are that 120 million Africans were killed in the jihad that produced all of the slaves in Africa.

    How did Islam coexist with the Buddhists in what is now Afghanistan? Jihad annihilated every single Buddhist and their libraries and monasteries.

    There is a massive data base of the coexistence between Islam and the rest of the world at It catalogs more than 20,000 jihad attacks around the world since 9/11 2001. Here is a chart of the data of the top 4 nations as victims of jihad:

    Put another way, this is how Islam coexists today with Jews, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus. It practices jihad against all non-Muslims, Kafirs.

    The idea of coexist has a social ring to it, we’re all one big happy family. But how do we talk about all religions and not get into which one is right or best? Well, there is an easy way to do it. If you are not a member of a religion, the only thing you care about is how you are treated by those who belong to that religion. In short, you only care about the ethics and character of the adherent.

    All of the world’s religions have an ethical code that is rooted in the Golden Rule. Islam does not have a Golden Rule. Mohammed’s life is the perfect example of how not to be a good neighbor. How do you coexist with a neighbor who has the ethical choice of jihad of murder and deceit?

    What do religious leaders in American think about coexisting with Islam? They love it. Coexist is the mental mush that fills the heads of the useful idiots that go to the Family of Abraham religious dialogues. The ministers and rabbis who go to these dialogs know as much about Islam as what is found on the Coexist bumper sticker. Really, their ignorance is astounding. They are there to coexist and the imam is there to dominate. Dhimmi Christians and Jews want to tie, the Muslim wants to win.

    But the mental mush of coexistence is not just in the heads of the dhimmi religious leaders, it also fills the heads of law enforcement and military. Under Bush and Obama, all of those who actually know something about Islam inside the military and law enforcement have been eliminated. FBI and military training files have been purged to satisfy the Muslim Brotherhood. So our protectors are forbidden to study the war doctrine of political Islam. They are prevented from naming the enemy and studying them.

    There is only one way to coexist with Islam over time. Islam must submit to Kafir civilization and we must never submit to Islam, not even in the smallest detail. This means we must all know the smallest details of Islam and that begins with the knowledge of Mohammed and his wars against all Kafirs.

    First published in American Thinker:

  14. 14 Mr Daniel Pipes

    Education by Murder in Boston
    by Daniel Pipes
    The Washington Times
    April 24, 2013
    Here (with thanks to Maxime Lépante) are some recent surveys from France:
    • 67 percent say Islamic values are incompatible with those of French society
    • 70 percent say there are too many foreigners
    • 73 percent view Islam in negatively
    • 74 percent consider Islam intolerant
    • 84 percent are against the hijab in private spaces open to the public
    • 86 percent are favorable to strengthening the ban on the burqa
    As Soeren Kern notes, similar views on Islam appear in Germany. A recent report from the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach asked what qualities Germans associate with Islam:
    • 56 percent: striving for political influence
    • 60 percent: revenge and retaliation
    • 64 percent: violence
    • 68 percent: intolerance toward other faiths
    • 70 percent: fanaticism and radicalism
    • 83 percent: discrimination against women
    In contrast, only 7 percent of Germans associate Islam with openness, tolerance, or respect for human rights.
    These commanding majorities are higher than in earlier years, suggesting that opinion in Europe is hardening and will grow yet more hostile to Islamism over time. In this way, Islamist aggression assures that anti-Islamism in the West is winning its race with Islamism. High-profile Muslim attacks like the ones in Boston exacerbate this trend. That is its strategic significance. That explains my cautious optimism about repulsing the Islamist threat.
    Mr. Pipes ( is president of the Middle East Forum. © 2013 by Daniel Pipes. All rights reserved.

  15. 15 Philip

    Dear Folks,

    Dan Pipes (especially as summarized on WIKIPEDIA) does a convincing analyses regarding Obama; that having been a nominal Muslim he is possibly more under threat from Moslem violence than would otherwise be the case.

    I don’t need to tell you that Anwar Sadat, Egyptian President, was assassinated by his bodyguard, perhaps because he sought peace with Israel? – and back- stabbing, irrational violence is a feature of a world where Islam has some sway. Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.. But Idriess’s THE DESERT COLUMN tells of the back-stabbing characteristics and outright unreliability of certain Middle Eastern tribes. Pipes shows convincingly that Europe is being ‘educated’. (Previous e-mail).

    The mosque hearing presumably will stipulate Australian building permit technicalities only. If you are led to go larger than technicalities – presumably not at the hearing, but as part of other activities – CTFM is a peaceful, peace seeking movement like Sadat and other operatives who have been assassinated and is also a base for peaceful political activity with a leader who has lived in Islamic countries. This makes it a greater ‘worry’ for Australian police than if, say, it was not politically or religiously active, especially given that a mosque is on the books for next door. You will get the gist of the argument.

    It seems to me, the best free publicity RUA has going for it is Islam and this (non-) mosque. I am merely attempting to envisage a legal case, arguing against mosques. Of course, if CTFM is endangered by having a mosque next door, the Public can see, with suitable ‘education’, that it is endangered by mosques, in general.

    Regards, Philip

  16. 16 Daryl

    A brave Pastor fills in some of the gaps about the Boston Marathon Bombing that brings to mind the following question.

    Is America a nation ruled by fear, incompetence or treachery?

    If America falls? Where is the backup? Parts of Europe are already surrendering to some Islamist demands.

    Who are the influential supporters of the Obama Administration? Is the Obama Administration planning to sellout America to a ‘United Nations’ that plans to declare ‘Islam’ the religion of the New World Order, in anticipation that fundamentalist Muslims will do all the dirty work for them.

    The following quotation is from the book – “The Criminalization of Christianity”, by Janet L. Folger. 2005 Page 94]

    Robert Muller is a UN member who, as Under-Secretary General of the United Nations for more than thirty years, was the right-hand man to past UN Secretaries General U Thant, Kurt Waldheim, and Javier P’erez de Cuellar. Muller is now working on a project of his own – a one-world church. “My dream”, he says, “is to get a tremendous alliance between all the major religions and the UN.” There’s just one problem standing in the way of his dream – those darned Christians.

  17. 17 Ben

    1 Peter 5:7

    Cast all your cares, all your disappointments. all your anxieties, all your concerns once for all on Jesus, for Jesus cares for you affectionately, & cares about you watchfully.

    “God keeps His promises, Our God is faithful in all His ways.”

    Isaiah 55: 10-11
    10. As the rain and the snow
    come down from heaven,
    and do not return to it
    without watering the earth
    and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
    11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
    but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

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