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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following link to listen to a recent ABC 774 Radio interview with Pr Daniel, who was part of a select panel on the Religion & Politics report with John Cleary.

Following is an article that appeared in the Wimmera Mail-Times in Horsham on Mon 15th April.

RISE UP Australia Party president Daniel Nalliah will speak at a campaign meeting in Horsham at the weekend.

Mr Nalliah will be at the Hamilton Lamb Memorial Hall at 7pm on Sunday.

Mr Nalliah said he would speak on the vision of Rise Up Australia Party, the importance of protecting Australia’s Judaeo-Christian heritage and taking a stand against political correctness to ‘keep Australia Australian’. 

“We must now take a stand for our nation and call an end to a multicultural Australia and replace it with a multi-ethnic Australia,” he said.

“As an immigrant to Australia, my country of birth cannot be changed, but I must be willing to assimilate into the Australian way of life and culture. 

“We must look at what will unite us as a nation and not what will divide us.”

7 Responses to “ABC 774 Radio Interview / Article in Wimmera Mail-Times”

  1. 1 Joan & Keith

    Pastor Danny, Jason and Catch The Fire Ministries Team,

    Continually praying for you all.

    Our love to all.

    Yours in His exciting service,

    Joan and Keith

  2. 2 Patricia

    Ps Danny

    It was excellent! I listened to it for 1 hour. You have a good voice and it came out well over the air ways. The audience would also remember that a Muslim woman cannot ask for a divorce in a sharia court and that Lord Monckton has the title ‘Lord’ in his passport!

    God bless

  3. 3 Rodney

    You did really well – don’t give up.
    I almost threw up listening to the Uniting Church lady – she is no Christian.

  4. 4 Valarie

    Excellent, praise GOD.


  5. 5 Yvonne

    The following letter was published in its entirety on Page 10 of the ‘W M Times’.

    Dear Glenn Baker of Dimboola,
    I have read your letter to the editor, and you are absolutely correct about the way this country is going. I think everybody is starting to wonder what the two major parties have to offer based on their performance rate so far. I believe you and many others will make the responsible decision this election and look for an alternative party to vote for as you have already
    indicated. There is now another party which has thrown it’s hat into the ring in the Mallee Electorate and that is: Rise Up Australia Party. This party believes in keeping Australia Australian! Which means keeping Australian culture and law; keeping Australian infrastructure and industry in Australia; growing Australian food and eating it, not burying it in a ditch because of cheap inferior imports; refusing foreign buy-ups of our prime farming land; assisting hard working Aussie farmers to maintain their
    land enabling them to produce sufficiently to provide for their own families and the nation’s.
    Rise Up Australia Party is for people of all ethnic back grounds who call Australia home, who are willing to work together for the common good of all. The Party believes that all people should have the right of free speech and
    the freedom, regardless of race, colour, sex, religion or socio economic status to attain their dreams and Goals. Rise Up Australia Party believes in the foundational Judeo/Christian values that this country was built on and
    desires to restore this nation back to her former glory. On the 21st of April the National president of RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY
    Daniel Nalliah, will be speaking at the Hamilton Lamb Hall in Horsham at 7pm. If you want to become inspired and help restore hope back into our nation, I suggest you do not miss out on this meeting. I hope I have encouraged you,
    Kind Regards,
    Yvonne Gentle
    Victorian State President
    Rise Up Australia Party

  6. 6 Jocelyn

    Thank you.
    God bless you.

  7. 7 Sasi

    Reg ABC interview:

    Well done Pastor.

    To the other participants who applaud science for climate change:

    1) Science cannot predict earth quake in advance and save lives.

    2) Now-a-days the weather forecast are very in-accurate which shows science is failing.


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