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On Sat night, Sun morning & evening, our Guest Speaker was Andrea Williams from the UK. This woman of God who is a Barrister who stands and fights for the rights of Christians in the UK and other nations.  She had just finished speaking for the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen before coming to speak at RUAP & CTFM.

At our meetings she challenged the people and said,  “Do not let what’s happened to us in the UK happen to you. You still have an opportunity to protect your nation, but the UK & Europe is in great trouble.”

The BBC reporter covered 2 out of the 3 meetings. We will try our best to send you the link as soon as it is available.

Mrs Williams stated, “The church unfortunately is on MUTE. Thus, now the government has decided to silence the church and make it private. Church leaders are happy to continue to be politically correct and not speak up against what’s wrong, while secular humanism and Islam are having a free run.

Where there is a vacuum something comes in and fills it up. Unfortunately, because the church is on MUTE, people are turning to Islam which is on an onward march right through Europe. Everyone is scared to speak out against it. Multiculturalism has been our great down fall.

A Christian wearing a cross is considered offensive, but wearing the hijab is fully accepted in places of work. She also warned Australia not to let Sharia Law into the country. Since the UK has now embraced parts of Sharia law, some places are now turned into no go zones for non-Muslims.

Once Nigeria was pretty very much a Christian country with democracy. Muslims, Christians and others lived side by side with no problem, but one State in Nigeria suddenly implemented Sharia Law. Now there are 11 States governed by Sharia Law. After Sharia came in the Christians are getting brutally massacred by Muslims.”

She then showed one of the massacres on DVD, just after it had happened. Everyone in the church was in tears. Churches were bombed and Christian homes were set on fire with people in them.

The following links are to the brutal massacre of Christians in Nigeria by Islamists. The footage is very distressing. It is best that children do not watch it. Please do pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are crying out for help.

When a Palestinian is injured or killed, it is all over the news. Why is our media not showing these massacres? I just cannot understand why no action seems to be taken against these brutal murderers.

Mrs Williams then said that the Nigerian Bishop has stated that we should not give up, but stand and fight for our grand children. If we do not stand now, they will be the victims.

How true is this, as Pr Daniel has stated over and over again, if we do not stand to protect Australia and keep it Australian with Jesus Christ as the head of our nation, our children and grand children will pay the price.


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  1. 1 Ashley

    People made in the image and likeness of God are being SLAUGHTERED like animals in the name of islam and the world stands by cowardly doing nothing?

  2. 2 Mick

    I Would just like to thank you for standing up against the Islamification of Australia
    I embrace all cultures and would not call myself racist by any means.
    I went to school in Darwin with all nationalities and never had any problems.
    My customers come from all ethnic backgrounds, I have no problem dealing with them on a daily basis.
    Although I fear what has happened in Europe will befall Australia.
    Islam is more than a religion, it is a Radical Ideology and crushes all who let her in.
    Lets keep Australia strong and free for all who want to be free.
    Thank you
    all the best

  3. 3 Phil

    Europe of all places, home of the Reformation, should know that church and state must be kept separate at all costs. Genocide, torture, public burnings, you name it, were all practised in Europe—in the name of Christianity. Bibles were even burnt under directive of the ‘church’. How could such a thing happen?

    Superstition, yes, misguided fear of ‘witchcraft/sorcery’, yes, conspiracy theories, yes, racism, yes, ignorance of the populace, yes; but, ultimately, it was the hip pocket nerve.

    Free speech and democratic freedom allow exposure of corruption in high places. Free market economies (intelligently managed) weed out comfortable little arrangements that benefit powerful cliques. Open expression of ideas may lead to improvement. Why do human societies need improvement and renovation? Because we are all imperfect human beings and if an opportunity is handed to us to get comfortable – guess what? It takes a person of character to forego the opportunity to get comfortable and stay comfortable – even if, indirectly, the comfort is at societies’ expense. The pre-reformation state-supported church was going so far as selling criminals passes to paradise if they did the right thing – by the church! Human beings are frail creatures.

    The founders of Australia recognized this and ensured that separation of church and state are written into our Constitution and our justice system.

    So far as I know – which is not far – the trick with Islam is that it is in some measure worse than pre-reformation Europe and the power elite within it are either totally blinded, or deliberately prey on superstition and fear to support themselves. As jihad progresses, so does their territorial base. Thus, Islam is deadly to democracy, because it grows (and intends to grow) by eating up the freedom about it, to feed its own power base, and its income.

    If an honest communist presents at our shores and announces his intent to steal everyone’s property and free speech by conspiratorial violence, violence being the pathway to the best rewards, Immigration might take note. Our Constitution bars him.

    Islamists, it seems, do not on the whole understand that their ‘religion’ is something akin to communism. As soon as their church gets the secular control it craves, it begins to feed. It gathers in money and power. To do so, it relies upon ignorance and fear. To get this secular power, it must unify church with state. To unify church with state, it must circumvent our Constitution. If it does not circumvent our Constitution (Australia’s current form of government) it is not Islam. There is no middle ground. Those little muslim enclaves are money and power bases, where autocratic power rises above common law. Embryonic Syria in Sydney.

    Australians in my opinion need to be advised right now (as you are doing) and they need to be given the opportunity to demand that the intent of the Constitution be upheld. Pauline Hanson had the idea but could not express it and there are so many who feel powerless. But there is a queer twist to this – the atheists, the same-sexists and religiously correct set have been busy deriding ‘Islamophobia’. They are the ones with the most to lose! In fact, some forms of fear are sin, mentioned as such in the Bible. Jesus said, ‘fear not!’ I’m talking to myself, there.


  4. 4 Gerry

    “Why is our media not showing these massacres ?”

    Because in general our, western media is Leftist, Politically correct, pro Islamic and anti Christian.

    A global nightmare is on its way, due to the Wests betrayal of Jesus Christ and his teachings–but which supports a desert madman and his deluded followers. All prophesied of course in the only Holy book, the HOLY BIBLE. Maranatha.

  5. 5 Peter

    Enough is Enough

    I may not be very popular making this statement but some one has to stand up and be counted.
    I am the eldest living male of five generations of the James family and I love Australia and I am so proud to be an Australian.

    Australia embraces freedom and freedom of speech and so many of these important principles are been eroded away by self interested Politicians with personal agenda, pride and arrogance and don’t seem to think that the Australian people voted them into parliament.

    There is so much slander back stabbing character assassination in our parliament today every person I have talked to is sick and tired of it.

    Australia has become a multicultural country since I was young and the wonderful flavor of ethnic people from all over the world has added so much colour and vibrancy to our community.

    We welcome Muslims and all the other religions and you are very welcome to stay here and live happily under the rules of our country and constitution.

    If you have any agenda to change the legislation so you can take over many parts of our country think again.

    If we go to your countries we have to obey your rules and if we break them, the consequences will be huge.

    Be thankful you have immigrated to a great nation Australia and once you have been here for some I would encourage you to be naturalized.

    It is time for a new bread of people to lead our country, people who demonstrate humility authority character virtue and accountability People who will truly represent the people who voted them in.

    We have so many lawyers in our parliament and many of them are so out of touch about what is really happening on the ground.

    We need people to stand up and be counted and show the other politicians how to stop arguing and listen to the other persons point of view without interrupting .

    Many of our current leaders are so embarrassing to listen to on the radio television and the newspaper. Aren’t these politicians meant to be leading by example?


  6. 6 Carol

    Thanks for the CD church message of the 17th March 2013. We received it in the post today, Monday 15.4.13. We’ve listened to it and it’s a great message! I will pass it onto my church at Redcliffe, Lord of the Breakthrough and we will pray about this solemn warning which Andrea Williams has brought to Australia.

    Interestingly my brother Ray who is an anti-Semite, a Baptist Reverend and very outspoken about his strong political views which I do not share came with me that Sunday morning. I praise God they sat through the whole of Ms Andrea Williams excellent message and didn’t argue about it. I believe God is working on their hearts.

    God’s blessings on you

  7. 7 McJules

    Please note: Muslim is not a race, no more than Christian is a race. Muslims follow a religious and political doctrine rolled into one named Islam. Islam is not a race either.

    Islam is beginning to show its ugly head here already where some suburbs in Sydney have Muslim thugs policing the streets by standing over or assaulting people in their territory. The threat and stand over is also against any tribal Muslim sect who are not desired. These criminals appear to be wealthy or at least self-supporting as they are not at work and have time to roam the streets.
    If the Government will not stop the inward flow of Muslims we have to find any way to have a moratorium on Muslim migration into our country. They have no culture to share with us Middle Eastern food came to Australia decades ago with the Christians from the Middle East etc. escaping Islamic oppression.

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