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For those of you in the Melbourne area, we’re pleased to announce that Evangelist Milton Story from Anchor of Salvation International Ministries will be ministering in Holy Spirit miracle healing revival meetings at CTFM at 23 Melverton Dr in Hallam (Melbourne) at our Sunday worship services at 9:30am & 6:30pm on 3rd March.

Milton Alvarez has a heart for the nations, and is recognized as an ordained minister, evangelist, teacher, revivalist etc. He has been characterized as “radical and full of God’s anointing.” Milton  and his wife Eneida are both evangelists, with their son Josh (22), married, and ordained with his own congregation as a pastor with a large youth following.

Click the following link to watch more about his amazing testimony and ministry.

Milton was gloriously saved in 1986,when he was about to kill himself, being totally dissatisfied with himself despite the riches,and worldly pleasures he had. With this thought, He went to his hotel bedroom in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

While he was changing clothes, he turned on the television. A preacher by the name of Nicky Cruz was talking, but the strange thing was that it seemed he was talking directly to Milton. He became angry and started to change to all other channels, but on each one, the same preacher appeared. He became scared, and turned -off TV, and walked out of the room. When he re-entered the room the T.V switched on by itself, with the preacher giving him a final message.

Milton says in his memoirs thus:-

“I knew then that God was speaking to me. I had never read the Bible, but one scripture came to my heart “Life or death, blessing or curse, you choose.” What an appropriate word for the moment, as I was about to commit suicide. I then got down on my knees,and asked God for the forgiveness of my sins I had done in my life. I also told Him that if he could change me, I would turn my life over to Him. Immediately I felt as if someone had taken off a huge weight that had been upon me.”

There is a brief story below of his extraordinary experiences.

However from that day he was saved he began to preach in the streets, on the beaches and in parks and other public places. Gradually  he participated with other larger ministries,enriching himself with THE greater wisdom from Christ. Milton and Eneida founded Anchor of Salvation World Ministries (1991), later revised to’ Anchor of Salvation International Ministries’, (a non-profit organization).

Thereafter he commenced to minister around the world,witnessing to his miraculous experiences, while appearing in T.V/Radio programs, and featuring in Christian magazines regularly.

The American Alvarez family is based in Vancouver, WA.USA. They minister in churches, prisons, by radio, T.V. and have served in hundreds of ‘Healing & Deliverance meetings and Conferences, also through Aglow and Full Gospel Business Men’s meetings‘ and in magazines within the USA and abroad.

Milton has been hosted in’ Praise the Lord’ on (TV) TBN mission international and the ‘700 Club’ television programs.

Milton preaches with the power of the ‘MOST HOLY’,and mixes into his teachings (with countless) every day testimonies of converted common folk,celebrities and the notorious,and how GOD revived them with supernatural interventions.

Milton’s earlier life; Milton says ‘by the age 33 I had traveled worldwide,and lived in Holland, and the USA. I had a plenty of riches and pleasures of the world. I qualified as a pilot and a Cruise-Liner captain. Earlier I was  raised in a close environment practicing witchcraft & voodoo in the U.S island of Puerto Rico. I was recruited into the MAFIA and went with notorious criminals-running drugs.

But when God saved me, evil forces attacked me. I survived 4 assassination attempts. Bullets ricocheted from my body, which stunned the Brazilian Police. I was to be imprisoned for 20+years. But oh praise His Holiest name, He saved me and he kept me out of prison by having me drafted into the Vietnam War, where I became a counselor against drug addiction.               

My experiences are many, but would mention a few direct interventions of GOD Almighty, such as the conversion of criminals and healings-:

-Tass Saada, (a bodyguard and sniper for Yasser Arafat). He became a Christian upon Lord Jesus revealing himself to him. He was thereafter was exonerated by Israeli government of murders. He later ministered the salvation of Jesus to Arafat of PLO.

-John Henry “El Chino” Millan, I knew (hit man for the most notorious criminal Pablo Escobar). He was converted and became an evangelist, even as an old woman prophesied fearlessly that one day that John Henry was destined to call on Christ to live, when his life would be on the line.

-Dubbed the ‘Vampire of Manila”, a blood drinking murderer of priests in the Philippines, whom I had ALSO met, and ministered in prison; was to be executed. He was miraculously convicted by the ‘Holy Spirit,and was baptised. Just before the date of execution, he received ‘Presidential pardon’. He walked free and began to serve as a Prisons chapain.

-MIRACULOUS HEALINGS ; In my ministry,God,by his power has healed,thousands with mental and physical illnesses, many with blindness, also revived a few dead.

Come let us join and adore him!. Christ the Lord! GOD will grant’ you salvation, RESTORE YOUR HEALTH, AND MEET your needs”

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