Dear fellow Australians,

As Founding Chairman & President of Rise Up Australia Party, on behalf of the National Executive, I wish to thank all those who attended the Party Launch at the National Press Club in Canberra on Monday 11th of Feb 2013.

Also a big thank you to those who could not make it, but have been faithful supporters of the Party.

Words possibly cannot describe the excitement and joy people demonstrated at the Launch, with many stating, “It is about time someone took a stand”. This same sentiment is now echoing right across Australia, with the amazing feedback our Party head office has been receiving in the past 24 hours.

I was so happy as I saw many fellow patriotic Aussies, including many from different ethnic backgrounds, waving their flags and celebrating as our National Anthem was sung, in addition to when they heard that Rise Up Australia Party was committed to ‘Keep Australia Australian.’

This to me and many others was a very historic day. I want to thank the thousands of people who have entered our RUA Party website and the many who have sent comments. It is so exciting to also see our Twitter & Face book pages rapidly increasing over the past 24 hours.

We also want to thank all the Media for a ‘Job Well Done’ in covering the Party launch

Following are links to some of the media reports, including SBS World News TV & Radio, Channel Seven Sunrise Program, 7:30 Report on ABC, 2UE Radio News Talk Sydney and the Herald Sun.

‘Vote 1 Rise Up Australia Party’ on 14th September at the next Federal Election toKeep Australia Australian.’

We’re looking forward to soon representing you and being your voice in Parliament. We are not perfect, we need much help, but we are very passionate and love our country very much. We will fight to ‘Keep Australia Australian’ for generations to come.

Please help us take this message across Australia by telling your family and friends about us. We would love to see you take membership with RUA Party.

If possible, please help distribute RUA Party brochures and help us out at polling booths. Of course, your donations will be of great help to us, as we have a great product with a fantastic brand name with a massive consumer demand. We must take this product RUA Party to all voters across our nation before the next election, so that they will know to vote.

Together let us unite as one to ‘Keep Australia Australian’.

For more info please visit or call (03) 9708 6691.

May God Bless Australia.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Nalliah

National President

Rise Up Australia Party

42 Responses to “Great Success of Rise Up Australia Party Launch”

  1. 1 Geoff & Daphne

    Dear Pastor Daniel and all your team,

    My wife and I turned to look at each other when the item came on TV last night. We had lost track of Pastor Danny over the last few years after we followed the press reports about the Court Case a few years ago.

    We were so pleased to see and hear a servant of God speaking out in the world of politics, voicing the values and standards of the Lord. We are not political people – normally. I suppose it is because there has not been someone we have got excited about. Though we have been conservative voters, it is really because with the preferential system of voting we have in Australia (which I very much support – if the electorate has more that two candidates), we actually vote for who we do not want – giving them the last number, and then working our way through the list until we come to the last one, and that is the person we give the ‘1’ to. In other words we vote for the best of a bad lot.

    Now with ‘RUA’ if you have any candidates in Toowoomba area of Qld, (in Local, State or Federal spheres), we would certainly be voting for them enthusiastically.

    Please accept our congratulations and sincere moral support for your efforts and dedication to the Truth. May I encourage all of God’s people within your organisation, not to be afraid and thinking about winning the votes of the world, but to focus on being sensitive to God leading and desire only the Lord’s vote. Then leave the consequences and results to Him.

    I must admit my mind goes to some verses I have included below:

    3 And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will be clothed in burlap and will prophesy during those 1,260 days.”
    4 These two prophets are the two olive trees and the two lamp stands that stand before the Lord of all the earth.
    We trust and pray that Pastor Danny will continually and faithfully and completely rely on God’s provision in mind and spirit, and step out in confidence and in His Power. We know how important it is for humans to have a leader, and it is so rare that we have a Leader who genuinely submits to, acknowledges and seeks to follow the Lord God, as they proclaim God’s will and ways.

    Love and much blessing to you and yours, from us and ours.

    Geoff & Daphne

  2. 2 Patricia


    I just viewed the screening of the new RISE UP AUSTRALIAN PARTY on Current Affair. I was elated about time someone is prepared to put their neck on the line for Christian beliefs. Good on you Daniel for speaking out and forming this party based on the Bible. About time for Australia I would love to see Australia governed by a true Christian leader with principles based on the Word of God banning abortions, homosexuality, greed, injustices, immorality the list goes on as we have had no voice to the beliefs and laws of un-godly men in our Parliament for years.

    Please I would like to be part of this Party here in Brisbane you need candidates in every area so we all have an opportunity to vote and voice our opinions however only people who have a true heart and prepared to follow Bible principles not like other so called Christian parties who still have not fought against abortions and homosexuality. I pray that this party rises up to blitz all other Un-GODLY parties in the next Federal Election. I cannot download your members form as I do not have plug-in.

    Thank you once again I am so happy for your commitment to fight the Goliaths.

    God’s Richest Blessing


  3. 3 Tony

    I saw a piece on 7.30 on ABC1 tonight, and what Danny said struck a chord within me.
    I have read your principles, manifesto & charter of membership, but was wondering if there’s somewhere (online, or perhaps you could send me a PDF or what have you ?) I can read your party constitution ?
    This will be the ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ with regard to deciding whether I wish to become involved with RUA as a member/active volunteer & so on. Put it this way, at this stage I’m very interested 😉 As I said, the things Danny said resonated within me, and the issues he raised seem to be completely ignored/glossed over by the major parties.
    Many thanks for your time & take good care

  4. 4 Judi

    I just saw the piece on the 7.30 report and I am so excited. It seems that there will at last be a vibrant, contemporary and intelligent voice speaking on behalf of devout Christians. A voice that is not always politically correct but that answers to God and not man. A voice that can argue a point without compromise. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Rise Up Australia Party. God bless you for your courage and determination.



  5. 5 Craig

    To Whom it may concern,

    I wish to congratulate you for your fair, realistic & sensible ideals/policies which i believe the majority of Australians would respect & support. Personally i don’t care where people originate from and i don’t expect people forget their heritage as long as they accept, respect & embrace the Australian way of life, then they are welcome. If you don’t want to be an Australian then don’t come to Australia, fairly basic really.


  6. 6 Brad

    Please check out the following URL and consider what is written in the context of how Australia got into this mess in the first place.

    We are in this mess because people think we no longer need the Church. If you’re sick, the government will take care of you. If you are unemployed, the government will take care of you. If you need an education, the government will take care of you. The ideology the state supports inevitably exerts the most influence over a society. It is time we took steps to address this issue.

    I will support you.


  7. 7 Cecily

    To RUA

    I have just been looking at the political launch responses from the RUAP site within Google News. I have read the Herald, crikey, and ABC reports so far.

    CONGRATULATIONS! I was very pleasantly surprised to see truthful reporting by each of these. There must be ALOT of people praying for this. I am very excited. If enough people access this, your number of party members will grow strongly.

    I will continue to pray for CTFM and RUA. What a breath of fresh air – which we desperately need in this country. God bless you all ever so richly – especially at this time Ps Danny, the RUA executives in each state and the 52 lower house candidates and the other 11 senate candidates.

    Lots of love to you all

    Very sincerely

    Cecily, Brisbane, Qld. AUSTRALIA! OI! OI! OI!

  8. 8 Mary

    Congratulations Danny!! Just saw you on abc1 7.30 report with our British friend Lord Munckton. Great job. I will vote for you in the senate!!!! Go Danny Nalliah!!! All the best, Mary

    Boxhill, Vic

  9. 9 Michelle & Arthur

    Dear Daniel,

    Just listened to the Radio Broadcast. Congratulations on a great interview, thank you for standing for truth and bringing to light what is really occurring in our land.

    Michelle & Arthur

  10. 10 Michael

    Hi Daniel

    Sorry went off before I’d finished typing I watched the ABC last night and thought you made your position very clear!

    You’ll have my vote! Well done Danny!



  11. 11 Assad

    Hi Dan,

    Firstly congratulations, excellent achievement.

    So you are aware, you were mentioned on Paul Murray live yesterday. MARK LATHAM made some disgraceful comments…

    In any case we are glad you have taken the call on behalf of so many Australians.

    Do you have any people running for senate in NSW?

    Do you have any Coptic members?

    Jesus Bless you


  12. 12 Phil - Sydney

    Dear Assad

    Mark Latham was in court a few years for assaulting a photographer so who is really is interested in Mr Latham’s point of view.
    Don’t worry about him. I thought the ABC reporting was a little negative but all up not too bad.
    Free publicity is very valuable even if it is a little negative.

    Interesting that Federal Labor has stripped out $1.6 billion out of the medical budget for average Australias yet they can blow a similar amount on Asylum seekers each year.

    I am appalled

    God Bless

  13. 13 Pastor Wayne

    Hi, I got to see the interview with Kochie on Sunrise this morning.

    I got rather ‘cranky’ when, as soon as Ps Danny mentioned muslums, the TV signal dropped out and the screen went blank!!
    I got up and said to my wife…”TYPICAL, SOMEONES PULLED THE PLUG ON HIM!!”.

    I want you to know I totally support the phylosphy of Rise Up Australia!

    I too am against multiculturalism, as what ends up is a ‘fractured’ society, with no unity within the Nation!!

    I have believed for MANY years that it’s fine for people to migrate to Australia…(through the correct channels/doors)….but that they intergrate into our Australian culture…ie BECOME AN AUSTRALIAN IN AUSTRALIA!

    Pastor Wayne, Cooktown.

  14. 14 Hilda

    Dear Ps Danny,

    Will uphold you in the days to come- Love Anto Samuel

    Love in Christ
    Jesuran Healing Ministry

  15. 15 Greg

    As an ex-pat living in the USA for more than 20 Summers, I an soooo pleased to read your Manifesto.
    You make me (even more)proud of The Sunburnt Country! Greg

  16. 16 Ainsley

    Thank you so much for establishing the Rise Up Australia party. I thoroughly agree with every aspect of your policy, and most especially with the focus to ‘Keep Australia Australian’. I love all people, and I love our culture… our nation should comprise people who also love and conform to it. I will certainly be supporting this party. Thank you. Ainsley

  17. 17 Royos

    I support nearly every policey here. I just think this one is going to hurt your party “we oppose same-sex marriage”. It’s unfortunate but Islam is also very anti gay. So that demographic is still not being offered any real support or recognition. Otherwise I think this party has great potential. Excellent.

  18. 18 John

    Hi Guys,

    First off, it’s great to see another party that’s wholly interested in restoring and protecting Australia and her people, thank you!

    But I’m a bit concernced as to where you stand on Defence and our military in general. Are there any plans to expand our defence forces (hopefully)?

    Thanks John

  19. 19 Terry

    I like your policies but you need to be more specific on how are you going to deal with all the boat people coming to Australia and illegal immigrants. Terry

  20. 20 Mum of 5

    Given that you are pro-family, will you consider a “bachelor tax” to raise revenue and to also punitively encourage young men to end a life of homosexuality or extended adolescence and enter into a marriage so as to settle down and have children?

  21. 21 Brad

    Multi Ethnic, not multicultural. That is the way to go and it is good to see The Rise Up Australia Party taking that approach.

    Multiculturalism would be a good thing if people who embraced multiculturalism didn’t also embrace cultural relativism (Cultural relativism is the idea that the values in all cultures are equally good or bad. According to this belief no bodies values are better than anyone else’s. Clear Muslim fundamentalist do not believe this; they believe their values are better than ours and that eventually the whole world will be under the Sharia.) Some values are intolerant and therefore should not be tolerated.

    “Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.” – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    We must reject cultural relativism. All values are not equal.

    Certain values are not compatible with democracy.

    Please go to YouTube and do a search for “Enforcing Sharia in London.”

    If you don’t want that sort of thing happening in Australia it is time to take a stand. Sharia is a legalized form of discrimination. Under the Sharia, if a Muslim steals from a non-Muslim, he will not have his hand cut off. But if a non-Muslim steals from a Muslim his hand will be cut off. If a Muslim steals from a Muslim he will have his hand cut off. Sharia gives special privileges to Muslim men. It is bad news when it is enforced by the government or by the Ummah. Get informed, political Islam is bad news. Read “The Third Choice” by Mark Durie and “Factual Persuasion” by Bill Warner. Do believe the media, they are not properly informed. (See “Surrender” by Bruce Bawer.) Brad

  22. 22 Noreen

    Reading your manifesto and principles gives me hope that there are growing numbers of people out there who have similar though to my own. Namely, that Australia should remain ‘Australian’ and, while welcoming people of various ethnicity to our shores,will remain true to our basic beliefs and way of life.

    I also like your plain, easy to understand wording, with ideas, for once, not hidden in political jargonese.

    Wishing you success. Noreen

  23. 23 Christopher

    I am happy to hear the new party based on Judea Christian principles. I prayfor the party to capture power to keep Australia Australian. God bless you.

    I would like to write or speak to Daniel Nalliah. can you please mail me his email or mobile tel. Christopher

  24. 24 Brendo

    Hi. I’m an atheist. Does this make me less Australian? I wouldn’t thrust my values on anybody but you seem intent to do just that. Brendo

  25. 25 Brad

    But I’m sure you would agree Brendo, that we should treat others as we would want them to treat us. And though you are an atheist, if you hold to this you hold to a Judeo-Christian value. It is that value which unites the people of the free world.

    It is not a value which is universally held. It is not part of the Sharia (If a Muslim steals from a non-Muslim his hand will not be cut off, but if a Muslim steals from a Muslim or a non-Muslim steals from a Muslim his hand will be cut off. For an indepth look at what the Sharia means for non-Muslims read “The Third Choice” by Mark Durie.)

    I’m sure we both agree on this Brendo, the Sharia, when enforced by governments or by the Ummah, is not good for Australia. (If you do a search on YouTube for “Muslims enforcing Sharia on the streets of London” you will find some very interesting material.) Brad

  26. 26 Michael

    I recently became a member of ruap but know basically nothing of politics
    Who can I contact to get some schooling? Michael

  27. 27 Glen

    I was wondering if you can answer a few questions:

    Where do you stand on compulsory voting. Don’t you think its ironic that freedom starts with being forced to vote ultimately through the potential threat of violence. Christian principles say that we have the right to choose. Many govt policies can only work because people are compelled to participate or they make it difficult for the free market to compete.

    Is your party collectivist or individualistic in nature. Do you believe that people have the right to live there lives as they please unless they trample on other peoples individual rights.

    Do you believe if people are dumb enough to take drugs they should have the right to and suffer from their own consequences. Look at the billions we could save from drug wars that goes to select elite groups of people.

    Do you think our constitution is currently being violated, sect 118 says we must have a referendum if we want to change it. eg Julia Gillard did not swear the oath in our constitution. The Commonwealth of Australia that she swore to is a corporation registered in Washington along with the state of Qld.

    Sect 115 talks about gold and silver there was never a referendum to go off it. Do you know how the establishment gets around this? Do you support constitutional money? or are you Keynesian when it comes to economic matters.

    Where do you stand on matters with the UN particularly with agenda 21, the reduction of organisms, abolition of property rights, removal of guns, sustainable development, the carbon dioxide lie originally thought up by comrade Maurice Strong in the UN. and the Australian People buy it completely.

    If you answer these questions correctly then this is the party to join.


  28. 28 Brian

    To Admin: I didn’t realise this blog was here…have already contributed to the other one on this site. Best of luck to your new party.
    I object to Muslims complaining about our church bells ringing, or singing Christmas Carols and songs…and I object to the Muslims telling us (via politically correct idiots who have nothing whatsoever to do with the Muslim culture on the pretext of helping minorities, and these same idiot people doing this are atheists too…lol). If they want to do their thing announcing prayers via their minaret…go for it but do not complain if a churchbell rings in my country. I am not racist but object to people telling me I am….and I am also opposed to women wearing Burquas…this is an open society, we like to see your faces. And object to their complaining of police who wish to see their licence as was the occasion on a current affairs program about a year ago, it is the job of police to keep law and order for the benefit of all cultures living here in this wonderful country of ours..
    I would also like to think everyone in the photo in your site masthead are members of your party or is the pic for illustration purposes. Again…best of luck for the RUAP…we need another alternative party…the Greens have certainly lost the plot. The Democrats sadly died a sad death since Don Chipp retired from parliament.

  29. 29 Malcolm

    I totally agree with your manifesto, I believe that people from anywhere in the world are welcome to Australia, providing:
    a. They embrace the Australian way of life.
    b. Follow Australian law.
    c. Are religion tolerant.
    d. If they feel a need to protest, that they do so peacefully and without causing damage to other peoples property.
    e. Enter Australia legally.

    (note: anybody fleeing a country due to persecution stop being refugees once they stop at/by pass another country or countries. Any further attempt to enter Australia (boat people) are simply illegal entrants).

    I certainly will be voting for the RUA come election time. Malcolm

  30. 30 Jon

    I agree with the overall goal of ruap to take back our sovereignty, making our government and banking system answerable to the common man, but don’t agree that policy needs to reflect religious values.

    I like many others would vote for RUAP if only you could get this balance right… come on guys just drop the imposing Christian belief angle and remain neutral. It doesn’t mean you can be what ever religion you want it just means don’t push into everyone else’s face via political staging.

    Good luck!

  31. 31 Christopher

    Pauline Hanson had a huge burst of success in her early days. Maybe R.U.A. will too, however, if it is to succeed, over the long term, it will have to show a balance of considerate policy making for all existing Australians, including our Muslim citizens. This Includes an understanding of the consequences and financial pitfalls to the Australian economy once we begin a policy of ‘perceived’ anti Islam and the rejection of Islamic requirments in accordance with its customs for those already living within Australia.I feel the arrival of the R.U.A. although long overdue, within our own political landscape, is nevertheless, benign, until it presents some genuine economic and fiscal policy, consequently, this concerned Australian remains a swinging voter…show us the money R.U.A. or where it will be spent ! Otherwise the other parties will eat you for breakfast without sufficent intelligent fiscal policy. Christopher

  32. 32 John

    I have had a good look around your website and totally agree with most of your policies . I am curious however as to why you have this policy .( We support the right for Israel to exist with Jerusalem as its undivided religious capital). Surely this party is being formed on Australian issues and I don’t see the need to be involved in another countries policies.

  33. 33 alstevo1984

    Thank God for RUAP,

    Your voice will be up against a large portion of our society and media outlets whom have been decieved, gagged and rendered useless by the false ideals of political correctness and multiculturalism.

    As a police officer in South West Sydney, I can personally state with absolute conviction that these ideals are destroying the foundation that so many people over the last two centuries have built this country on.

    This country needs to look at the cultural problems France and England are facing to see where it will be very soon.

    This party is built on the word of God. The word that was before everything, and always will be. Cant think of a better foundation then that.

    Keep going forward :)

  34. 34 James

    You guys are incredible. I didn’t believe a political party like this could exist. All you have to do is work in a police role in south west sydney to see the effects of Islam and multicultural violence. You need to promote your page more and I believe Australians will rise up with you. James

  35. 35 Keith

    well i saw your team for the 1st time on tv tonight must say i was impressed being a christian in australia is becoming very hard in this day and age i will be watching out for more , have you any candidates in Tasmania? Keith

  36. 36 Michelle

    Multiculturalism does not work and before you say anything, I am married to a wonderful Japanese man. Before he came to live in Australia I told him unless he was going to live as an Australian and respect our values not to come. He loves Australia and OUR culture. I am behind this party 100%. Michelle

  37. 37 Robert

    I agree with what you guys are all about, i have lived in Europe and in Australia.
    I have seen first hand what so called multiculturalisim does it just divides different cultures. The big problem here in Australia is a government that just lets anybody into this country, and one day we will be the minority just like England. It makes me mad and I am glad that you have started this party well done. Robert

  38. 38 Suzi

    You have my vote and I am sure when I show my neighbour you will have his vote! We have often spoken about the same things your guys are standing for and we are over Labor, Liberal and the Greens attitude to what is happening in our country! Something is really wrong when extremist Muslims think they can ask and demand shari law in Australia. What makes it even worse is they use my culture and my Aboriginal law to justify them having Shari Law here. I am so over our governments let us not upset them attitude! I was born under the flora and fauna act and we have not fought all these years to have some radical group come into Australia and stuff it up. Also, if you are a polygamist in Australia you are breaking the law and we pay you to do it ! I don’t think so ! I want you guys with my vote to help get our country back on track again! Suzi

  39. 39 Bill

    Having read the koran(ergo the words of god written in such a clear manner as to have the need for it to be interpreted by your local mufti, not to mention shi ite or sunni interpretations, over which these gentlemen have been killing each other for centuries)as well as a number of very well written books on islam and why it will not stop until we have the state of dar al salam, that is total shariah law world wide.
    I dont want that for my grand children or any body else for that matter. this crock of offal was written to justify the sociopath muhammed, with all his fancies, from having sex with little girls to mass murder etc.
    So on that score we agree! Now how about more depth on members of your party,fiscal management skills, foreign policy, diplomatic skills etc.
    Also on watching the launching of the party do we really need the Rah Rah American style presentation, I learnt in the military “silent and deadly”.
    I ask the above, as we dont only have to stop the invasion by immigration we also need to pull the country out of hole the current clowns have put us in.


    Melbourne Victoria

  40. 40 Mick

    You have my vote. Mick

  41. 41 Andrew

    I saw your promotion on sunrise and again Kochie proved what a tosser he is. Maybe take a step further, instead of having native language as first, English should be primary…sick of hearing other languages in a bus full of ‘Aussies’… I am happy to join your party, and have strong views which need to be considered.

    Rock on, no matter your colour, as long as you consider Australia your home and assimilate into our culture… Andrew

  42. 42 Hannah

    Our flag has 3 Crosses incorporated in the Union Jack. The Crosses recognise 3 Christian Saints: Patrick, George and Andrew. The Saints of ireland, England and Scotland respectively. Please continue to honour and glorify God as our forefathers in this country did, no matter how it all turns out. Over the whole of history God has the last word. He gives and He takes away.
    In a comment above someone was unsure of the connection with Israel, this is what happens when a whole generation(30years) doesn’t learn History in the Education system. This is also where we have let ourselves down in teaching the Judeao-Christian
    tenants of the Christian faith in our State schools and church schools in our country. It is no wonder we are losing our Christian foundations. However I am encouraged by the number of people I mix with who have a good understanding of what is going on with regards to what is happening in Israel and what God’s word says. I have only recently learnt these truths myself which is why I am so sad about how we educate our nation about our own “identity” or roots. Our Anzac Day has a new significance when WW1 and WW2 are better understood –Ah History lessons again.

    Christian….Christ….Jesus Christ…..Jesus the Christ…. Christ the anointed one… Jesus the Anointed one……..
    Hopefully every Christian in Australia will Rise Up which ever party they are in AS WELL AS the people who will join RUAParty. Rise Up and remember that we are only a great country as long as God continues to bless this land. This great south land of the Holy Spirit.
    Remember Christ…@Christmas and it is HIS tory in history.

    RUAParty please continue to acknowledge God, Thank God and Praise Him for all that we have in Australia. God help us.

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