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On Australia Day January 26 from 10am – 1pm hundreds of patriotic Aussie’s from different churches, denominations, ethnicities, and states will gather in Melbourne, at Bethany International Church in South Melbourne to pray for God’s protection over our nation Australia, and a quick end to the bushfire season.

“This National Prayer Day for Australia is a major opportunity for reconciliation and unity amongst Christians from different ethnicities, churches, and denominations, including Anglicans, Catholics, Presbyterians, other Protestants, Pentecostals, Charismatics, Evangelicals, and the Salvation Army to come together to corporately pray for our nation’s Government, Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Indigenous, Australia’s Physical and Spiritual Healing. On top of the prayer agenda there will be a great focus regarding the bushfire season, that there will be much rain and the impact of the bushfires will be minimum.

Special guest speaker is Pastor Wally Magnangal, originally from the Philippines, also the founder and international director of Christians in Crisis, based in the USA, where he has ministered in all 50 states. You may click the following link to learn more about his ministry Christian in Crisis.

Pastor Wally is a Christian missionary who has ministered in many nations around the world, including Saudi Arabia, where he was tortured for 70 days, then sentenced to death in 1994, but miraculously saved 24 hours before execution. Click the following link to watch his powerful testimony.

At the Australia Day Prayer meeting this Saturday 26th January, he will be bringing an increasing awareness to Australians and the Church in the West, of persecuted Christians in Islamic nations.
Pastor Daniel Nalliah said it is a day when everyone who calls Australia home, no matter which land they came from, can be proud to be a part of this great nation. “I encourage all patriotic Australians to fly an Australian flag from their rooftops, windows, on their cars or in their front gardens, as a symbol of appreciation of all that Australia means to us,” he said in Melbourne today.

“The Australian flag, with its Union Jack, the Commonwealth Star and the five stars of the Southern Cross, is the flag under which our brave forefathers fought and died to keep this nation the free, independent, democracy that we all enjoy today.”

“The world is facing many challenges and upheavals today, financial, cultural and social, and Australia Day is the perfect opportunity for Australians to celebrate our country, our national identity and our culture. It is a time to reflect on the great achievements we have made as a nation; our parliamentary democracy is one of the best and most stable in the world and our people enjoy peace and prosperity. We wish everyone a proud and happy Australia Day for 2013.”

The Bible verse 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 is what we’re standing on, asking the Most High God to honour His Word to come and heal our land both physically and spiritually,” Pastor Nalliah said.

Daniel Nalliah is available for interview on 03 9794 8211.

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