Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) Several weekends ago, Pr Daniel ministered in the Gold Coast & Brisbane, which was a great success as many were mightily touched by the power of God!

In the Gold Coast at the Rise up Australia Party meeting on Friday the 23rd of Nov, Pr Daniel addressed a public gathering at the Southport Workers Club. The RUA Party QLD State Exec was very encouraged as around 80-100 people attended the meeting. The RUAP Gold Coast branch did a fantastic job in organizing this meeting. All who gathered were very challenged and greatly encouraged through Pr Daniel’s speech. As he finished the speech, people stood up, started clapping and would not stop!

On Sat & Sun, the meetings in 3 different locations in Brisbane were just glorious! Many responded to the altar call and received a mighty touch from God. Sunday night was possibly the highlight of the weekend as the church in Redcliff was packed out with people from many different churches. At one point while Pr Daniel was speaking, the presence of the Holy Ghost fell in the meeting so powerfully that the people got up, shouting, clapping, speaking in tongues and some were weeping!

Some people gathered described it as a “Holy Ghost explosion!”  It was just absolutely wonderful with people rejoicing and shouting for joy as Pr Daniel shared the vision to take Australia for Jesus. The meeting went for almost four hours, but the people were just glued to their seats, as the presence of God was so great! This church meets every day at 6am to pray for revival.

People were greatly excited to hear the news of RUA Party. As they heard the slogan “Keep Australia Australian”, they started clapping. Many signed up for membership. Many others stated, “Thank God for the hope He has brought back into our lives!”

Last Sat, the RUA Party Candidate Training Day for Victoria went very well, with around 25-30 potential candidates in attendance. We thank the Lord for a mighty army of men and women of God who are getting ready to storm parliament in order to protect our Judeo-Christian Heritage and Keep Australia Australian!

2) All glory to God for His Holy Spirit revival fire outpouring over the last several weekend in Perth at 4 different churches (Pro-Israel and Miracle Healing Meetings) where Evangelist Jason ministered the prophetic Word of the Lord, as more precious souls were born-again into the Kingdom of Heaven (including many children and young people), with many others healed, delivered, set free, restored, revived, transformed and revolutionised by the manifest presence, glory and love of our Almighty Father in Heaven!

People at every service were fired-up about Rise Up Australia Party as they took many brochures to hand out to their families, friends, neighbours and others.

3) For those of you in the Melbourne area, we encourage you to join the monthly Rise Up Australia prayer meeting this Friday 7th Dec at 7:30pm, open to the wider Body of Christ for National Spiritual Revival, Reformation and Transformation.

4) Pr Daniel will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and praying for people this Sun 9th Dec at both the 9:30am & 6:30pm services at CTFM in Melbourne (Hallam).

 Please note that the evening service will be broadcast live at beginning at 7pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time -AEST).

 If you’re watching from outside of Australia, please note that the live stream time is AEST (UTC/GMT +10). Click the following link to find out the time difference from Melbourne, Australia to your part of the world.

 We would also greatly appreciate if you can promote this broadcast amongst family and friends.

 All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.

7 Responses to “Gold Coast & Brisbane great success / Perth Catching the Fire / RUA Prayer Melbourne this Fri / Live webcast with Pr Daniel on Sun 9th Dec”

  1. 1 Jenny & Ian

    Thank you for your e mail.

    Ian and I were at the meeting in Lawnton last Saturday 22 Nov. We were excited and so happy to listen to Pastor Danny. He prayed for us after the service and had a word for us. Sure enough that same night I woke up praying and interceding for him and for Australia and shall continue to do so.

    We are speaking to everyone that at last we have someone who won’t conform to the world. Praise God!

    We are delighted that he has decided to make a stand.

    We wrote to Kochie and told him that he was totally unfair in his treatment of Danny on the Sunrise show and how he didn’t let him speak.

    Our love and prayers go with you and may you have great success in the Lord.

    Jenny & Ian

  2. 2 Eve

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thank you SO much for your email and to know that you have received mine as was also confirmed by Jason Golden. Jason has asked I send you a link to the show- and I have already asked Doug to forward it to me ( the “great computer genius” that I am) and will then forward it to you, as soon as I receive it.

    Thank you also so much for the information about Richard= the way I see things developing here in the USA= the same bible operations might be needed here, as well, in the not too far future.
    I was just sick to my stomach when I had heard the election results– as I KNOW that this election was STOLEN and even knew how. When I had run for congress in Las Vegas in 2008, and as I speak Spanish, many of the Latinos there had told me that about 80% of the Latinos registered to vote, were here illegally; and that is what I know has happened in this recent election; as well as fraud in the way ballots have been handled.

    As the Lord had previously told me that I need to WREST THE LAND OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY- I keep asking Him, what, in addition to prayer, can be done. So far, I have not been given any direction.

    What is so upsetting to me, from a legal point of view, is that we have an illegal president, (born in Kenya and not a natural USA born citizen, as is required by our Constitution)- who..
    completely disregards our Constitution and our laws- and actively is leading us to communism and to the NEW WORLD ORDER; and that now he has stolen 4 more years to complete his evil mission.
    He keeps signing secret Executive Orders, now with some of them permitting our military to patrol our streets- on the way to MARSHAL LAW== and with camps being readied to have people shipped to them by trains with shackles and guillotines– unbelievable=but the Lord had shown me about concentration camps coming to America, about 35 years ago- and now I see, the How.

    I feel so led to share all of this with you- so that you might be on guard in watching for similar activities in Australia- and so that you would know how to protect against it with RISE UP AUSTRALIA.

    God bless you and your family richly. I think now I need to wish you a blessed day — with Jesus’ great love, Eve

  3. 3 Alicia

    Dear Ps Jason

    Thank you for your ministry to us @ NCLC last Sunday.

    Surely you preached the word of the Lord with zeal & passion.

    May many be encouraged, persuaded & even snatched from the kingdom of darkness into Jesus’ kingdom of light.

    NCLC administrator

  4. 4 Mei


    Thanks for the great meeting with Jason Golden. We have just returned from Melbourne and had a wonderful conference.


  5. 5 Kathy

    Shalom beloved Bro Jason and Golden family in Yeshua!

    It was a pleasure to bless the man of God! Someone who loves Yeshua soooo much!

    And your of the family tribe of Judah! same line as Yeshua! Your about to come into a new dimension with exciting things in God ahead, and your going to meet new people in Israel and of the nations to connect with, there’s going to be an explosion!

    Thanks for leaving your anointed DVD’s & CD’s for my family and I. My household was blessed by your staying over in the Daniel upper room! 2 Kings 4:8 Elishah raises the Shunammite women’s son. Your presence in his bed and room, the anointing you carry will make a difference. All Glory to Yeshua!

    Zech 2:12 ‘And the LORD YHWH will take possession of Judah as His inheritance in the Holy Land, and will again choose Jerusalem.’

    Yeshua’s richest blessings to you,

    Sis Kathy

  6. 6 Dot

    Please thank Jason G. for his great ministry in Perth. He was very much on fire in the Holy Spirit. Also thank him for encouraging me with my music. It was timely and greatly appreciated.

    This year, my husband Ken, was miraculously healed of liver cancer – the cancer had spread over 80% of his liver. After prayer, he was completely healed. Every X-ray, imagining, PET. MRI and etc proved the cancer. Three professors diagnosed him. When a surgeon looked in for the second time (2 weeks after the prayer, and prayers of many throughout Australia) it had ALL gone.
    Praise God. (Jason G, had taken him through the sinners prayer before that. Praise God for the seed that grew in Ken.)

    Jason, this is what I am getting from God re your next series of ministry:

    It will be fresh, new like the due of the early morning, drenching and flowing over each person. It will the whole of the gospel preaching with extensions, purely from His word. You will be surprised, elated and blessed. Something new, something different, something unexpected, but all in line with His word.

    God bless you all,

  7. 7 Frances

    Dear Jason,

    THANKS so much for coming to Perth; I was so glad to receive enough energy to attend all 4 meetings; I enjoyed everything you said!

    My daily declaration is something along the lines of -“I am healed of Shingles by the Blood of Jesus & Resurrection Power;
    I operate in the Kingdom-of-God-Great-Commission authority & power to cast out devils & heal the sick! I am the righteous; sin & sickness have no dominion over me!”

    Indeed, the thrust of the Holy Spirit’s message through you to me was- “Frances, The Kingdom of Almighty God, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit inside YOU can push out Shingles!” Thank you for trumpeting the message!

    Jason, you are an evangelist operating in evangelistic anointing; yet, I really wanted to spell it out in this e-mail; plus I want to be sure you know I know you are a mighty man of God with really big public platform destiny in these end of the end-days. I look forward to seeing you again.

    Wow, Kathy is so anointed at the keyboard & singing… it’s easy to picture her as a major part of your national & int’l TEAM!

    Plus, it was fun watching Egon & Miriam- they love & honor you sooo much!

    “Now, Abba, thank You in advance for increasing Anointing on Jason, from glory level to next glory level. as he ministers Saturday in Richmond…line-up Divine Appointments for him…in the mighty Name of Yeshua Rapha-Shaddai, AMEN!”

    With love, gratitude & admiration,


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