Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) You may click the following link to read another Melbourne Age newspaper article in regard to our opposition (and much of the local community) to the proposed Islamic mosque on 3 acres next to our future church premises in Doveton, Victoria.

Faith off: sparks fly in Doveton mosque row – December 5, 2012

2) You may click the following link to listen to an excellent radio interview with Pr Daniel on Judge Eve Cohen’s program in the US.

3) You may click the following link to read the Daily Telegraph article from December 07, 2012 titled ‘Sydney’s wild, wild west’ regarding Muslims and how our Australian way of life is being overtaken in areas with high Muslim populations.

Please continue in daily prayer as our battle is not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual forces of darkness!

4 Responses to “Another Age newspaper article regarding mosque / Pr Daniel’s radio interview in America / Daily Telegraph – Sydney’s violent wild, wild west”

  1. 1 Phil

    Good on you Pr. Danny keep plugging away, you are having an effect and you are doing what all the self proclaimed ‘civil libertarians’ are too busy hiding under the bed to do. The Council majority are ‘correct’ – correct as was Neville Chamberlain and entire nations that were about to taste the violence they had been warned of but could not awaken to. Phil

  2. 2 Judith

    If ye love me, keep my commandments John 14:15


  3. 3 Rudy

    Dear Jason,

    Our prayer will be supporting to all for this situation.

    God Bless.


  4. 4 Gerredina

    To Abdul Rahman: if you believe in Christ you cannot believe in Islam, that is an oxymoron. I believe that Daniel Nalliah has read the koran from the beginning to the end and can quote chapter and verse and having lived in countries where the Islamic faith is practiced on a daily basis, he knows what he is talking about. As a blue-eyed Australian, have you lived in any Muslim country? Has your wife? To Al Wadia: can you please tell me of any country in the world where Islam is the ruling faith and where there is freedom of choice, speech, dress? Where there is equality between men and women? Where there is freedom of religion? How many churches are there in countries with Islamic shariah law? There are plenty here. When Christians are allowed to build churches in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and most of all Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and little girls who want to study don’t get shot, and practice their freedom of religion free of fear then please come back and apply again.
    Gerredina, Endeavour Hills

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