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“I believe that if the Believers unite together in prayer and commitment we could see a great revival. We need to stop running to the hills in white robes, but do everything we can to tell the world about Christ before He returns.” -Dr. Michael Youssef

(London, England)—At a sold out International Evening at Westminster Chapel Saturday October 20, “Leading The Way” Founder and President Dr. Michael Youssef, challenged everyone to urgently occupy themselves with the work of the Lord, before the return of Christ.

“We need to stop running to the hills in white robes, but do everything we can to tell the world about Christ before He returns,” Dr. Youssef told more than 1,000 Leading the Way supporters and listeners at the event which was hosted by Premier Radio.

Travelling straight from Australia where he shared the same message based on Luke 19 where Jesus says ‘Occupy til I come,’ Dr. Youssef’s timely challenge highlighted the dangers of people predicting the times and dates of Christ’s return.

“Just seeing the urgency of the time should not just make us sit there and count the days but really get busy witnessing and serving and getting involved in global evangelism, which is what “Leading The Way” does,” said Dr. Youssef who is set to celebrate 25 years of worldwide Christian ministry.

He added: “We need to get busy, serve God, lift Jesus up, don’t be intimidated or be fearful. Let the word do it as Martin Luther says you lift up Jesus and He’ll do the rest.”

“Leading The Way” is busy doing just that through their programs which are now being broadcast in 190 countries in 21 languages via radio, TV and internet streaming including on London-based Premier Radio at 9 am every weekday.

The ministry is also reaching into remote impoverished areas of the world with the Gospel through the ‘Navigator’ solar-powered pocket mp3 players containing a copy of the Bible and Dr. Youssef’s Biblical teachings.

Dr. Youssef originally from Egypt and now based in Atlanta, Georgia, is also deeply humbled to have started recently broadcasting the Truth of Christ to the Arab world via “Leading the Way’s” 24/7 satellite TV channel – The Kingdom Sat.

“If you told me four years ago that we would have a television station broadcasting 24/7 into 160 million homes in the Arab world and Europe on Arab sat and Nile sat the most popular Arab satellites I wouldn’t have believed it. But God really put it together.”

In addition to Dr. Youssef’s television programs that are dubbed into Arabic and French, The Kingdom Sat offers Biblical teaching from leading pastors and teachers from the East and West that have been edited and translated to be effective programs for an Arab audience.

Saturday’s event was also an opportunity for Dr. Youssef to personally thank and meet many “Leading The Way” supporters, who send him letters and emails of their testimonies each week of how their lives have been impacted. It was a particularly poignant evening for Patricia Forbes, who moved to England from Pakistan in the 1960’s after facing persecution for her Christian faith and her testimony is soon to be featured in one of “Leading The Way’s” programs.

“I can’t believe I’m here tonight. Each morning for the past two years I’ve eagerly been listening to “Leading The Way” on Premier Radio while sitting on my little chair with my Bible and my notebook. What Dr. Youssef has done for me personally, it’s like adjusting a radio, it’s like he’s fine tuning my thoughts on Jesus and the effect of the Bible on us. He’s a great communicator and he makes everything so simple.”

The whole evening took on a colorful international flavor with flags from across the world draped throughout Westminster Chapel, as thousands of Believers representing several countries also enjoyed a wide mix of different styles of worship led by well-known singer and Premier radio presenter Muyiwa, who shared how he’s also been impacted by Dr. Youssef’s ministry:

“It’s the no-nonsense truth that he preaches. He breaks down the Word of God and tells you the truth and you feel it yourself and then when you try it yourself it changes your life. People respond because he doesn’t just give you theory he gives you stuff that can work in your life and you try it and it works.”

Muyiwa believes it was a very significant time to have Dr. Youssef in London.

“I think it’s a great thing to have the unadulterated Word of God spoken in London. There’s something about a significant leader like Dr. Youssef coming in that makes a difference to a whole city. I think Michael is definitely someone who has a voice and a message for not just the Church but for the city and the nation.”

At the end of the evening many stood in response to Dr. Youssef’s call to commit themselves to take seriously their calling as ambassadors of Christ, and he hopes this will have a significant impact on the nation:

“I believe that if the Believers unite together in prayer and commitment we could see a great revival. I tell people if the Lord returns today He’s not going to find me in a white robe heading to the hills or sitting in the mountains. He’s going to find me either behind a pulpit, or behind a desk or behind a microphone in a studio or with somebody ministering and that’s what should really be our attitude.

“I think it was John Wesley who said ‘I wait for the Lord everyday but I work as if He’s not coming back for a thousand years.”

Source: ASSIST News Service

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