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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends and family in Christ,

Please watch the following very important video message (3 min) from an African American Christian Leader to all Black Christians in today’s US Presidential Election.

We at Catch the Fire Ministries and Rise Up Australia Party also believe there is a very relevant message for us too regarding our Australian Federal Election in 2013.

4 Responses to “African American Christian Leader Message to Black Christians in USA”

  1. 1 Phil - Sydney

    What Bishop Jackson states is 100% correct.,

    Regrettably American have chosen Obama again.

    The serious questions now for the USA are:-

    When will SSM become law?

    When will persecution against Christians really start to ramp up under a Muslim President?

    How many more abortions will occur in the next 4 years?

    When will Israel become so alienated by the USA they will have no choice but to attack IRAN by themselves?

    A Sobering Future for the USA.

    The election result is an indication how far US Citizens have strayed from Righteousness. It’s very tragic.

    Will Australian Christians also be stupid enough to re-vote in J Gillard?

    I pray not


  2. 2 Slim


    I think the Black minister missed the point and your stand is overtly political. There are many Christians on both sides of US politics that have a broad range of biblical viewpoints. Some more liberal, some more extreme by each others accounts.

    The results show around 90% of blacks voted for Obama, whilst statistically around 70% of blacks identify themselves as evangelical Christians (look up US Gallup poll results). These numbers show that many Black Christians either identified strongly with elements of the Democratic policy OR conclusively distanced themselves from the conservative Republican platform. You can’t dismiss these Christians as wrong as you are asserting Phil as this isolates your own people. There is something bigger going on here and I think the hardline conservatives have a lot to answer for in repelling people that may well have voted Obama out but found the idea of voting the Republicans in as far more problematic.

    It seems the greatest fear the US electorate had was what they perceived as ‘extremist’ comments by some hard-liner conservatives in the Republican party, the likes of Akin that were voted out.

    Christians have to think about how the message is being presented to people that they disagree with. A more loving conversation may do more to show that Jesus was a bringer of people together than the brutal commentary by some hardliners. Also lets not forget Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and maybe that’s what some of these big bankers and corporates are in the US right now.

    Maybe the result is not an indication of how far the US citizens have strayed from righteousness but how distant the righteous have gone from the US citizens. Walk amongst them is what Jesus would do.

    The Republicans have a lot serious thinking to do on how to connect with Blacks and Hispanics, both very spiritual groups, if they hope to win the next election.

  3. 3 Philip Bruce Heywood

    What we are looking for is something or someone that transcends politics.

    The Western World is facing its own self-initiated ‘end times’ and the only hope is the only Hope there ever was. We need the Lord Jesus to speak peace into the confusion. And we need people who will re-state constitutional principles and take the wind out of the sails of the wreckers.

  4. 4 Philip B - Sydney

    Dear Slim and Catch the Fire,

    I stand by my comments. Your letter is equally political.

    It is a fact that over six million evangelicals in the US voted for Barack Obama. But was this a decision God endorses and supports?.

    Undoubtedly Obama has been one of America’s worst presidents. National Debt to doubled to unsustainable levels under his administration. The US finances are out of control and Obama certainly will lurch from one disaster to the next over the next 4 years. Obama supports not just abortion but infanticide. If you want to know what God thinks about abortion read Proverbs 6:16-19. “There are six things which Jehovah hateth; Yea, seven which are an abomination unto him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood; A heart that deviseth wicked purposes…..”.

    Obama also publicly endorses Same Sex marriage that will without doubt over time destroy God’s institutions of marriage and family. Again God’s word is crystal clear on this issue.

    Obama has no respect for Christianity or the Bible, yet distorts American history to promote Islam. Refer his recent Ramadan discussed by Bill Muhlenberg in Family World News.

    Also refer the Youtube video

    My question are:- Do these so called evangelicals actually read the Bible, and do they actually love Christ and obey his Word or have they been seduced by the Democrat marketing campaign. Democrats poured over $2 billion into the Obama campaign. Their campaign was superb. So good in fact that PM Gillard will probably copy it. As John Roskam stated in the AFR on Friday “Romney allowed his opponents to define his public image as a multimillionaire leveraged buyout merchant.” Relentless negative advertising worked well. In Australia, expect Federal Labor to endorse a vicious and dishonest hate campaign against Tony Abbott leading up to the next election. It’s started already. Currently Greg Combet’s hate campaign continues unabated.

    I don’t personally believe the US election highlighted a failure of the Republicans. What this is really about is the current sad state and level of apostacy within the US Church.

    As Bill Muhlenberg rightly states: –

    It is a case of Babylon so greatly getting into the church that the captives have grown content and happy with their condition.

    If the six million Evangelicals don’t like what I’m saying I’ll not concerned. My purpose is not to engage with them and to make them feel good about their poor decision. I and every Christian are called to follow Christ. US Citizens in the next 4 years will pay the price for their Pro Obama decision last week. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.Proverbs 13 v34.

    Obama is a bad president. His Godless policies are depressing. I weep over what President Obama will do to the US over the next 4 years and I am the lack of discernment of over 6 million Christians in the US. On the positive side I hope a Godless president with Godless policies will result in a huge wake up call for all Christians across the US in the next 4 years and they will repent en masse..

    As David Wilkenson has previously stated God’s Judgement is coming on the USA. There is no doubt this will occur sooner rather than later under Obama.

    FACT:- The “Best is yet to come” when Christ returns BUT not under the reign of Obama.


    Philip B – Sydney

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