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Salman Rushdie usually demonstrates that he doesn’t really have any clue about why he is under an ongoing death fatwa, but in this he is spot-on. “Islam: I don’t like the word Islamophobia.”

(ANSAmed) – BERLIN – Freedom of expression is a fundamental value, and in no way comparable to physical violence against others, British-Indian author Salman Rushdie said at his latest book launch on Tuesday. Titled Joseph Anton, it’s a memoir of the nine years he spent in hiding after Iran’s spiritual leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini, issued a death warrant against him in 1989, accusing Rushdie of blasphemy in his novel The Satanic Verses.

”The pope gets ridiculed every day, but you don’t see Catholics organizing terrorist attacks around the world,” the atheist author said. ”I don’t like the word Islamophobia. We must distinguish between attacking ideas and attacking people.

The response to words must always be more words. People are using offense as an excuse for revenge. But there is no intrinsic right to not be offended, it’s absurd.” The title of his new book, a composite of the names of his two favorite authors, Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekhov, is the pseudonym he chose when he went into hiding, Rushdie explained

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  1. 1 Gerry

    Poor Salman–One of the first western casualties of Islam,the religion of Piece’s and muslimbs.

    The pope has a bit of an excuse for not warning his flock of 1 billion about the danger of a world religion which denies the crucifixion of Jesus,thus rendering null and void his precious Gospel, (to moslems.) As he was busy hosing down the sexual scandals caused by compulsory celibacy enforced on the clergy.( Which Luther warned about, 400 years ago!)

    By and large the protestant clergy also have the excuse of being very busy and not warning their flocks.
    Firstly by facilitating the infiltration of freemasons into the various denominations and polluting them.
    Secondly by working very hard towards accommodating the homosexual agenda,plus gay marriage.
    Thirdly, Making Poverty History.!(In contradiction to the “poor you have with you always” of Lord Jesus.)
    They must be so exhausted by now!

    Neglecting to warn christians and non christians of a violent world religion which slanders the Lord Jesus, his Precious Gospel and the Holy Bible, and importing the followers of this abomination into the country, is spiritual neglect , criminal neglect and treachery of the highest order. God Have Mercy on the West.

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