Dear family & friends in Christ,

We thank and praise God for His mighty hand at work during our recent ministry tour of US & Canada! It was so great to have my wife Maryse and our youngest daughter Brianna with us. We’re so happy to be back home in Australia, as there is no place like home. We also dearly missed our son Nigel & daughter Shannen very much, as they could not join us on this trip.

Call me bias, but I cannot help it to say that there is no place like Australia. Everywhere we went, when people heard that we were from Australia, there was such a warm welcome, including at many airport check points and with custom officials. Praise God that Australia has become a good friend of many nations and we thank God for the favour Australia has around the world.

I had the wonderful privilege of ministering with Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. God opened the door for me to minister at three different churches and to be on SBN TV, including the ‘Francis & Friends’ Program, which reaches a potential of tens of millions of people in America and around the world, including Australia. The feedback was amazing, with many greatly challenged to take a stand for Jesus and their nation.

At Pr Jimmy’s church, people were mightily touched by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, as almost the whole church came to the altar to stand in the gap to pray for America. This happened in almost every church where I ministered, particularly because the US is facing a very important election in a few months which may very well determine the destiny of this great nation of America.

For those who haven’t already seen, you may click the following links to watch both broadcasts.


Then God opened the door for me to be on CBN & 700 Club with Pat Robertson in Virginia Beach. We give God all the glory as this international broadcast too had tremendous response.

You may click following link to read an excellent article on RUA Party and to watch a ten minute international television interview I had

You may click the following link to watch a replay (from 19:45 min – 31:40 min) of my CBN interview on the 700 Club with additional encouraging comments from Pat Robertson and another host.

In Toronto, Canada,  it was so great to catch up with family and friends at a family wedding. The re-union was so great. I also had the wonderful opportunity to minister at ‘Miracle Family Temple Church’ in Toronto. At these revival meetings, many received a mighty healing touch from God, with others set free from demons. In this church a lady who was completely deaf in her left ear, was instantly healed. I trust that many of you have already read this exciting testimony and watched the videos. For those who haven’t yet, you may click the following two links to watch, one of the lady receiving prayer and the other of her sharing her testimony with tears of joy.

All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ as we serve an almighty God of miracles!

We also had a re-union in Ohio, with friends who formerly served in Saudi Arabia with us in the underground church. We thank the Lord for touching many lives in Ohio, especially a young boy who is Autistic.  Following is the testimony by his Mum.

“I am writing because it is hard to contain my emotions. How can I share with you our gratitude for offering our family a chance to see such a powerful man of God. Thank you both.

Oh……………our life is forever changed by the word of God through Pastor Danny.  I asked Ryan about Danny at your house that night. He actually shared the following.. Immediately the minute he saw Danny .. he said,”  DANNY SO PRESENT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT IN HIM.” I think Danny did not hear me share that with him as the room was becoming crowded with new folks.  HE IS THE COLOR GOLD…. the strong presence of the Holy Spirit GOLD  from what Ryan told me.. If you think about it what is the color behind pictures of Jesus.. GOLD. The only other person Ryan has said is Gold is himself. Is that wild…….interesting.. Ryan has been given the gift of seeing the spirit of a person?

Ryan came running in our room the next night and said HOLY SPIRIT SAID RYAN WILL HAVE A PEACEFUL LIFE.. HE WAS SO HAPPY.. HIS AUTISM IS LEAVING….

We through Danny’s  prophetic word have taken the steps and continue to listen to the instruction of the Holy Spirit…. Both Paul , Ashley Ryan and  myself listening and calling on obeying what he is asking.  God is so good .. much is transpiring in our family…His prophetic word on Masonic ties………oh……you have no idea…….Paul will need to share what has happened. We  had EXTREMELY CLOSE TIES.   I can’t wait to see you both again… to share.”

We need to bring the folks who met Danny back together again.. to share their testimonies. We must continue to move to a place of true worship in the Holy Spirit. As I now speak in tongues…which came about in the few months.. it is clear to me our churches in America.. are “playing church” like Pastor Danny has spoke of…  Please feel free to share this with Danny if lead.  Love and Blessing friends in Christ.. Teresa

Our final port of call was Sacramento, California. Here God gave us the wonderful opportunity to minister at five services in three different churches. At these revival meetings the Spirit of God fell upon the people and there was deep repentance and weeping for America. Several Pastors who were at these meetings, have now asked me to come back to minister in the state of California.

These Pastors were mightily touched when they saw people on their knees weeping and repenting for their country. Who knows, we might have to launch the RUA (Rise Up America) prayer movement in the US too.

You may click the following link to listen to some of my messages preached at Impact Church in California

Glory to God, our nation Australia has a major role to play in the end time revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We are so excited to be a part of this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, just before the coming of the Lord.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of you for praying and standing with us.

I hope you enjoy the photos below.


Your bro in Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah




7 Responses to “Pr Daniel returns to Australia after a great ministry tour of US & Canada”

  1. 1 Pastor Moses

    Thank you man of God for such great work in God’s kingdom. Pastor Moses

  2. 2 Gerry

    God, bless, prosper and protect Pastor Danny, his family, the R.U.A. and this site.

  3. 3 Helen

    What about Australia? We have not repented either. I watched pastor Danny on the American Christian Channels. It was good to hear an Australian speaking about our country. God bless you all. I pray that by the grace of God Pastor Danny will have favor with the Australian voters and he will win the election. Helen

  4. 4 Sarah

    Dear Fellow Christians of the Rise Up Australia Party,

    I just wanted to let you know that I thank God with all my heart for this new Rise Up Australia party.

    I saw Pastor Daniel’s speech on multiculturalism and it made so much sense. I’m so glad that these truths that you stand for are proclaimed publicly to all Australians. I am fully for keeping Australia Australian, and rejoice to see a party committed to this task, having the Lord Jesus Christ as it’s Master.

    I will be praying for you, and that Australia will be turned back to these values for which your party stands. I believe God has set Australia aside throughout history for His special purpose.

    Be encouraged in your work, and thank you so much!

    Yours sincerely,


  5. 5 Christa

    Pastor Daniel & Maryse,
    We are still being affected by your influence on us and all who were in attendance at the special services we had with you. Thank you for coming! You are in our thoughts and prayers!
    Christa & Don Proctor

  6. 6 pastor Azar Naz

    Calvery Greetings in Jesus name.
    Pastor Daniel is true man of God,He is servant of Jesus,God, bless, prosper and protect Pastor Danny

  7. 7 brian mudaki

    hallow pastor Daniel i have watched your church and read about your ministry and i love your mission of spreading the word of god .how i wish you had a enough time to come to Kenya and assists my church a good Church with a good pastor but has no funds to proceed how i wish your were in a position to help our church looking forward to listening from u memorable days ahead of u as you continue to proclaim the word of God may the lord be with you and your family peace be with you Amen.

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