AAP • 17/09/2012

Liberal senator Connie Fierravanti-Wells says Muslim migrants who don’t wish to integrate into Australian society should consider leaving.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells told the Senate on Monday Australia was a tolerant and compassionate society which respected social and religious difference.

Thousands of migrants, like her parents, had come to Australia to build a better life and many had been very successful, she said.

“I say this to those in that community who have come out here with little or no intention of integrating themselves, who have no desire to assimilate, who preach hatred and violence – you are not welcome,” she said.

“As the daughter of migrants to this country, I say to you, accept our laws, respect them and make the most of the opportunities this country can give you. If you don’t want to do this, it’s time to go back from where you came from.”

Senator Fierravanti-Wells said that was the view of millions of Australians who made up a “silent majority”.

“We should not be afraid to say it publicly and openly,” she said.

About 200 Muslims gathered in central Sydney on Saturday to protest against the anti-Islam film made in the US, but violence followed in which 17 people and six police officers were injured.

2 Responses to “Muslim migrants should integrate: Senator”

  1. 1 Gerry

    Muslims don’t integrate, get used to it Connie. Do you really think they will listen to an infidel female preaching to them?

    The koran teaches against it, Christians and Jews are sons of Apes and Pigs, all unbelievers are infidel dogs.

    Why would you want to integrate with infidel dogs who will not submit to mohammad and allah.?

    By the way allah is known as the ‘ greatest of deceivers’, – known in the Holy Bible as the – ‘Father of Lies’.-

    Part of the muslim prayer structure is to call down curses on Jews and Christians. [ Not very supportive of integration!.]

  2. 2 PG

    Then there is only one solution , integrate or leave . The Immigration services have to have proof of integration before issuning a permanent visa or nationaility .

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