Dear family & friends in Christ,
1) On his return from ministering in Newcastle, Pr Daniel said ‘We thank and praise God for those Pastors who are genuinely going after the Holy Spirit. God has certainly preserved a   remnant of church leaders who are willing to still stand strong and trust in the Holy Spirit for revival. These Pastors are often critisized by other fellow brothers in Christ, but even when David’s brothers criticized him, he did not give up. But took the challenge and won the battle, and they all celebrated. So we must also love our brothers who critisize us, no matter what they say, and pray for them’.

God moved mightily at every service and many were powerfully touched as they opened their hearts to the Holy Spirit, and hundreds of people gathered at the meetings. On sunday morning the church was packed, and then following the service was a wedding in the church, in which many people who normally do not go to church, were mightily impacted by the Word and presence of God. Pr Daniel prayed for many people who received a powerful touch from our mighty King Jesus.’

Pr Daniel also spoke about Rise Up Australia Party and challenged the people to stand up for their nation, and keep Australia Australian. The people responded with much excitment and many signed up to join the party membership. Some were also willing to stand as candidates in the Newcastle area in the next federal election.Pr Daniel stated, ” I am so hapy to see the response from the people. Particularly on Sunday morning many who normally do not go to church were at the service and many of them too signed up and took membership. This was very encouraging”.

A 92 year old World War 2 veteran came to church wearing all his medals. He told Pastor Daniel, “Son I am so proud of you. I fought for my country to protect the freedoms we today enjoy, but now we are beginning to lose some of it.  I am so happy that you are standing to Keep Australia Australian. Good on you man’.  See photos on 2) We also Congratulate Chloe & Patrick from CTFM who were married last week. We pray God’s mighty blessing and protection on them.

3) Pr Daniel will be ministering this Sunday at the 9.30am & 6.30pm services at CTFM in Hallam.

Also for those of you in the Melbourne area, you’re most welcome to join our weekly intercessory prayer meeting this Friday 28th September at 7:30pm, that is open to the wider Body of Christ to pray for Australia’s Spiritual Revival, Reformation and Transformation in the Kingdom of God.

Love in Christ

Elizabeth Ryan

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  1. 1 Pastor Masilya

    Dear Elizabeth,

    It has been nice to get your message and hear about the tremendous work God is doning through you.
    Is it possible to come and show the annointing miracles you are doing for the golry of God?
    The leaders and the servants of Churches greatly need to these miracles happening here also.
    We welcome you.
    God richly bless you.

    Pastor Masilya

  2. 2 Jocelyn

    Thank you very much.
    Praising God!

  3. 3 Gel


  4. 4 Patty

    We must unite together as a holy race, a royal priesthood, Jews and Gentiles alike.


  5. 5 Dwayne Leslie

    I was in Mazatlan, Mexico, as this is where I have spent most of the last 8 years, and on one very early morning, I woke to a voice saying, I AM PREPARING YOU FOR AUSTRALIA. The presance of God was all over me and I woke up my wife to share the experience. This was three years ago and God has confirmed this calling time and time again. I’m Canadian and I have been anticipating going greatly ever since. God has His time and way of doing things but I’m looking into what has been happening there down under spiritually and in revival and I like what is said here. I know that God will lead but as a spiritual revivalist I want to know everything I can about what is happening down under in revival. We also had some extemely powerful meetings in Mazatlan. Newcastle has been peaking my interest lately for some reason.

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