Dear family & friends in Christ,

We thank and praise Almighty God for His supernatural anointing of the Holy Spirit!

Over the last weekend Pr Daniel, with a team from CTFM, ministered in Portland Vic, which is a very interesting place, as it was the first town started in Victoria.

Pr Daniel ministered on Saturday night, Sunday morning and evening at the Church of Christ Church in Portland where the Spirit of God moved most powerfully at every service. People were so mightily blessed by the Word of God and some of the very powerful testimonies Pr Daniel shared with the people.

One of the main local newspapers did an article about Pr Daniel’s visit to Portland, which was highlighted on the front page of the newspaper. This attracted many people as some drove 2 hours to attend the meetings.

Pr Daniel stated, “It was so encouraging to see Christians from more than 10 different denominations unite to hear the Word of God. Catholics, including Anglicans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Uniting, Salvation Army, Lutheran, Church of Christ, AOG, COC, CRC and others. I also had the opportunity to speak to many Pastors who had come to the meetings. I was so blessed to hear what they had to say.”

As the altar call was given, the whole church came to the altar to stand in the gap and pray for Australia. It was so great to see people from all denominations holding hands and uniting in one accord to pray for Australia. Many at the meetings were healed, delivered and set free by the power of God.

When Pr Daniel shared the vision the Lord gave him to take Australia for Jesus and then about Rise Up Australia Party to ‘Keep Australia Australian’, people clapped and rejoiced. Many stated, “This is the answer, we are so excited. What can do to help?”

Many people gathered at the services immediately signed up and took membership with RUA Party. Also there were some who were very keen on standing as candidates. Glory to God, Portland will be starting a Rise Up Australia monthly prayer meeting from this month.

Pr Daniel stated, “I was so blessed to see so many people get so excited about RUA Party. It is personally very, very encouraging to me.”

See for more info on Rise Up Australia, including how to join as a member.

2) Please pray for Pr Daniel who will be sharing his testimony and vision to take Australia for Jesus by 2020 at CTFM in Hallam (Melbourne) this Sunday 16th Sept at both the 9.30am & 6.30pm services. Please note that both services will be broadcast live right here at beginning at 10am & 7pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time -AEST).

If you’re watching from outside of Australia, please note that the live stream time is AEST (UTC/GMT +10). Click the following link to find out the time difference from Melbourne, Australia to your part of the world.

We would also greatly appreciate if you can promote this broadcast amongst family and friends.

3) For those of you in the Melbourne area, we encourage you to join us our weekly public intercessory prayer meeting this Friday 14th Sept at 7:30pm, open to the wider Body of Christ for National Spiritual Revival, Reformation and Transformation. All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96

7 Responses to “Great breakthrough in Portland Vic / Live webcast this Sun AM & PM services – Pr Daniel will share his testimony and vision to take Australia for Jesus by 2020”

  1. 1 Julie

    That is absolutely fantastic! Am so encouraged to hear this testimony. God moved me from Melbourne, to the southeast of South Australia, as He told me revival is about to explode right across that region, into Victoria, including Portland. I have struggled living here, since I moved in march this year. There’s four of us praying, but to hear this testimony has so much encouraged my faith. Praise be to our precious Lord Jesus Christ! Julie.

  2. 2 Vi

    Thanks Helen for that very interesting email about Daniel

    Have got his book coming, so we will be able to know more about him

    Vi xxxxxxxxxx

  3. 3 Jan

    Absolutely wonderful to hear of meetings at Portland.

    God bless you all, Jan

  4. 4 Lylynn

    Hi Jason,

    This is just to let you know that I used Pastor Daniel’s Audio messages about Miracles, Faith & Jesus coming soon in our bible study. Have a great week!

    God Bless,

  5. 5 Liz

    Thank you for your prompt reply, I will lift you in my prayers.

    Warm regards, Liz

  6. 6 Susan

    Dear Br. Jason,

    Great re another wonderful response in the historic town of Portland, Vic., praise the Almighty Lord Yeshua of all the earth.

    Kind regards,

    Shalom, very blessed ‘Fall Feasts of the Lord’,

    Sr. Susan

  7. 7 Pastors Alan & Beverley

    Danny great to read all your news – when are you coming to the Gold Coast we now live at Robina?

    God bless
    Pastors Alan & Beverley

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