Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends and family in Christ,

Following is an excellent article and television interview with Pastor Daniel on Christian Broadcasting News and 700 Club in Virginia Beach with founder Pat Robertson.

‘Rise Up’ Hopes to Preserve Australia’s Faith Heritage – Gary Lane and Wendy Griffith of Christian Broadcasting News

In America, the Tea Party has been very successful in winning elections. Now members of a new party in Australia are hoping to do the same.

Catch the Fire Ministries’ Pastor Danny Nalliah has formed a new Australian party called “Rise Up Australia.”

Many of the party’s members are evangelical Christians. Their goal is to protect free speech and freedom of religion and to preserve Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

Click the following link to keep reading this article and to watch a 10 minute international television interview with Pastor Daniel.

Click the following link to watch a replay (from 19:45min – 31:40min) of his CBN interview on the 700 Club with additional amazing comments from Pat Robertson and another host.


7 Responses to “700 Club & Christian Broadcasting News – ‘Rise Up’ Hopes to Preserve Australia’s Faith Heritage”

  1. 1 Anderson

    I live in the middle of the United States and just saw the interview on The 700 Club. Good reminder of just how great our Lord is. Also a thought came to me while watching the interview that Glenn Beck at (also should have a conversation with Pastor Daniel. I think it is important to reach the larger audience that GBTV has and to remind all of us where our strength and our direction comes from. This is a global battle for our soul … a spiritual battle as well as a battle for our freedom world wide and we are all in it together. We are more of a force together in prayer and action. I could go on but will end with this. God Bless You and continue to guide your steps.

  2. 2 Pastor AMBEAU

    Greetings in Jesus Christ name ,

    I want to see soon a visit of Pastor DANIEL in Haiti.

    I am waiting to read you asap.


    Pastor AMBEAU

  3. 3 Kim

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I am writing to express my gratitude to two ladies from your church who prayed with me a couple of years ago when CTFM was just starting out and guesting at Hallam church.

    My daughter had been missing for a number of years and one of your ladies came up to me during the meeting with a quote from Jeremiah 31, saying my daughter would return.

    After seven long and painful years she has! She is home, living with us again, and our gratitude to the Lord knows no bounds. I am writing so that if the two ladies can remember praying with me at that time they should know that their prayers offered me much comfort and I kept my bible open at those verses in faith. Please thank them for me. It was a hard time made easier by Christian sisters who genuinely cared.

    Our God is a great God!


  4. 4 Joshua

    Hello Danny ,

    You might want to Praise The Lord with me.

    Wonderful to hear What’s Happening at your meetings in USA .

    Bless You Brother,

  5. 5 Bishop Steven

    I was delighted to view the interview on 700 club today, great job!

    I’m British and wanted to know if you have formed any alliances in Britain.

    We need to form these alliances together in America, Canada, Britain etc., any thoughts?

    Every blessing,

    Bishop Steven

  6. 6 Amar

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,
    Thanks to 700 club which i watch on regular basis that i came to witness the power of our true living God through your life. Your testimony has strengthened my faith in Him. I am going through very tough time of my life career-wise after the collapse of my business this year March but our God is a miracle worker with whom all things are possible. Please pray for me for His deliverance and provision. And please do know that i am keeping you n your family in my prayer for His richest blessing n divine protection.


  7. 7 Sandra

    Hello, I am a supporter of Rise Up Australia, I am not sure if you have seen this from Mr Katter, but I agree with this and I thought that Ps. Danny and all the staff would be interested in seeing this email.

    I hope you can some way use this to wake up our Government and all Australians.

    God Bless you one and all.

    Coolum Beach

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