Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) All glory to our King of kings and LORD of lords, Christ Jesus, as Pr Daniel’s current ministry tour of US & Canada has been absolutely amazing so far!

I’m sure he will have a lot to share when he returns to Australia, but we thought that we’ll share this exciting testimony of a lady who was 100% deaf in her left ear, and how the Lord healed her last Sunday night in Holy Spirit miracle healing revival meetings in Toronto, Canada!

Pr Daniel preached the Word of God and then called out for people who wanted a healing touch to come forward as many people responded to the altar call. Among them was the Senior Pastor’s wife who was completely deaf in her left ear.

She had gone to many specialists first in Canada, then in the US, and their response was very disappointing, as they told her after several tests that they could do nothing to restore her hearing in her left ear.

She stated, “Watching and receiving emails from Catch The Fire Ministries in Australia greatly encouraged me to trust in God for my miracle. I read many reports of God using Pr Daniel to open up deaf ears and I was expecting my miracle. As I was on a church camp, I was only able to attend the Sunday night service and I trusted God for my miracle to come through Pr Daniel praying for me.”

Well, all glory to God, that miracle did come as Pr Daniel laid his hands on her ears and prayed, instantly the left ear opened up and her hearing was restored as the whole church erupted with claps and shouts of joy!

Following are two different video links, one of the lady receiving prayer and the other of her sharing her testimony with tears of joy.

All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ as we serve an almighty God of miracles!

2) Teena Myers from the Southern Christian Writers Guild in US recently posted that “Judge Eve has scheduled a special broadcast with Pastor Danny Nalliah. Call ins are welcome 1-888-627-6008 [6] or 1-530-327-7602 [7]. The show broadcast Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 3:00 am (PST) 6 pm (EST) [8]  will be archived and available 24/7.

Danny Nalliah (born 1964) is an Australian Christian evangelist pastor and young earth creationist. He is the leader of Rise Up Australia, a prayer organization, and the President of Catch the Fire Ministries. Danny Nalliah successfully defended a law suit commenced by the  Islamic Council of Victoria under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act and was awarded damages. In this landmark case, along  with his colleague Daniel Scot, Nalliah was found not to have incited hatred under Victoria’s then-new religious vilification laws. He has also been a candidate for the Family First Party. He was previously associated with the Australian Christian Churches. “

 3) Please continue to pray for Pr Daniel ministering (and family) in Ohio, USA from 20th to 23rd Aug (Meetings with Christians formerly living in Saudi Arabia) and then in San Francisco, California, USA from 24th to 26th Aug (Revival meetings with Pastor Wally & Impact Church).

4) For those of you in the Melbourne area, our weekly public intercessory prayer meeting is this Friday 24th August beginning at 7:30pm, open to the wider Body of Christ for National Spiritual Revival, Reformation and Transformation.

Sunday worship services are at 9.30am & 6.30pm this Sunday 26th August.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96:G2

10 Responses to “Powerful Testimony – Deaf ear opens in Toronto, Canada / Pray for Pr Daniel’s Radio Interview and Further Ministry in Ohio & San Francisco, USA”

  1. 1 Judge Eve

    I am so blessed to have your Pastor Danny as a guest on my internet radio show JUDGE EVE, on Saturday, 8-25–12– at 6:00 p.m. estUS- on :–station 1. You are all blessed to have him as your leader. with Jesus; great love, judge eve

  2. 2 Tevero





  3. 3 Pastor Roberto

    Pastor Roberto San Martin wrote:

    I’m the pastor of the spanish pentecostal church in brisbane and i want to let you know that you can count with my full support. I’, standing for the same belief that you preach. God bless you and you team, pastor Daniel, greetings pastor Roberto.

  4. 4 Pastor Elisha

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I want to thank God for what he is doing through you healing the deaf and working other miracles. I pray you continue the calling and I pray also for open doors for your ministries to His Glory.

    Pastor Elisha

  5. 5 Sister Tricia

    I just wanted to say that I watched you JSM. it was a moving overview of what happened. I have had about 30 prophetic dreams in the past 4 years. It is all about end time. I saw the wars now going on in the Middle East 6 months. or so before they began. I have seen the beginning of a war in the USA.

    I was for several years awakend by god to mount the walls for Israel, England and the USA. I had no idea what the Lord met at first. This met I had to go and research his desire. The first night he told me this, it was after I was brought back from Mount Rushmore when I was told of the US dollar collapse.

    Last year my husband died, soon be a year. In Dec. I ask the Lord why am I having these dreams and how do I know for certain who they are from.

    He wrote me back in Hebrew, which I do not speak. The first letters were gold, and the last blue. I researched to find out the interpretation. It said in gold=”IAM” and in Israeli blue it said=”prophesy’.

    I am in spiritual warfare and do not know how to move forward.

    If you have any thoughts for me or if you pray for others I desire you prayers. I will be prying for you Daniel, you are a blessing.

    I loved your story, it inspires us to fight and go on as the enemy of God and us hates us as his time is short.

    I wish I had money to send you but I have none, if it shows up I will as your field is a rich field I fill. I know you love the Lord. Jesus Christ be with you and your family.

    Sister Tricia

  6. 6 Sandra

    Please pray for us in our work situation. I am working in the hospitality industry where most of the industry is controlled by Hindu, Muslim and people from India and other countries. Daily is a constant spiritual fight for my Christian faith and persecution by the owners and managers and even the people who work there try to put you down based on their ambitions for the jobs. I heard your message about keeping our Christian heritage and I am a living example of how important that is….Rise-Up America!…..Sandra

  7. 7 Nelson

    Thank You for sharing with God’s people.


  8. 8 Mrs Audrey

    Greetings Dr. Nalliah,
    I watched the program with Frances Swaggart and you.
    Could you clarify something for me that you mentioned.
    You told about two 20 foot containers of Bibles that were burned.
    Could you tell me approx. when that happened and were they supposed to go to people in Afgan. or were they for the troops to have?
    I want to have the right info to tell others.
    I was so glad I heard your interview….and wonder why we here don’t have more like you to help our churches and our country.
    Thank you…. and may our God continue to bless you richly!
    Mrs. Audrey ~Numbers 6:24-26 &
    ~2 Chronicles 7:14

  9. 9 Danny

    Beloved Past Daniel Nalliah, I bless God Almighty for what He is doing in your life and among brethern all over the world. The wisdom of God that walk in your as you answer the muslim girl that called during your “frances and frience” media talk wt Sonlife tv was to the glory of God.

    I wil appreciate reading ur book : worship under the sword and any other if there is & listen to the testimonies CD of God greatness. I pray to God to see you here on earth before we meet in heaven. Yours Danny

  10. 10 Ayuba

    Dear brother Daniel, how is ministries work i strongly believed that God is doing a great thing in your church

    While saw your one of your program with son life televion that is brother swaggar ministries,i was capture by your testimony how God used you in times of spreading the word.i wish if God will and i pray to work under your ministries sir,i also desire to see you one day one on one or in heaven,to be honest i was touch with every thing about you also my spirit is connected with your spirit sir,i strongly desire you to my spiritual father in the lord.while i am from nigerian in kaduna state northern part of nigerian we thank God all he is doing our life,every day is tesimony when you are among enemies but the always give us victory in the name of jesus.sir i will be glad if you email me back in other for me to tap your kind of grace and annointing in my life sir.also sir i will if i have your cellphone # in case if get intouch with just a fresh graduat from college haven desire and pation and calling to serve God.

    Yours brother Ayuba j.Baba

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