Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends and family in Christ,

Thank you very much for continuing to pray for Pastor Daniel’s USA & Canada ministry trip from 9th – 29th August 2012.

You may click the following link to watch his excellent interview on Frances and Friends Program on SonLife TV, part of Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry.

The feedback received from the TV studio in America has been exceptional , causing them to reply the program again and again.

You may click the following link to watch him powerfully ministering the prophetic Word and Spirit of God at Jimmy Swaggart’s church.

 Both of these international broadcasts reach a potential of tens of millions of people in America and around the world, including Australia.

 Most amazingly, our website and CTFM office staff have received a flood of orders for his book, ‘Worship Under the Sword’ and many of his DVDs, causing us to urgently produce more and express post them overseas.

 Following is the remainder of his itinerary as you continue to uphold Pr Daniel and his family in prayer.

2) Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA on 13th & 14th Aug – CBN & 700 Club TV programs with Pat Robertson

3) Toronto, Canada on 18th & 19th Aug – Revival meetings with Pastor David from Miracle Family Temple

4) Ohio, USA from 20th to 23rd Aug – Meetings with Christians formerly living in Saudi Arabia

5) San Francisco, California, USA from 24th to 26th Aug – Revival meetings with Pastor Wally & Impact Church

32 Responses to “Watch Pastor Daniel on International TV / Keep praying for Rise Up America and Rise Up Canada”

  1. 1 Julie

    Thank you for sharing. Will stand with Pastor Danny and family and ministry. Julie



  3. 3 Rev Masilya

    Dear Brother in Christ,

    We are excited to learn that Pastor Daniel is visiting US & Canada 9th-29th August 2012. We are praying for him. May God bless him and the work he will do there.

    We are physically far away but spiritually we are together. During all his stay in US and Canada we request him to not forget praying for our country and the ministry. May God bless Pastor Jason for updating us on Pastor Daniel’s news.

    Rev Masilya

  4. 4 B.J.Stone

    Dear Rev. Masilya, Where is your church, and are you connected with a pentecostal denomination ? B.J.

  5. 5 Mike

    Saw you in the USA on SBN….you are great God Bless and keep the word going…Thank you

  6. 6 Larry-R

    I watched Pastor Daniel, on Frances and Friends, Aug 11, with total awe at the information. God richley bless your ministry.

  7. 7 Jocelyn

    Thank you so much.

  8. 8 Sally

    Thank you and God bless. Sally

  9. 9 Patsy

    Please add me to your list for e-mails. I am a Pastor of a small church with a heavy heart for the persecuted church of Jesus Christ.Once again, Be Blessed in Jesus Christ. I saw you on Jimmy Swaggarts network with Francis Swaggart. Touched so very much.


  10. 10 Noreen

    Saw Pastor Daniel on a TV channel today and believe it was a God appointment.


  11. 11 Sue

    Thank you for the work you do for the Lord and his people, and the people of the world. I enjoyed you on Francis and Friends this AM. God richly Bless you!!! Your sister in Christ. Sue

  12. 12 Jim Wylie

    Where will Pastor Danny be in Ohio



  14. 14 David & Anne

    Hi Guys,

    Just watching Pastor Danny on SBN ( Francis and Friends ). We have never seen, or heard him before.

    My husband and I live in Carisbrook, Victoria ( Australia), are both very passionate about sharing our faith. Both of us have very powerful testimonies, which we have shared on many occasions.

    We see what is happening in Australia, unfortunately non Christians just don’t get the fact that we LOVE the Muslims, gays and all others, regardless. It is because we love them that we must tell them the gospel, there is only power in the full gospel.

    Praise God that He is rising up a Godly party. We HAVE to make a stand!

    God Bless you all,

    David and Anne

  15. 15 Marlene

    WOW…. what an inspiration. What a blessing. GOD BLESS DANNY for his courage, strength, leadership, and standing strong for the LORD.

    We are members of Rise Up Australia Party. My husband is the one who usually keeps in contact with you folks. (I’m too busy). Please send bank details. We need to donate to help get a good financial backing for the great new Political Party. We have a business which is consuming our time. Please pray the Lord will send the RIGHT people into our business to help ‘run the show’ so we can be available to be more involved ‘where is really counts’.

    God bless you.


  16. 16 Gerry

    GOD bless and protect Danny in the U.S.A. and Canada . GOD bless and protect the R.U.A. GOD bless and protect this site. Amen.

  17. 17 Phil - Sydney

    God Bless you Pastor Daniel Nalliah

    Keep safe and we look forward to your return to Australia

    Phil and Gillian

  18. 18 Larry & Pat

    I heard your message on Francis and Friends. Fantastic. Love to have you send me updates on my email.

    Larry & Pat

  19. 19 Sue

    Thank you Brother Danny,

    Your message at Family Worship Center was so timely. It is wonderful how the Lord wants to help us catch the fire to witness for Him.

    Please pray for us here in central Indiana, as we have a small group and are looking for a pastor. We are studying the book of Romans at our Message of the Cross Fellowship. There is great spiritual need here.

    My husband and son lead the group.

    You have fired us up to stand for Jesus. To stand for freedom in America also.

    In Christ’s love,


  20. 20 Pam

    Blessings, my brother in Christ!

    My name is Pam, and I am from the USA. I live in a little town. I am a true born again Christian, and servant of my Lord Jesus Christ!
    I watched and listened to you speak, and bless your heart, with the Lords grace, for ministering, through His Spirit, the message and testimony you gave! My heart ached, and I cried over all that you spoke of. If I may share, and say this to Gods glory, I am proud of you for standing for our Lord, even in death! So many, hide behind there religious ways, and dont dare to stand up for true, sound, God inspired word, from Him and Him alone, and live it by the Holy Spirits power, glory!

    You where a truly a blessing, and inspiration to me! I have been a christian for 46 years, was saved at 6 years old, in and old fashion revival meeting, that called for those who want to be saved, and I was maybe one of 3. I still remember the pastor asking over and over,,, you sure you understand?? I knew what it meant! When I got saved,,,,, it was a joy and peace in my heart that was beyond human understanding. I found my Lord!! Bless God!!

    I ask you please, if you have time, even one prayer for me. I feel God is calling me to minister and teach. I will be starting, as the Lord leads, a ministry called,,,,, UTW Ministries,,,,, which means, untwist the word ministries. It will deal with false doctrines, and teachings and churches that are not scripturally sound, but doctrines influence from Satan, and leading man back to themselves, to live, and this is not of God!

    I pray, morning and night and study at least 2 hours everyday on topics I have heard. Like the first one, as the Lord leads, will be this teaching on,,,, that we are little gods. Is this scriptural??? I have prayed much, and studied the bible, much over this. I will expose the lies in it,,,, scripturally. Many of these false doctrines are supported with scripture, but are twisted, even as Satan twisted scripture, and blinds the minds and hearts of man! My christian brothers in Christ say I should share the names of the big ministries, that support these teachings in churches, and in conferences..

    Again, forgive me for going on, but if only one prayer, pray for me!

    Tobe honest?? I fear what it may come to. But I do truly love my God with all my heart, and my heart aches for those caught in these false teachings,,,, and if through the Spirits guidance, I may help them see the truth,,,,, not any truth,,,,, that is another false doctrine,,,, but Gods sound truth of His word,enpowered by His Spirit, I would be so joyed for them!!

    God has told me to preach it. I feel from God, I must go! Don’t we serve a great and mighty God?? A few times I didnt want to start cause of persecution. I have already stood up against, and spoke up, on false doctrines and been called rebellious, basher, judging the heart,and other names. I have not been threatened physcially, only verbally, and told that they will not even come to my websight, and encourage people not to come.

    So I pray, I keep going for God! To God be the glory always! Forgive me again, for such a long letter. I write to you, cause what I have sensed in my spirit, and hearing you speak, I know you love God with all your heart, and you will not deny your Lord!

    Blessings always through our Lord Jesus Christ! Pam

  21. 21 Tony & Heather

    Could you please put us on your distribution list. We are greatly encouraged by what we read & see about you on the net. Yours truly Tony & Heather

  22. 22 Linda

    I saw you on JSM on Sunday night as well as with Mrs Swaggart’s program and was so moved and touched by your testimony. I love the Jesus in you and what the Lord is doing through. I will be your prayer partner and will send funds as God supplies. I love your heart for Jesus. Thanks for your service and love for the Lord and His furthering of His gospel. Linda

  23. 23 Kevin

    Dear Jason

    Enjoyed watching the interview.



  24. 24 Joan

    Hello” Catch The Fire Ministries”,

    Thanks for all that you are doing for the Kingdom, Joan

  25. 25 Monica

    Thank you ! God Bless you ! in Jesus’ Name, Amen !


  26. 26 Donna

    Dear Danny,

    Very inspiring.

    God Bless, Donna

  27. 27 John

    Dear Danny,

    Thanks for taking a stand for righteousness. We need people like you to stand for what is right. I agree on the issues you raise and pray that many more will stand with you in these last days. Preach it brother.
    Pray that I too maybe bold to stand for jesus.

    With luv and blessings,




    Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

  28. 28 Wendy

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    It was so great catching up with you yesterday. I pray you had a good trip to Toronto.

    Your interview aired today (over 8 minutes worth) on the 700 Club at Dr. Pat Robertson’s request…

    Please go to and watch the interview. Everyone loved it and wished it was even longer. You have inspired many people, including me.

    I also posted your interview on Facebook…and am getting comments like…”we need more people with this kind of dangerous faith!”

    Thanks you so much Pastor Danny,

    God Bless you,


  29. 29 Joyce

    Dear Friends,

    I recently recieved your newsletter. Praise God! Keep up the excellent work in the name of JESUS!!! Joyce

  30. 30 Dennis & Jean

    Dear Daniel , We watched you on Sonlife with Frances Swaggart and Friends and congratulate you on a great presention as you gave forth on some of your testimonies and a great adv.for RUA.We felt honoured that we know you. Great stuff! You fit the picture of Proverbs 28.1 “ The Righteous are as bold as a lion” Sincerely Dennis and Jean

  31. 31 John & Janet

    Hi Danny,

    We are all the way with you Danny you filled in some of the missing parts in what we knew.

    That women who called is a dangerous person she is out to get you listed as a false prophet they listen for anything a person might say that they can use to have you defamed. She would also be gunning after Jimmy Swaggart.

    These are the people I meet on the Internet they are anticharismatic, anti tithing, and many other things, it is a big story.

    God bless,

    John and Janet

  32. 32 Paul

    God bless you Bro. Danny. I really enjoyed you while you were here in the USA on the Swaggart network. My name is PAUL from USA.


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